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    Where to get hobby electronics?

    What is in your opinion, the best online store to get electronic parts for hobby? A store that sells like motors, sensors, servos, applicators, transistors, resistors, diodes, breadboards, etc.
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    Ram support for 945 board

    Can i use 3 gb of ram on 945 motherboard with 775 socket .1 stick of 2gb and another of 1 gb ? I'm using a core 2 duo 1.8ghz processor
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    Modifying io rear ports

    If I take my mb to a pro electronics expert to add or exchange an io port or connector what will happen?
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    HDD doesnt show in disk managment

    So I had a old hard drive I wanted to install to my new computer, but when i boot my pc and enter disk management it doesnt show. However it does show in BIOS and i can boot from the old windows from it. But I dont want it as my main harddrive what do I do to get my pc to reconzie it when...
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    Help Upgrading Computer

    I am upgrading my computer soon and was hoping you guys could tell me how it looks. Want to make sure I'm not buying anything stupid. Any feedback would be welcome, Thanks!
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    Ryzen 7 1700 CPU and Prime B350 Plus, What DDR4 Configuration?

    Hello all, Longtime lurker here. My new computer that I bought second hand feels really sluggish compared to my gaming laptop, which has 16gb of memory so I was wondering if I should upgrade and how. The system has the following: - Ryzen 7 1700 CPU - Asus Prime B350 Plus motherboard - 2x4GB...
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    Unable to run anything (Too much ram is cached)

    12.6 GBs of my 16GBs of ram is cached and is unusable. I understand that cached ram is usually good, but there is something wrong in my situation. I can hardly run anything, having a couple tabs of chrome open crashes it causing an error message regarding my memory. I would like to be able to...
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    Best way to clean a motherboard?

    Recently obtained a 1990 IBM PS/2 Model 80 386 Works but is more than moderately dirty. Whats the best way to clean expansion cards, mobos and other PCBs? I’ve got 99% Isopropyl alcohol, but what’s the best method? Toothbrush? Cue tips? Full bath? Ive got canned air too but whenever I use...
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    Low RAM stock and price dips

    I have been wondering what is with the prices on ram. I am almost done my gaming pc, and I needed 16 gigabytes of ram. Tried buying HYPERX FURY (4x4). After I ordered the ram, it was back ordered and I have been waiting for a few weeks. When will the ram stock normalize?
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    GeForce Experience and should i use it as it seems to make more problems than it solves

    I'm currently using Geforce Experience with my 960 and so far all it has done is make shadowplay work (sometimes), make videos black screen (sometimes) and improperly optimized games (sometimes). It decided to change all my setting on siege that i had masterfully laid out for maximum performance...
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    Fisher Stereo Receiver Humming Problem

    Hello, Recently I turned on my stereo/turntable setup to find a humming/buzzing noise. Said noise was constant, unaffected by the volume control, and no music would come through when I played records on it. Even when I disconnected the speakers, there was still a faint crackling sound that can...
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    Which pc is better

    Im wondering what pc is better for the price and which is better performing. 1. 2.
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    CPU/Ram Voltage Safeness

    I just got my new CPU and Ram delivered yesterday (Ryzen 5 1600 with Stock Cooler, and Crucial Ballistix Sport 2x4GB 2400) and i've been messing around with overclocks on both of them. I searched around a little bit and found that a lot of people can get that CPU (with the stock cooler) to...
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    OLD nVidia drivers work on win10?

    Hi! I was wondering if I download very old nvidia drivers for my outdated gtx 770 card, will it work on my Win10 PC even though it says it works with vista/7/8/8.1 ? will those old drivers be better for my card than the newer ones?
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    CPU Usage 100%

    Good morning ! I've been having this issue for the past couple of months now. My CPU usage is through the roof for some obscure reasons. I have an intel i5-6600K. Whenever my computer is idle, the said CPU runs at about 40%, and when I start a game that used to run smoothly, it runs between...
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    Best Laptop under 125 dollars

    I am looking for a basic laptop for light school work. And currently I am looking at the Thinkpad T410, Thinkpad X201, and the Thinkpad Edge E430. Which laptop would you recommend performance wise? Also I am open to other laptops other than just Thinkpads.
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    screen doesn't fit tv, can't find graphics manager

    adjusting screen resolution doesn't work and looking around it seems to be an issue with overscaling is common with tv's. Everything I find says to open my graphics manager to adjust it either by right clicking on desktop and selecting or by locating it in the control panel, but none of those...
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    Added a new hard drive and computer shuts off then comes back on but with a blank screen

    I don’t know where else to post this but here and I’m in need of help. So I recently added on another hard drive because my first hdd was getting full. After I did and hooked everything back up I tried to power up my desktop but after a few seconds it would shut down then power back up but with...
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    Oddly cheap 1080 Ti

    Any idea why this is so much cheaper than most other Ti's?
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    Low fps crysis 3

    My specs are Intel i7 4770k 3.5ghz Kingston 8x2 16gb ram Nvidia geforce gtx 730 4gb ddr5 Antec 750w power supply 1tb Seagate hdd Asus H81m-cs motherboard Windows 10 enterprise I was able to play gta5, cod ww2, cs go and many such games. My system temperatures are 35 to 45°c. Although if...