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  1. W

    Question Fiber media converter XGSPON

    Hello all I recently moved into a new flat and got a new fiber contract. The contract came with a Zyxel AX7501-B0 dual band router (XGSPON VoIP IAD) The box works and Im getting expected speeds (>1000Mbs) however the fiber connection is in the utility room so that's where the WIFI router is...
  2. A

    Question Computer not reading Ethernet.

    So about a week ago I was playing games using my ethernet cable perfectly fine no problems. And then here these past couple days I’ve been on vacation and when I came back from vacation my computer is not wanting to read my ethernet cable. I assumed the ethernet cable may have been broken so I...
  3. OSge

    Question i cannot connect to ethernet ?

    My computer for some reason cannot connect to ethernet through my wireless router. I have looked a lot of tutorials but nothing seems to help. I was wondering does anyone of you know what to do ?
  4. L

    Question Ethernet Connection: This device cannot start. (Code 10)

    Hello! My Intel(R) Ethernet Connection (7) 1219-V gives me this device status when booting: "This device cannot start. (Code 10) {Operation Failed} The requested operation was unsuccessful." And on the "Events" tabs it shows that "Device not started (e1dexpress)" with the following...
  5. N

    Question Intel i219v locked at 100Mbps in Bios

    So I have a 200mbps internet plan, but I'm only getting a max download speed of 100mbps on my PC. I'm using a wired connection. Here's all the details... 1) I have a MSI B150A motherboard and the manual says the LAN port is 10/100/1000Mbps (so we're good there) 2) The motherboard NIC is Intel...
  6. Zarcrasha

    Question E2500 Killer Gigabit Ethernet Controller Issue

    Hello, I am not exactly sure if im correct about posting this here but it drives me crazy. I got 3x Alienware Aurora R5 in my institution. There were a lot of issues with their ethernet E2500 Killer cards which were solved by updating them. Lately, this became a big issue as the controller...