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  1. nooneisback

    Question Grey artifact lines followed by a 5 second black screen

    This started happening about 2-3 months ago and I'm 99% sure that this isn't related to the GPU (at least not the chip itself, IDK if the DP interface is dying) as the PC is a laptop and the built in screen functions properly. The display in question is an ASUS MG278Q. The issue can manifest...
  2. B

    Question Need help with display cables

    What cable should i get. My graphics card has only display port and hdmi cable, whice my 144hz monitor has hdmi dvi and vga. Do I need a converter and if so which one would you recommend
  3. Rusel

    Question Random vertical white lines appearing on second monitor

    Hello, I recently bought a RTX 2070 and I guess I might have some issues with it. From time to time, from my guess randomly, I get this weird white vertical lines showing on my second display for a split second. My main display is a 144hz one and second one a 60hz one. I updated my bios and...
  4. Lonsoag2

    Question External monitor for my MSI P65 8RE

    Hi there! I've been looking for a new external monitor to connect to my laptop, and try to improve my experience from the specs of the laptop's screen (1080p, 60 Hz). The laptop I'm using is a MSI P65 8RE, whose main specs are: GPU GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5, RAM 16GB DDR4-2666, CPU i7-8750H + HM370 (9M...
  5. O

    Question 144Hz Display

    what is the best 144Hz display for under £180/$225?
  6. sands11

    Question Dual monitor issue with Hz

    I have a 165hz monitor for gaming and my gpu runs totaly fine, the issue comes when i plug a regular 60 hz monitor as a secondary display just for web browsing or anything else. When i have the second monitor plugged in i cant feel de 165hz refresh rate on my gaming display, even if i have...
  7. T

    Question BenQ XL2411T monitor with RX 590 not allowing for 144hz display

    I've just purchased the BenQ Xl244t monitor and planned on using it with my current RX 590. However I've found the monitor doesn't allow for DisplayPort connectivity. The monitor only allows for HDMI, VGA and DVI connectivity, whereas my RX 590 only allows for HDMI or Display Port connectivity...
  8. hiimjohnn

    Question MSI Laptop + external 144hz monitor

    My laptop is MSI GS65 , GTX 1060. It has a HDMI and a mini display port. I was very close to buying BenQ XL2411 until I heard that you cannot achieve 144hz without buying a Displayport to DVI Adapter which is expensive. What do i need to do to connect my laptop to an external monitor and get...
  9. FadedPanda

    Question my monitor flickers when i try to play some games

    hey guys so recently my monitor has been acting up, i run a two monitor set up and it seems that when i play on my other monitor it runs perfectly fine, the monitor im having issues with is an HP 25X24.5” LED FHD monitor im using a display port on it and i unplug it and plug it back in and it...
  10. bandolero

    [SOLVED] Looking for a decent 144Hz monitor.

    I am looking to purchase a decent 144Hz monitor with a 1ms response rate that supports a DisplayPort connection. I would like the screen to be around 24" and, if possible, able to be twisted, pivoted, etc... I do not mind if the screen is curved. I have seen many monitors, however many of the...
  11. H3LLR

    Question What's happening with my screen?

    Sometimes my laptop screen does this View: https://imgur.com/yB0xvwY , but when i jump to another application or refresh screen it is normal again. OH and i just saw that it actually happens only in apps like chrome or some other app.
  12. King_Cool

    Question Pc turns on but no display/HDMI signal with standby orange light on and doesn’t turn off.

    i built my computer back in November and it has been working since until now, when I turned on my pc my monitor Displayed no signal, then my pc doesn’t turn off afterwards unless unplugging it from wall, i’ve tried taking my cmos out, waiting 5 minutes, and putting it back in, I’ve tried...
  13. OllieGE

    Question Best 144hz+ 27” monitor under £300

    Hi, I would like to know what the options are for a 144hz+ monitor with minimal response time. I am intrigued by curved monitors, but are they worth it? I play CS, rust, siege and other esports titles occasionally. In short what’s the best options for 144hz minimal response time curved 27”...
  14. Emi.2

    Question Msi optix Mag241c doesnt work anymore.

    I have the optix Mag241c for about 8months now and averything has worked fine until today when it completely stoped working. My pc works fine but there are no lights, back lighting, nothing. I have tried to use diferent outlets and make sure that the cables were connected correctly but nothing...
  15. rangorgi

    Question Just hooked up second display, no 144hz option in control panel

    Hello, I have a BenQ XL2720Z connected with a DisplayPort cable for 144hz gaming. I've owned it for just over 4 years. I've been gaming at 144hz perfectly with no problem for years now, but today I tried a second display. I dug out this crappy old small tv from the late 90s/early 2000s with...
  16. H

    Question sudden black screen for seconds and sudden line of pixel flickering

    hi i have a r9 380 with r3 2200 i am experiencing black screen ever so often and thick lines across the monitor of pixel flicker for a moment i have tried to install a clean gpu driver and did not work and i tried to downgrade to 19.1.3 amd driver and still did not work i cant seem to solve...
  17. K

    [SOLVED] 1080p 144Hz vs 1440 75Hz vs 4K 60Hz

    Hi everyone, I currently own a 28" 4k 60Hz monitor, which is great for the most part but made me wonder if I really need it, especially with it being quite demanding on my 980 Ti forcing some games to run at 30 FPS or less. Now I found two potential monitors in my local store, one is a 27"...
  18. L

    [SOLVED] Advice on Good Gaming Monitor!

    Dear Tom's Hardware Community, I have been looking to get a new monitor for gaming PC as the one I have now I would like to use as my second monitor. Do you maybe have any suggestions? Here are a few things of my preference for a monitor: flat monitor screen (so not curved) ability to...
  19. A

    [SOLVED] Running 144hz on 1440p Monitor

    Looking to upgrade to a higher refresh rate/resolution monitor, been gaming at 60hz at 1080p for a couple years. I think my specs are sufficient but I wanted to double check before I purchase a monitor. Ryzen 5 3600 RTX 2070S 16GB RAM
  20. techflame700

    [SOLVED] Is 144 Hz worth it?

    I am having trouble deciding between two monitors: Dell U2719D and LG 27GL850. I am currently using two HP 27er (60 Hz) which I am considering upgrading from due to the low PPI. I prefer the design of the U2719D since it has smaller bezels but it lacks support for G Sync and 144 Hz which the...