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  1. Back2TheKitchen88

    MSI GTX 1060 6GB vs MSI RX 480 8GB

    Hey guys, I have yet another question for today, I asked in another thread if GTX 1060 6GB + i5 6500 is a viable option for streaming and everyone said yes. But I was wondering if RX 480 would be a better option since it has extra 2GB VRam and 256-bit instead of 192-bit. Thanks for the answer.
  2. H

    Join Us For A 'Dishonored 2' Livestream Today At 1pm PST

    Start your weekend off right by watching us play some "Dishonored 2" later today. Join Us For A 'Dishonored 2' Livestream Today At 1pm PST : Read more
  3. E

    4GB, 6GB or 8GB DDR2 Ram for gaming?

    I have a fairly old computer but im not sure if i should upgrade it or buy an entirely new computer. I went with upgrading it and It seems that all my hardware is pretty good for gaming but my ram! I know how to put ram in but I dont know what ram I should get or if my computer can run any more...
  4. KanyeJ19

    Wired mouse disconnecting! Help

    For about a year I've noticed my wired mouse keeps disconnecting. (It's hard not to notice :)) I recently checked the USB on the end of it and it has gunk/crap on it. I was wondering if there's a way to fix this or if I'll have to go buy a new mouse. Any help with this is appreciated Imgur...
  5. T

    Where is the battery located on Asus k501ux

    Hello. I need to do a hard reset of my laptop(Asus k501ux) but there is not battery in sight. Is it behind everything else?
  6. Styx9

    AMD GPU Driver Installations Fail

    Hello, I recently bought a new SSD Drive for my OS and installed Windows 8.1. The first thing I did was download all of the drivers from my motherboard site and installed them. I've then attempted many times to install the drivers for my video card using the Radeon Crimson installers, and...
  7. G

    Is this worth a bother?

    I picked up a MSI 785gm-e65 mobo withAMD Phenom II x2 545 cpu. Is it better than the AMD A10 5800 apu I have installed now? My focus is gaming, Im using a gtx 970, 8g ram. Thanx!
  8. Varzoh

    I'm planning on upgrading my cpu fan and getting a sound card help?!

    I use US currency. I also my budget it 0-100$ I would like to have around $50 or lower if possible. I'm planning on upgrading my cpu fan to the hyper 212 evo or hyper 612 I don't want a water cooler just because of the price. Unless you find a good deal or school me :) I want a sound card just...
  9. M

    Will my i5 3570 bottleneck my 970 ssc?

    Will my i5 3570 bottleneck a EVGA gtx 970 ssc acx2.0 4gb? Planning to play games like overwatch, battlefield 1, gta 5, black ops 3, etc.
  10. N

    SLI 1080 best display option?

    Hey guys I've been out of the game when it comes to the new technology, I'm building a gaming rig mostly for FPS and one or another type of game, but mostly FPS. I want to know which type of monitor would be the best choice for me ? 144hz? 2k?4k? G-sync or non G-sync? I don't want anything over...
  11. I

    Cpu starts freezing

    Im not really good at pc so i decided to ask here before going to a pc tech so that i will have initial knowledge on it, my problem is my pc hang or freeze whenever i put the side cover closing the pc but when i removed it leaving the side open i can use it without any problem at all. What could...
  12. NocturnaL_1

    Opinions on this build?

    Case : Galaxy Evolution Tower Case With Switchable Red or Blue Led Power Supply : Seasonic S12II 520W Motherboard : Asus h170m plus CPU :i5 6500 Hard Drive : 1tb Sata Hard Drive Memory : 16 of gskill rip jaw 2133 Graphics Card : rx 480
  13. T

    I3 6100 or I5 6400

    I'm building a gaming rig and i need a budget core. Apparently they can both get to 4GHz but im not sure wich one for gaming
  14. D

    4 Year old build, Random shutdown, no reboot.

    Hey guys, this is just more of a "What is the most likely" rather than "what happened." My build is almost 4 years old. Last night, playing Dark souls 3, and pretty much only running Skype with it, my PC just goes dark, completely. i haven't moved it in roughly 2-3 weeks, and dint play around...
  15. computers_are_freaky

    Need advice about the pc money trap problem

    Ok guys, here's my dilemma. Me and my family are going to be staying in a flat for the next 3 months in Austria, and there's no TV, so my dad said I can take my PC and he will buy me a monitor while we're there as a late birthday present (they didn't know what to get me this year so I basically...
  16. N

    Planning to upgrade to GTX 1080, will my system be fine?

    Hi all, I've been wanting to upgrade my GPU for the last few years and I feel like this year is the best time to do it. Will my current system be fine if I upgrade to the new GTX 1080 or will it cause a bottleneck issue? Here are the specs: Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3970X CPU @ 3.50GHz...
  17. B

    What GPU should I pick?

    I have an i5-44440s CPU and idk if I should shell out my money on the gtx970 or just get a gtx 750ftw. The 750 is 100$ roughly but the 970 is triple the cost but triple the performance. I also don't play extremely newer titles that are graphically demanding.
  18. 9third

    Whats a good cpu air cooler under 156mm?

    I have a case that only supports cpu coolers under 156 mm and I am planning to overclock my 6600k. Whats a good air cooler? (preferably under $70)
  19. F

    FX6300 -Temperature too high??? PLS HELP

    Hey Guys ... Recently i Bought Assassins creed Syndicate ... usually in any other games my cpu temp wont go more then 56-57Cº .... but with this game it says at 58-65Cº ... is it dangerous? can it harm my CPU? ... (I Have Cool And Quiet ON) .... My Specs: CPU: FX6300 3.5ghz...
  20. M

    my CPU temperature is having a trouble Is my CPU temperature normal? My desktop CPU never reach 45 Celsius degreeemy CPU temperature normal? My desktop CPU never reach 45 Celsius degreee The url above is from a trusted cloud, you can scan by virustotal