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    My new build need opinions.

    Hey guys, so I'm upgrading my PC for 1440p and this is what I picked out. Please let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions that are better let me know. This is a high end upgrade so let's do this. Please note, I am looking for a 2tb SSD so the one I have listed will not be in...
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    VESA Mountable Thin Mini-ITX Case to fit GPU

    Let me describe my situation. A couple of years ago, I built a low power, compact PC that would effectively take on the role of a server, hosting TeamSpeak and various game servers for myself and a group of friends. Since then, I have purchased an R720 so no longer have a use for this PC. When...
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    Monitor Crash While Gaming. No Signal. PC still running

    Hello, I have seen this issue arise multiple times with different solutions and fixes however nothing has worked for me as of yet. PLEASE HELP. My monitor crashes and goes black and then says No signal while playing video games. This used to happen on occasion while gaming. sometimes months...
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    How many watts does my pc need?

    How many watts does my power supply has to be if i want to run gtx 1080 8g with this set up:Processor: I5 7600k Motherboard: Asus Strix H270F gaming Ram: 16gb Water Cooler: Corsair H100I v2 Monitor: benq
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    Need Advice Please.

    Ok I have 450.00 to spend on upgrades for my system what do you think I should spend it on? Here's my system now: 1. Asus B350-F motherboard 2. Ryzen 5 1600 cpu 3. EVGA GTX 1070 SC GPU 4 4x4g DDR4 16GB Ram 5. Coolermaster Liquid CPU Cooler 6. Samsung 500GB SSD 7. Samsung QLED 27' 144hz...
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    I want to know if my psu is broken or my motherboard

    Every time i turn my pc on from the motherboard switch the motherboard lights will stay on. However as soon as i press the on button, the gpu light and my internal LED lights will flash on for a second then will turn off leaving only the motherboard lights.the fans will also spin for a second...