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  1. J

    Coffee Lake or Ice Lake?

    Is there any reason I shouldn’t go with an i7 8700k right now and wait for Ice Lake? Just curious. I’m trying not to fall in the hole of waiting for the next new tech to release in order to justify my purchase.
  2. D

    CPU and GPU issues

    Not sure if this is a computer issue or software issue. I recently(within the last year} upgraded to an intel core i7-6700k and new hardware to game with. it was immediately after i upgraded my GPU drivers(last Nvidia Update for Players Underground) that i started noticing weird things. First...
  3. J

    AODDRIVER2.sys blue screen error

    Right, so I upgraded from an AMD a6-6400k processor to a Intel i5-7500 and while doing so I replaced the motherboard and RAM. Since the new components have been put in the computer loads and shows login screen for like a second and then blue screens and disappears quickly. It says the error is...
  4. C

    New gtx 1080 issues

    I just got a gtx 1080 and it needs two pcie cords plugged into it but I only had one in my old gfx card and I looked on my mother board and I saw only one port to plug in a pcie cord
  5. M

    sound out of sync

    I have been noticing lately, that my sound is out of sync with the videoes I watch. And it doesn't matter if it is youtube or local files. It isn't out of sync, when the videos start, but slowly they get more and more out of sync. The quick fix, is that I restart the videos, but that quickly...
  6. E

    New lcd no backlight

    So i bought a new lcd screen for my dell inspiron 15 7559 (my older one had dead pixleeel in one corner) and plugged it in first when i started the pc the screen worked fine but then i had to unplug it again to get the top cover from the laptop and when i tested it again it had no backlight. I...
  7. H

    Hard drive making rattling noise?

    My hard drive is making a rattling noise and it's getting more noticeable by the day. I have researched noises of dying hard drives online but it doesn't sound the same as them. It's a Seagate 2tb and I have only had it for 2 years... I think it's internal as I have tried to hold it still from...
  8. S

    Ram compatibility with Ryzen 5 and Gigabyte Motherboard

    I purchased this kit of Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000 CL16 memory: And this Ryzen 1500x cpu and gigabyte motherboard combo...
  9. D

    MSI GPU disk install

    Hello! I bought a gtx 1070ti but my case doesnt have an optical drive. In the box was a disk that MSI says i should install with my graphics card or maybe even before. Is this disk necessary to install my GPU properly or can I just use nvidia's drivers to update my card? Thanks!
  10. K

    will i see a performance increase gaming wise?

    ok so right now i have a computer HP Z400 LGA1366 with a xeon w3565 at stock speeds which is similar in specs to an i7 960. and im wondering i can buy a xeon W3690 which is the same as an i7 990X for around 100$ im wondering will this be a good performance increase gaming wise below is the info...
  11. F

    Please help me with building a PC! Intel or Amd

    i would prefer intel. But would love amd suggestion for my own personal curiousity :x My budget is 700-850$ i don't need Os, hard drives or dvd drives or monitor. please any suggestion would be great! Thank you :)
  12. TechnologyHatesMeButILoveIt

    Is it normal for a cpu to be at 56C/132F when doing minor functions?

    I'm not seeing any performance issues, but lately I have noticed my pc getting louder. Its making clicking and humming sounds. I checked the temperatures, and they seem a little high. The cpu is at 132F, and everything else, gpu, motherboard, etc, is between 80F-113F. But I have just turned the...
  13. H

    HD at risk because of unstable sectors & active time at 100%?

    Hi All I have two HD where in drive C (SSD) i have the OS and in drive D I have most of my games. Havent used my desktop in a while (2 months-ish) and yesterday I boot up tekken 7 and it almost always stutter for in game FMV. I am not too knowledgeable about computer but noticed that the D...
  14. M

    Metro 2033 Crashes

    Whenever I play metro 2033, the original not redux, I can play the game fine with no lag whatsoever but after about 5-7 minutes of playing the game just cuts to black and my screen tells me I have no signal and half of the time I have to just turn my PC off and the other half my PC resets. My...
  15. h3r3t1k

    No voltage control for 3pin fan on ASRock H110M-DGS Rev. 3?

    It doesn't work. I thought controlling 3pin fans via voltage was standard these days?
  16. Oxicoi

    How does vCore work and what is NB?

    So I have an A10 6800k and the CPU VID (which I'm assuming is vCore) is at 1.2750. Well, in my motherboard, I can increase the vCore of the CPU (not NB). The highest I can go is +0.300. Now, does that work additionally? So if I were to add 1.2750 + 0.300, it would equal 1.5750? Or would it act...
  17. E

    Connecting an analog monitor to GPU.

    Would this adapter- work for connecting my GTX 1060 with a VGA only monitor? Thank you in advance.
  18. E

    Maingear vybe fail...?

    Well i just got myself a maingear vybe with a giveaway (the spec is below) and my cpu keep going at damn high temperature when i open the pc... even when im doing nothing (like literally NOTHING at all) the cpu temp hit like 80+ degree.... even to 100 degree... wtf... >.< my old pc (i still use...
  19. P

    Overclocking a Core 2 Duo.

    I wonder, how much can an Core 2 Duo e6550 be overclocked? My motherboard is a MSI P6N SLI V2. I'm thinking of overclocking it a bit so I can get a little more performance. I'm using an Intel Cooler, but the CPU doesn't run hot, it never goes above 60 degrees Celsius under full load. I also use...
  20. E

    Laptop acting strange after trying to transfer files from laptop HDD to main desktop PC

    Hey guys, As the title indicates, the main topic of this thread has to do with my attempt at transferring a few folders from my laptop's hard drive to my main PC by connecting the hard drive directly to the desktop PC's motherboard via a SATA cable. I initially thought that this wouldn't be a...