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  1. M

    Question is this dead pixel?

    Just bought a monitor from newegg. When i turn it on i found that there are some reddish spot on the screen like this View: https://imgur.com/8VkfpMy It is a dead pixel or graphic card issue?
  2. A

    Question Help me build my PC

    Hey, im planning to upgrade my PC but im a complete noob when it comes to PCs. I'm keeping my GPU, PSU, Case, SSD, HDD. I'm mainly concerned about the motherboard and cooler I've chosen. My goal is to overclock the cpu to 4.8 ghz. Also I hope every part is compatible with everything...
  3. C

    [SOLVED] Moving Windows 10 to SSD, Do I have to reinstall drivers?

    I'm going to be transferring my OS from my HDD to SSD, i'm just wondering if my drivers for say my gpu will have to be reinstalled or are the drivers transferred along with the OS. Also if anybody knows any hassle-free ways/programs to move the OS then that would be great!
  4. M

    Question HDD Backup

    Hi, I have a Toshiba external HDD. My Windows 10 Acer laptop is backed up on it. I also have a Windows 7 Packard laptop. I have no computer knowledge so, my question is, can I also back up the Packard onto the same same HDD and if so, if I ever need the back up how can I tell one from the other...
  5. Savage_Titan

    Question RGB Without RGB Headers

    Repurposing an old 5820k system for a render machine at work, sprucing it up a bit and wondering if I can get any RGB working on this. Using an Asus X99 Deluxe with no RGB headers. NZXT's newer Kraken coolers don't requre a header for RGB, looks like they communicate via USB, so I assume there's...
  6. L

    Question Can no longer write to SD

    Hi, Recently I have stopped being able to write to my SD card. It seems to have happened randomly and even when plugged into my computer, I cannot explore the SD card although it is recognised. When I try to take a picture (which by default saves to SD) the photo is not saved. If I try to move...
  7. rookieGamer

    HDD keep disconnecting and reconnecting

    issue- -one of my HDD keep disconnecting and reconnecting on its own while system is running. and once it reconnect all the drives open up and i have to close them.. it happens 2-3 times in if i am running my system for ..10hours setup- corsair VS450 orange ryzen3 2200G (stock speed+stock...
  8. G

    Apple Met With AR Companies at CES 2019 (Report)

    Apple employees reportedly met with several waveguide tech-makers at CES 2019. Apple Met With AR Companies at CES 2019 (Report) : Read more
  9. moovius

    i5-9600K did I pick a good mobo/ram?

    I'm upgrading from a i5-3570 (not K) setup. This has been 6 years in the making. I'm not going to overclock. I need a little feedback on the motherboard and memory I have picked out. Will this be a good combo? I'm looking at: 1. i5-9600K 2. MSI MPG Z390 GAMING EDGE AC LGA 1151 (300 Series)...
  10. O

    [SOLVED] Looking to buy for gaming

    Can anyone give me advice on these specs, do u think this is a good pc Intel core i3 4170 @ 3.70ghz (4 cpu’s) Nvidia Geforce GTX 745 4gb Dedicated graphics card installed Thank you
  11. R

    New PC build

    I'm looking at a new PC build and I was more or less following this article: https://techbuyersguru.com/best-high-end-1500-gaming-pc-build-november-2018 I did change it up slightly to this: PC build I'll use my existing case and win 10. I am pretty sure I'll go with the proc and gfx card and...
  12. S

    Rate this high-end Gaming PC

    So a friend asked me to collect a very high-end pc for gaming . so after sometime I landed on this specs which provides power and extensible for future needs , what do you think ? something need to be changed ? maybe an better upgrade ? I tried to stay on the edge of techs . Intel Core I9-9900K...
  13. C

    Asus P8Z68-V GEN3 power on issue...

    So recently I got a handmedown mobo and I bought all the required stuff except ram.. however I want to check if the mobo is working before i purchase any ram so I plugged it in and did all the doohickey. The problem is that while the power switch and reset light up they do not respond.. the...
  14. M

    [SOLVED] Laptop motherboard leaking black fluid

    Hello. Needed to clean motherboard. I used Contact cleaner TCC specifically used for precision Electronics, such as computers. Acording to the Product it should remove grease, oil and ingrained dirt. Next morning after I sprayed a Little my motherboard looked like this, as in the attached...
  15. D

    Xeon E3-1220L v3 - can it work without CPU fan

    Hi, I am planning to build a storage server and have decided to get a used Xeon E3-1220L v3 due to its low TDP of 13W. My question is can i just put a large heatsink on this and due to its low tdp can it work with just the case fans ?
  16. I

    Playing game without internet

    I would like to play farming simulator 18 on my pc without internet.
  17. G

    Need help with FPS

    Hello I have fps issue with my pc which started about one and a half months ago, and now i every game i get low fps for example in csgo i used to get 170 + on low but now hardly 60-70 fps Specs : Gtx 760 evga 2gb edition i3 4150 @3.5 GHz 8 gb ram Gigabyte h81m s2pv P.S i use windows 10...
  18. J

    Turtle Beach PX24 on PC -- mic problems

    Greetings! I am entirely frustrated with this headset that's supposed to work with PC as well as mobile and consoles. I'm hoping that someone here can help me. WINDOWS VERSION: Windows 7. Technically. BACKSTORY: Last Christmas I told Mom "Get me these for Christmas! Please." and she did...
  19. O

    [SOLVED] GTX 750ti - 3 screens connected only 2 displaying

    I have 3 VGA monitors connected to my GTX 750ti. I am using 1x VGA to VGA and 2x VGA to DVI-D cables. Sometimes when I boot up, all 3 screens come on, sometimes only 2 screens work and sometimes no screens work unless I disconnect one of the DVI-D cables. It's all very temperamental. When I...
  20. O

    How to find cheap wifi ?

    I just had my wifi and internet shut down due to the high prices company charges. How could I find a reasonable one? Am new to the area.