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  1. S

    Certain websites very slow after 8:30pm

    I have been dealing with a problem where some websites get very slow, every single night, around 8:30pm, while others seem to load just fine. During the day I have no issues at all but it happens like clockwork every night at 8:30pm I have been googling and communicating with my ISP for over a...
  2. D

    nox pax case blue edition ,red led

    hey people, it is normal that my case nox pax blue edition has a red led on power button? shouldn´t be blue?
  3. B

    Budget "Gaming" PC

    I'm building a smaller light gaming pc and would like to know if these would be good parts! [CPU] Ryzen 3 2200G [PSU] CORSAIR VS Series, VS400, 400 Watt, Active PFC Power Supply, 80+ White Certified [HDD] Western Digital (WD) Caviar Blue 320 GB [RAM] Patriot Memory Viper Elite Series DDR4 4GB...
  4. M

    Can a 10 years old psu that i used like 4 years hurt components?

    I'v got a psu from my old computer (650w) that i used like 4 or 5 years after having it like 6 years so its 10 years old but i used it only 4 or 5 years and i bought a gtx 1060 with 6gb two days ago so im scared it will be hurt by the psu. The question is: can i use my psu without my components...
  5. D

    Hard Drive noisier than usual.

    The whirring is noticeable than before. I turned my PC off and when I turned on again for a few hours. The whirring is louder. Hard Drive: Samsung SP1213C (The noisier hard drive) and Seagate ST3320820AS (Dropped Hard Drive, check my previous post about it) Motherboard: Asus P5G41C M LX Power...
  6. A

    can i upgrade processor i5 1st gen to i5 7th gen

    my laptop is t 410.
  7. K

    How do I get into BIOS

    Cannot access BIOS to check out drive options
  8. E

    Slow connection with 2 pcs online

    I have a pc and does my brother when my pc is on 40mbps down when his turns on 0.3mbps on all devices both wired Help plz!
  9. S

    2GB graphic card on 4K flat screen.

    I recently bought 32 inch led(4k). I am looking to use it on my pc. Can a Nvidia GT 730 2gb handle it. Using it for mid range gaming.
  10. J

    can i change my video card in asus a42j series

    hi! im using asus a42j series i want to ask if i can upgrade my video card to 2gb? thanks
  11. S

    Should I get 1060max q or 1070maxq

    Should I get a 1060maxq or 1070maxq?, I recently saw the MSI GS65 Stealth thin and I was wondering if i should get it. Thanks in advance~SmellyFenris
  12. E

    What does the ver4.31 mean ?

    So, i checked my motherboards ram compatibility list and found a good price / performance ram, the CMK16GX4M2B3200C16R ver4.31 from corsair. But the shop that ill be buying it from does not say the ver4.31 it just says CMK16GX4M2B3200C16R I'm just wondering if there is a risk Mobo : b350 pc...
  13. R

    my hp laptop is on but after no response just still not changing

    My lap is not giving response.
  14. J

    What if you use rca output to aux then plug the aux in the stereo will it still work?

    What if you use rca output to aux then plug the aux cord into stereo will it still work?
  15. A

    Middle Button Issue

    Hello, I just recently acquired a problem with my two year old G600 where the scroll wheel will work fine on the mouse but my middle button will sometimes not respond unless I use a lot of force to middle click, and being a big MOBA player it takes sometimes multiple efforts to click and drag...
  16. B

    Unable to install latest drivers for HD 7970M

    My GPU i.e ATI Radeon HD 7970M is being detected as a Microsoft Basic display driver under display adapter in the device manager .Any attempts to install the latest drivers for this GPU have resulted in a system freeze up and becoming unresponsive .Forcing an improper shutdown and start up . I'm...
  17. A

    Is this forum user legit or a scammer?

    This one: http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/community/profile-2.htm See what suspicious message I received: https://snag.gy/SAlGQZ.jpg While it looks plausible overall, what drew my caution was the link, which instead to the concerned thread directs to the login page, all while I'm already logged in...
  18. Cyber Zak

    PC Stuttering when playing any game

    Had this problem for a while now, even RMA'd my graphics card wiped my pc and updated my motherboards drivers, finally got a bit of money to upgrade but I wont until I have solved this stuttering. The two main things that I think can cause this are the GPU running at 95c and spinning the fans...
  19. N

    CPU-Z Reports 32gb and 16gb in windows??

    I have an Asrock x99 Fatality board and have 4 sticks of 8gb ram installed. Now CPU-Z in the third tab "Memory" shows 32gb installed but windows 10 shows only 16gb. Memory sticks have been reseated.
  20. TexaSean

    Need to update my BIOS. Need help.

    CPU - i7-2600k Mobo - P8Z68/V LX My problem is, my CPU is running way hot, IDLE at 88C as of this moment. I built this thing about 6 years ago, so im sure it needs new thermal paste, which I JUST ordered 5 minutes ago. AND, I also just realized my BIOS is 6 years out dated, ive never installed...