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  1. S

    ROM IMAGE Update Denied / EFI_NOT_FOUND! updated and now my pc wont boot

    I started receiving this error when i turn on my pc ROM IMAGE Update Denied / EFI_NOT_FOUND! usually I just press esc and then enter and then it will start windows normally. this has been going on for weeks and i just ignored it but when I tried it today I saw a different option. Being stupid...
  2. B

    Pc boots up for a few seconds and shuts off again

    So about a year ago I built my first gaming PC, ever since a few months ago it was working fine. I did have a ram issue but got them replaced. Now I have another problem, my PC will start up for a few seconds and shut off again, it can't get past the self boot up. I've tried booting it with just...
  3. S

    GTX 1060 runs slow

    Hi guys!I have a ASUS GTX 1060 Dual 3 gb graphics card. Everything was fine,but now it started to run slower.In dying light everything was fine on max settings,now I get pretty big fps drops form stable 60 to 35 and 41.I have installed the latest NVidia drivers,i installed the asus gpu tweak2...
  4. P

    Dell Dimension 9200 case

    I have a dell dimension 9200 case and i'm building a new computer. my dad wants me to use the dell case instead of buying a new one. But will a micro atx mobo fit in the case?
  5. A

    Will the i7-4790k still be good for streaming games after a year?

    I have a 4790k non-oc'd that I bought off of a guy last month. Was wondering if this would serve me well in a year or two for my gaming needs. I also stream games on Twitch like PUBG, League and Overwatch all of which to my understanding aren't really that CPU heavy. Was planning on going Ryzen...
  6. D

    Whats the best cooler for me ?

    Im looking forward to buy the I7 7700K CPU and i wanted to ask which CPU cooler do you recommend for this CPU my case is corsair 400C just in case you need to know the size of the case i would like to have an AIO cooler in the front side of this case using this configuration Radiator/FAN/CASE...
  7. TheFnaticFAN

    My PC can run windows 1607, 1511 but not the latest 1703 build

    http://It all happened when my pc (that time it was running windows build 1703) went into some BSOD errors after an update on my BIOS. Therefore, I went to youtube and tried to find some solutions to solve the issue but it ended up worse as the solution wasn't just useless but also caused me...
  8. A

    I wanna Talk about my GPU I.e GTX 950

    I ordered an Gigabyte Gtx 950 but didn't saw that it doesn't has any VGA input what I need to know ? And my MOBO is Asus P8 H61-MLX R2.0 Series will it support my GPU.
  9. S

    Stuck between i7 7700 or i5 7600

    Hi everyone. I've been looking into buying a new CPU. Currently, I'm running an i3 6100 (other specs listed below). The two main CPUs which catch my eye are the i7 7700 and i5 7600, however the non overclockable versions as I don't intend on getting a z series motherboard. My pc use is for...
  10. A

    Desktop Hardware Upgrade Help

    My Current Pc configuration is : 1. Intel core 2 duo-- Processor 2. Biostar G-31 --MotherBoard 3. DDR2 --- Ram i want to change my Mother Boards, which will supports my current Processor ,,,,, I will change My processor later to core i 3. Have such type of motherboards, which supports Core 2...
  11. G

    Viking Memory Is Shipping UHC-SILO 50TB SSDs

    Viking Technology decided to take the industry a step forward with its 50TB UHC-SILO SSD. Viking Memory Is Shipping UHC-SILO 50TB SSDs : Read more
  12. K

    my Asus netbook turned on but when I entered my password it turns black but I can still see the mouse pointer

    My Asus netbook is fine when I turned on but when I entered my password the screen turns black but I still see the mouse pointer and can move too
  13. MrBaker

    Can I add another RAM kit which is basically identical to the one the PC already has, except for the color?

    Currently I have this 2x4GB kit from Corsair: - CML8GX3M2A1600C9R - Corsair Since being unable to find this exact model, I bought this one (which I found for a very low price, and also wanted to fill up all four of the motherboard's RAM slots). - CML8GX3M2A1600C9 - Corsair Which is nearly...
  14. T

    New processor(AMD FX) to not bottleneck 950SSC as much

    Hello! I am interested in a new CPU. I currently have a FX-6300 and it bottlenecks my GPU a lot it seems. Can anyone recommend me a new CPU that doesn't bottleneck the 950SSC as much as the FX-6300? Thanks!
  15. X

    Old PC recently refurbished gets bottle necked ?

    I remember asking this forum on advice and components on building my first PC. That was seven years ago. About the time the first gen i5's came out. That PC died a long time ago and I moved on to bigger and better things. I recently decided to refurbish that PC and found out that there was...
  16. A

    New Intel CPU's compatible with Motherboard?

    Hi, so I'm thinking about upgrading my CPU. I've seen Intel are releasing the new i5 7640 and i7 7740, I'm getting rid of my i5 4430. At the moment my motherboard is a standard ASUS H81M-Plus Socket 1150.. If anyone has the time to help me I have a couple of questions.. 1. Are the CPU's any...
  17. M

    Asus Z270-a vs MSI Z270 Gaming M5 vs MSI Z270 Pro Carbon

    Hi Guys i placed a order for a Asus Z270-a however they just ran out of stock. essentially all i need to know is what other boards are there within the same price point and the same specs if not better? i was looking at the gaming M5 and Pro Carbon but what do you guys think ?
  18. P

    Problem with resolutions on gtx1070

    Hi, i have a problem with my nvidia gtx1070, when i try another resolution than 4k or 1080p (via hdmi) the refresh rate go down to 30hz (in nvidia control panel) and i don't no why because before this card i had an rx480 and i could change the resolution between 1080p and 4k with no problem like...
  19. T

    GPU Heating up to 81C when it only hit 60 at most before

    I use my pc for games and streams. Been playing Overwatch and mobas, but my gpu's temperature never even reached 70 C up until recently. As of late, it has reached 80/81 and my cam software has been warning me that I should not prolong the use of it or it will damage it. Specs: CPU: Intel...
  20. S

    Tom’s Hardware Weekly News Recap: February 19, 2017 (Archive)

    In which we review the week's news. Tom’s Hardware Weekly News Recap: February 19, 2017 : Read more