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  1. V

    Computer won't turn on after power outage

    Hello, last night there was a power outage and now my computer won't turn on in fact it seems that its not receiving any power beacuse the light that usually lights up on my graphics card isnt on neither the leds on my keyboard and mouse turn on.This has happened before but last time i waited a...
  2. S

    Which SATA SSD should I choose?

    Due to the limited availability of PC components in our country, I'm forced to choose within a very few choices that include : Western Digital Green Corsair Force LE/LX/LS Kingston UV400 PNY CS1311 ADATA SU800S I'm getting 128/120GB, even 256GB gets much more expensive...
  3. D

    PC is Making my room hot

    Hello everyone,i have had this problem for a while,i have a small room and i Game a lot. when i go out of my room there is Not that hear and the Air is better. I Need some help to Reduce the hear in my room also my pc OS: Windows 7 64 Bit GPU: gtx 750ti cpu: amd fx 6300 (also my Window is...
  4. C

    Does my motherboard support this SSD?

    Mobo: https://pcpartpicker.com/product/7VZ2FT/asus-prime-z270-a-atx-lga1151-motherboard-prime-z270-a SSD: https://pcpartpicker.com/product/FrH48d/samsung-internal-hard-drive-mz75e500bam On the mobo description on PCPartPicker I saw "Sata 6 GB/S" and then 6. I have no idea what that means. Can...
  5. D

    Windows 10 169.254.221.x

    Hi guys I recently had 2 clients come to me with the same problem, a new/recent windows 10 update that prevents them from accessing internet. I took a good look at all information I could find and they both had a similar IP: 169.254.221.x I already tried the netsh commands I already tried to...
  6. T

    Image permanently damaged after playing a game

    So I got a problem with my ATI Radeon 4300 video card,I once tried to play CoD Black Ops,but it was very laggy and it eventually froze,I had to force shut down the PC. Since then,my PC image is kinda blurry,and all the blur goes to the right,it's like elements sharpness is tearing apart to the...
  7. FireeRex

    Best Budget 1080p Monitor

    I live in Canada and now I'm super broke because of my PC and now I need a new display because I'm on a super low budget
  8. B

    Need new mouse

    My old mouse broke down. My choice for a new mouse lies between EC1-A and G403. Notice that the G403 is better in all respects but has a hard cable. So what to choose? Maybe I should pause and wait for something better / new? I am a casual player. Transfer from Rival 300. My hande has 20cm Length.
  9. S

    Should I go for Rx 570 4G or Rx 580 4G.

    My budget is around 200$. I am confused between two Rx570 OC edition and Rx580. My priority is to play any games average 60fps and should be future proof for next 2 years. Is it wise to spend extra 50$ for just 10-15 more fps.
  10. G

    Windows 10 Update Consecutively Failing

    For about a week now my system has been failing to install the update "KB2676562" on Windows 10 version 1607 (Screenshot: https://gyazo.com/5cbb24a8c5d30d397942ddf391f0e81c). I have tried to fix this, including using the Windows Update troubleshooter which claims there are 4 errors that have...
  11. K

    Ryzen 5 Thermals Overclocking Problem

    Hey guys. So I have bough a ryzen 5 1600 about 3 weeks ago. In my UEFI, from MSI I saw an option for "easy overclock" so I turned it on. after 3 weeks or so I found out that it had put my cpu to 1.440V voltage. And I freaked out. so I decided I should try and overclock it myself. As I have a...
  12. C

    Looking for a decent graphics card.

    I have a Dell optiplex 755 low-profile DT. It has a 275W PSU and I was wondering if there's any decent graphics cards out there I could use. I have 2 open PCI slots(PCIe x16,(16, 1) 25W) and am willing to buy a card of any price.
  13. M

    Need help with overclocking and pc specs about a game.

    Hello.I have been playing players unknown battlegrounds and I play on medium/low settings with average fps of 40. I have been wondering if I should overclock both my CPU and GPU or just the CPU because my hardware isn't that bad at least it shouldn't be preforming this badly. My CPU is AMD FX...
  14. H

    CPU replacement issue

    I have a Intel Pentium G2030 @ 3.00GHz and i want to replace it for a Intel Core Skylake Processor i5-6500/3.2 GHz Processor CPU, but I don't know if the size will be different can someone please help?
  15. G

    Antek Küler H20 620 water cooler making fridge noise and overheating

    Hi, I recently cleaned this CPU cooler and fans,when I inserted everything back the cooler would overheat and make a weird noise. Any ideas?
  16. S

    Undetermined Noise and Solution, please help...

    Hello everyone, This is my first time posting here. Please excuse any mistake I make. I recently ran into this problem with my PC, it's getting louder and louder as we speak. I cant quite determine where's the source of the noise, I imagine it's one of the fans I just cant tell which one...
  17. W

    Is This PC Worth It? - $1600

    Hello all. I am not sure where to put my question so apologizes in advance. I found this PC on sale and I was unsure if this would be a good buy. Can someone help me out here please? My PC buddies said this is a bad buy because the company is unknown and there are no reviews of said PC. Here are...
  18. S

    Internet, wifi and wired, keeps dropping. Replaced router, did not help.

    Starting equipment: Modem: Arris SB6141 Router: Netgear WNDR4500v2 Current equipment: Modem: SB5101U Router: Nighthawk X6 R7900 PC: i5-4670 GTX 1070 8GB RAM Internet Provider: Cox Number of connected devices: 4 (3 wireless; 1 wired) The problem: Over the last week or so, our internet...
  19. E

    Different Temperatures with Aida64 and HWMonitor

    Hello, I just got my ryzen 5 1600 with wraith spire (stock cooler) with AB350 Pro4 From Asrock and I'm trying to overclock it 3.8ghz so far i have got it to 3.8ghz with 1.3v im trying to lower it after each aida64 tests but when I'm stressing the CPU Both aida64 and HWMonitor gives me different...
  20. Z

    Help me with this build

    Is this build ok? https://pcpartpicker.com/list/KZ3ff8