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  1. M

    "Dead" ThinkPad T61 came to life after 3.5 years...but only once...

    I have an old Lenovo ThinkPad T61 that stopped booting in September 2013. Immediately when you power it on, the LED indicators come on and the fan and HDD can be heard spinning, but it doesn't proceed further. Not even a flicker on the screen, with the screen completely blank and none of the...
  2. O

    MSI AMD R7 370 4G Gaming 4GB Wont Post

    Ok so i have tried everything from flashing the CMOS system to rebuilding my entire system, i wanted to clean dust as well. I rebuilt it after the video card wouldn't post for me hoping it would somehow fix it. After the rebuild and cleaning still no post. The Post beep (no display) then it...
  3. A

    Need a CPU for two 970's

    Hello there guys and girls, I recently acquired two GTX 970 G1 gaming edition gpu's. I need a processor that will keep up with them. I would like some suggestions for Intel, however, I am not opposed to AMD. I would like to keep the price around $300-$350ish, if possible. Thanks in advance as...
  4. C

    Ubuntu and the Grub

    i have an hp running ubuntu 16.04.2 and I can't see the screen to get into cmos. What must I change in the grub to allow me to see the start screen / cmos?
  5. X

    Is OLED monitors putting you on the edge?

    The GTX 1080ti released recently for 4K gaming, if you buy it, you will go out and buy a monitor with: Resolution: 4K Feature 1: HDR Feature 2: 75hz? 120hz? 144hz? 244hz? does it matter lol? Feature 3: ??? --->OLED???---> Missing Feature 4: Gsync or Vsync Feature 5: Widescreen curve or flat 32...
  6. A

    Broken pin on socket 1155 motherboard getting 3 beeps at startup

    I have inteldh61www motherboard and one of its processor socket pin is broken. I have found the details of datasheet on intel website and this pin is labeled as Vcc pin (pin number is J21). When I start my PC it gives 3 beeps at start up like it has a RAM problem but my both rams are working...
  7. N

    6700k overclocking question

    I managed to oc my 6700k to 4.5ghz on 1.150v Stable on aida64 and prime95 My cpu cooler is the cm hyper 212x I tried to up my frequency to 4.8 ghz using 1.390v I dont wanna go past 1.4v My question is do i have a good cpu because i managed to oc it to 4.5 with only 1.150v? If i get another...
  8. A

    Unable to connect my laptop to wifi

    My friend recently formatted my laptop and now I am unable to connect it to the wifi . It is an HP envy m6 laptop. Password is correct as all other devices are being connected
  9. O

    lost reception for 2 channels

    We get our TV through a rooftop antenna. It's worked great for years and we get 30+ channels via the airwaves. 2 days ago we lost reception for ABC and CBS out of DC. All of the other channels are fine, so I don't think it has anything to do with the antenna. Any idea why those 2 channels...
  10. boyshawn

    [Windows 10] "Ethernet" doesn't have a valid IP configuration on Wired Connection

    Note that is is occurring on Wired Connection - Provide us with the make and model of your laptop (if applicable): N.A. - Provide us with the make and model of your router: ASUS RT-N56U - Provide us with the make and model of your modem: ASUS RT-AC87U - Provide us with the exact specifications...
  11. B

    looking for extra sensors

    just got the oculas rift with controller and im very impressed with it only thing is to once your control pad go out of view sensors lose them. ive being doing some digging and it seem we can have up to 4 now. i have looked on google and cant find anywhere in uk to get them, does anyone know of...
  12. C

    IPS vs 144z

    Which better to buy ips or 144z. Locol shop in my area sells a 23inch ips 75hz 1080p monitor for 150 dollars And a 2nd hand benq xl2420b 144z cause 170 dollar. Which is a better buy, i do casual gaming and watch movies with my girl.
  13. H

    Ssd = So Slow dammit

    Ok so I have an 480gb eco3 mushkin ssd I tried user benchmarks and I'm getting way Below expected performance... I don't understand what could be wrong all my hardware is updated. Ahci is enabled. It's plugged into sata 1 on the board I'm using sata 3.. I've looked everywhere and can't find...
  14. J

    Fatal error installing sp1 for win7

    Hey! I was installing the sp1 for win7 and I shut the pc down in the process(had to). Now when I boot it, it gives me the error:Fatal error C0000034 applying update operation numbersnumbers of numbers(00000...) The thing is that I booted the pc in repair mode, I opened notepad with cmd and tried...
  15. S

    MSI AM1i Problem

    Building a new PC I chose the MSI A1i mobo. Very good looking card. CPU Athlon 5350, 4MB RAM. Problems started instantly, after I made some basic changes to BIOS (not overlocking) the mobo does not starts! It start only by clearing the CMOS. I turn it back and replaced with another one, still...
  16. O

    Does it worth to buy GTX 1060?

    Now that there are 1070 and 1080 does buying 1060 6GB worth? BTW: There's a huge cost difference between 1060/70/80.
  17. bamitscon

    How well will this system run games?

    Hi, i currently have put this rig together, and will be buying it soon, my budget was £800 so it has gone over a little but thats fine, i want to know how well this setup will run games such as Rust? Arma 3? H1Z1? if anyone can give me a rough idea that would be great! Would this system be able...
  18. B

    PC Build for Gaming

    Hello Everyone. I am in the process of building a new gaming PC that can run a bunch of different games and that will last a while. What are your thoughts on this build on CyberPowerPC? I attached the overview on PCPart picker as well. Thanks! http://pcpartpicker.com/list/2WVTm8 *BASE_PRICE...
  19. L

    Possible to auto switch the monitor settings whenever lauching game?

    Dear all PC master race, may i ask is that possible for me to get an auto switch to different Contrast setting in monitor whenever i launch a specific game? When for normal use:My current monitor settings are Contrast at volume 50(max 100), i prefer mild level of contrast because its more eye...
  20. T

    Does the cpu cooler leak?

    Hello guys.Does my Corsair H55 will leak if I bring my PC everywhere?Or should I stick with the air cooler instead?