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  1. O

    Question Triple Samsung LS28BG702EPXEN monitors are stuck on 120Hz ?

    I have a question regarding the possibility of running three 4K 144Hz displays with the Samsung LS28BG702EPXEN. To better illustrate the situation, let me provide some context: The mentioned display features a game mode function called Adaptive Sync. When I activate this function, I can...
  2. T

    Question GPU and monitor compatibility ?

    Howdy, I have the following: Monitor: ASUS VG278 (might be VG278HE) GPU: AMD Radeon RX 6650 XT The problem is I have the monitor connected to the GPU by HDMI cable. Via HDMI the monitor can only output 1080p@60hz. (you can see that here right at the bottom). With my previous GPU I could...
  3. UpDate20

    Question GPU/Display problems

    I have a GTX 1660 Ti and BenQ XL2411 monitor, but it doesnt allow me to change Hz from 60 to 144. Also i noticed that when i go to "Advanced display settings" and press "Display adapter properties for Display 1" and then press "List all mods" i don't have a option to choose 1920x1080 144hz, i...
  4. thatone_questionmark

    Question No signal on both CPU and GPU

    My monitor froze so i reset my pc. Im greeted with no signal. I tried using different cables eg hdmi displayport but none of them work. I removed GPU and tried seeing if monitor gets signal off mobo port yet it doesent work. Tried running monitor on spare pc and it works. Whatd going on, is...
  5. F

    Question Could my PC run 144hz 1080p?

    My PC specs: GTX 1070 SC 8gb Intel Core i5 4690k 3.8ghz 16gb DDR3 1600mhz 500 watt psu thinking of upgrading to 144hz but dont want to make a purchase until im absolutely sure
  6. Mulle Mek

    Question I have dual monitors but one keeps flickering all the time.

    My setup is CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600G Motherboard: Gigabyte A520M AORUS ELITE GPU: ASUS GeForce GTX 1070 8GB DUAL OC PSU: 450 Watt Power Supply I have two monitors, one 144hz and one 60 Hz. The one that is 60 Hz keeps on flickering all the time. I don't know what happened but the two monitors...
  7. I

    Question If I reduce the Custom Resolution Utility (CRU) pixel clock settings , does that reduce monitor's energy consumption ?

    I´m actually using Custom Resolution Utility (CRU), trying setting the pixel clock lower than default, and notice my screen less darker. Current: Default:
  8. J

    Question Flickering (black) issue with new MSI Optix display

    Hello! I'm having an extremely frustrating flicker issue since buying this new display: MSI Optix MAG342CQR monitor specs: https://www.msi.com/Monitor/Optix-MAG342CQR/Specification The issue is an intermittent black flicker. It happens seemingly during any type of use, including: reading...
  9. KingKrimson

    Question Using 1 graphics card to render while the other for display output

    So i got a RTX 3070 ti but my monitor is only compatible with it through HDMI 1080p@60hz. When i used my old GTX 1060 this was fine because it has a DVI-D (dual link) output which is 1080p@144hz. I want to render my games on my RTX 3070 ti but display to my monitor through my GTX 1060. I know...
  10. O

    Question Gigabyte Aero 15 broken image above 60hz via Display Port on a LG 32GN600

    Hi, everybody. I'll edit the earlier thread since the problem changed. I bought a LG 32GN600 and connected my Gigabyte Aero 15 notebook with a mini display port to display port. I can use any resolution up to 1440p (display's native) but if I go above 60hz the image breaks,glitches and goes...
  11. C

    Question Some strange black dots on screen ?

    I have had these strange, faint black dots for a while now. Not sure what they are. They are in a perfect line and evenly spaced apart. Seems to be only four of them about 1/3 of the way up on the screen. Other than that, I have not noticed any other problems. The display is Asus XG32VQ, 144Hz...
  12. aplascencia

    [SOLVED] Is there any way to get 144hz or even 120 hz with an external monitor from my MSI laptop

    Hello, I recently purchased a laptop and I have had it for about a month now. I bought it as I was traveling alot and wanted something to game on that was relatively budget friendly, however now that I am back home I am unsure is I will be able to use my monitor to its full potential, I do have...
  13. N

    [SOLVED] My monitor won't stay at 144Hz when using display port

    I recently bought a display port cable so I could use freesync for my Dell S-series 144Hz monitor. When I first switched to display port, I could use freesync at 144hz but it reset back to 60hz after a few days leaving no option to switch back on either windows display menu or nvidia panel...
  14. K

    Question "Entering power save mode shortly" ?

    Today i was playing apex legends everythig was fine until my monitor Just went black and says "Entering power save mode shortly ". So when i wait the computer Just restarts and runs normal again with no problems. I launched the game again and that happened again. The strange thing is i tried...
  15. LilThanos

    [SOLVED] Asus VG248QE on a HDMI cable.

    Hello. I am interested buying myself a new monitor because my old one is flickering and breaking. Will my HDMI cable work with Asus VG248QE? Will it support 144Hz? Plus if you have a better monitor for 170~ € any recommendations would be appreciated.
  16. animo1246

    Question How to reduce refresh rate on a dell G3 laptop?

    My dell G3 laptop only runs on 144hz , i need it to run on 60hz also,but in the advanced settings , the scrollbar only has an option of 144hz ..please help
  17. I

    Question Having issues with ASUS vg279q1a monitor

    Hello, I'm the owner of a somewhat newly acquired ASUS monitor. I have had the monitor for about three, four months now, and as of recently I've begun to have issues where the monitor does not display properly at any refresh rate higher than 120hz (see attached image 1). From what I can tell, it...
  18. Ganyc

    [SOLVED] Cant get 1440p resolution

    Hi everyone ! I have two MSI Optix AG32CQ who should be able to be set in 1440p, but i didnt have the resolution available on W10. The main screen is plugged with Display Port, and i have a RTX 3060. Cant find a way to enable it :( Thanks!
  19. S

    [SOLVED] Is there any way to Convert HDMI/DP to DVI-D 144Hz?

    Hey, So friend owns a GN246HL Monitor which can do upto 144hz but only though DVI but his Gpu 1660 got only HDMI and DP ports. Is there any way for him to convert his signal from GPU to DVI monitor to get 144hz?
  20. lewisdc

    Question Flickering, horizontal noise bars but only when at 144hz with Displayport ?

    Hi all I've had a new PC for roughly a month now and it's been great, however two days ago I started to notice flickering bars of noise across the screen. It happens at random intervals and locations across the screen, and when idle and under load (I say load, I've only been playing Darkest...
  21. CrackinJacks26

    Question My new display output is wavy on my MSI OPTIX G241 and a very old computer ?

    I was building a new pc. Couldn't get a gpu so connected the new Dispatch to my old computer. Can't even set windows to 1080p. Setting windows 7 to 1080p results in non fullscreen output. And the display has waves forming. Connected my cable to my monitor and it didn't have the issue then. Only...
  22. JaivanthGTX

    [SOLVED] Microscopic slithering thing under my screen

    I have an ASUS TUF A15 with the 144Hz 15.6inch Display. I started noticing what first I thought was a dead pixel, but then after looking at it closely, noticed that it was slithering around in my screen. I don't have any idea what this is, did plenty of digging but came up with no answers. This...
  23. N

    [SOLVED] Monitor loses signal when moved ?

    Hi all, I have two monitors connected to a 3080 via two DisplayPort cables. Recently, whenever I move the cable the signal to my monitor is lost. Also, it's strange because whenever I plug and unplug the cable to my GPU, I sometimes need to do it a couple of times before the monitors are...
  24. GoodGuyFury

    Question Help ! Is my display dying ?

    i was away from my pc for 30 mins so the screen was auto turned off, but when i moved my mouse to turn it back on the monitor start showing random stripes of colors with a white background but after i turned it off (my monitor not pc) and turned it back on it started working fine again with a...
  25. Bluegori

    Question Can't boot up when DVI or HDMI is plugged in to my new monitor ?

    Hello, greetings from Indonesia i have some issue with my new monitor, maybe someone can help? So yesterday i bought a new monitor its Armaggeddon xc27hd, the problem is when i connect DVI or HDMI to my GPU the PC wont boot, Processor and fan case seems to light up but the mouse and keyboard...
  26. T

    [SOLVED] BENQ XL2411 MONITOR i just got display port 1.2 CONNECTED WITH DVI-D and i cant set 144hz how to fix this?

    BENQ XL2411 MONITOR i just got display port 1.2 CONNECTED WITH DVI-D and i cant set 144hz how to fix this?
  27. n9neman

    [SOLVED] Game looks/feels bad at 100 FPS on a 144HZ monitor ?

    So, I have a 144hz Monitor, a sceptre c248b-144r to be exact. When im playing certain games (Not all games, I dont think anyway) if the fps gets to like 100 or 110 it starts to look TERRIBLE. Like, it looks and feels like im in 50 fps when i look around and stuff. I dont know if its simply my...
  28. G

    [SOLVED] Display Port No Signal/ Gigabyte GeForce GTX 970/ASUS VG248QG

    I've had the GPU for years now but I just bought the monitor. Not getting any signal from the display port. Currently connected HDMI(from monitor) to DVI(on GPU). 144hz isn't an option without display port I'm guessing.
  29. kali666

    Question My monitor gets a flickering bar at its bottom when set to 144hz

    I have a AOC GAMER FHD 27" HERO 27 144HZ 27G2 and it worked fine until a few days ago. Whenever I set it to 144hz, I got this flickering bar at the bottom. (I uploaded a video to see better what's happening). And it's just happening in 144hz, If I set to 120hz that is the higher hz that I get...
  30. EnitLee

    [SOLVED] The 144Hz option doesn't show up for my 144Hz Monitor

    So I have an Acer Nitro VG271u monitor, which is 144Hz. I have successfully used 144Hz in the past with the cable I am currently using. However, at some point it reverted back to 60Hz. Now, when I got to the advanced display settings in Windows 10 or the Nvidia Control Panel, the only option for...
  31. samjr

    [SOLVED] Can I support 120hz or144hz free-sync monitor on HDMI 2.0b with my gtx 1650 or Display port is mandatory?

    My laptop (Asus ROG G531GT-BQ024T) does not have a USB 3.2 Type-C with display port and only got a HDMI 2.0b port. My laptop only has 60hz and I was planning to move to 120hz or144hz monitor, but I read somewhere that nvidia gpu need display port to optimize free-sync and wont work with hdmi...
  32. T

    Question VRR Causing black screens for 1-2 seconds with new 6800 xt

    Hi everyone. Currently having some issues with my new GPU or display when I turn VRR on. it seems at random the screen will go black for a couple of seconds and return to normal. it seems also that it's a display issue since the image acts regular on videos I've recorded where the issue...
  33. Omzy

    [SOLVED] Monitor flickering when loading up a game

    I have been having this issue for a while now and I'm getting kind of tired manually fixing it my self, the issue is I have 2 monitors, the first one being a 72hz and the second being a 144hz. The issue is that whenever I start up windows and launch up a game for example OverWatch I see a...
  34. CrunkMonkie

    Question Pulsing/Flickering Monitor

    Hi everyone, thanks for taking the time to read. I'm having flickering issues with a new monitor, specs below. CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 GPU: MSI GTX 1070 Motherboard: AX370-Gaming K7 Ram: 16g DDR4 3200MHz Main Monitor: Acer XZ242Q (Flickering Monitor) connected via DP Cable Secondary Monitor: BenQ...
  35. k0sm0

    Question Can anyone tell me which monitor has better image quality? XV240Y OR RG241Y

    I am in doubt which one I will buy, for now RG241Y is the one I am thinking of taking, but XV241Y wins in Response time (without VRB) and speakers Which one should I buy? If something is wrong with the writing I'm sorry, I'm using a translator
  36. N

    Question Why does my monitor is flicker or flash white around the edges of the screen ?

    This actually troubles me quite a lot recently and for a few years now. Bought a Zotac RTX 2060 half a year ago thinking that this might solve my problem and started using it ever since. Same thing happened but it wasn't that bad at least i can still play my games smoothly but just annoying...
  37. S

    [SOLVED] Odd Display Artifacting on AOC C24G1 ?

    I have encountered a strange issue regarding my recently purchased 144hz monitor. This issue was previously figured out, but has returned. The artifact that's occurring are diagonal lines that seem to be mostly green with a little bit of green and blue. These lines cover the entire monitor...
  38. Robiukas11

    Question LG 144hz display Response time option

    Hello, so i have LG 144hz monitor and theres option called "Response time" where u can choose from FAST/Normal/Slow and Off there is also tip saying ( Modify response time of video output depending on the movement of the content. When there is alot motion, set it to Fast) also i think on...
  39. K

    [SOLVED] my monitor doesnt have displayPort and my GPU doesnt have DVI port what do I do ?

    I recently ordered a RTX 3070 but I found out that it doesnt have a DVI port it only has hdmi and DisplayPort but my monitor only has dvi and hdmi ports what do I do ? I dont want to use hdmi because it doesnt output 144hz at least thats what I think.
  40. N

    [SOLVED] Secondary gpu as primary output.

    So I've recently upgraded my GPU and I don't have a DVI port on it anymore. Since I can only run 144hz on my monitor through DVI, I was wondering If I could keep my old GPU in a second PCI slot just as a video output while the primary GPU does all the work. I've tried to make it work but the pc...