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  1. V

    [SOLVED] How is this?

    So, I've been having a tiresome few weeks. I have been trying to sort out this PC, finding a good balance between aesthetic and power. With this in mind. I've made this build. The idea behind it is to simulate a sort of Portal 2/Aperture Science theme (Which will be improved by a few decals...
  2. I

    [SOLVED] Enough cooling?

    Hi, I'm considering building my own pc for the very first time and have a question about having enough cooling. The following components would be my build: Case: NZXT H500 (comes with 2 fans at the back and on the top as exhausts) CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600x (comes with it's own air cooler) GPU: GTX...
  3. I

    Question First PC Build - please help

    Hi, I've picked the parts for my first PC build. But before I buy them, could someone please double check they will all be compatible and the system should boot fine? Thanks!
  4. R

    Question Will these parts run correctly and be COMPATABLE and will this setup run games i desire? !PLEASE RESPOND!

    In the link i will provide below, I would like to know weather or not these parts will run together and and are COMPATABLE and weather or not they will run the games i want on High settings. This will be my first ever computer so i want to know weather or not it will be good for a first budget...
  5. D

    Question Can an EXPERT PC BUILDER proof build this?

    Disclaimer: Sorry if this is the wrong place for this kind of thing or misplaced thread Hello, friends Long time lurker here and amateur PC builder, just wondering if someone could take a moment of their time to confirm that this list I present them is all compatible. I am building my first PC...
  6. Question RESOLVED: How to Start / Power / Boot the Motherboard When Breadboarding - ASUS ROG Strix X470-F

    First time build, still at breadboarding stage. I've read advice to short the pins with a screwdriver, but I need help identifying which ones specifically. I've been looking through the manual but it isn't entirely clear to me yet. I've connected: PSU (EVGA SuperNOVA 750 G2) Motherboard...
  7. I

    Question Opinions on First Build?

    First build and this is around my budget, could push to £750/950$. Going to use it mainly for casual gaming and work, nothing too graphically intense and needing of a 1080ti or like. If you have any suggestions, feel free. Cheers
  8. J

    Question RESOLVED: Progress Checklist for a New Build: Step 1 - Motherboard + ?

    Attempted to build a computer with my son (11) which did not go as well as some guides / videos made it out to be. After some initial attempts at debugging / troubleshooting we came to believe there was an issue with the motherboard. We're starting from the beginning again with new hardware...
  9. K

    Question What do you think? This is my first build. Any changes I should make? Maybe find somewhere to cut the cost.
  10. M


    Hello, I just about finished building my first pc, I turn the pc on and all the lights and fans and all sorts start going, I currently don’t have a gpu yet but was trying to plug a monitor directly to my motherboard’s hdmi but nothing comes up at all and monitor says there’s no signal? Could...
  11. T

    Question Beginner PC Building Wiring ?s for my ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING

    Brand new at this and don't want to screw it up. This is going into an NZXT S340 and I can't find the RESET plug in the case wires. Any hints?
  12. eviltothecore94

    Build Advice Need help with $1200 AMD Ryzen 5 2600 CAD Workstation

    Hi all, I currently have a 8yr old pc which struggles to cope up with my work load. So I decided its time for an upgrade and have put together my list. Feel free to modify the parts within the budget range. Currently I am over budget by about $300 because I have included case,External...
  13. Question New PC build, need someone to overlook build and give advice on possible mistakes and or improvements.

    I recently built my first PC and I wanted it to be VR capable. I looked up some builds and got my parts together and built it. It runs fine I just want to ensure I made no obvious mistakes and see what could be done to improve the build. Below are the specs and pictures of the Build. Case...
  14. Nead36

    Question Is a 750w psu enough?

    Hello all! I'm new to building computers, I just recently got all the parts to build my first one and was wondering if my psu would be ok for what I have. Amd ryzen 7 2700x w/wraith rgb fan Evga gtx1070 ftw2 Aorous b450m Inland 240gb ssd Inland 1tb ssd Gskill 2x8gb 3 140mm up here case...
  15. K

    Question Compatibility

    Hi, im going to be building a pc this summer and I have been searching for parts for months. I've checked the compatibility but I don't trust myself and feel like I did something wrong. Could someone please check my build and tell me if it is 100% compatible? Thanks- Keith...
  16. TotallyWafflez

    [SOLVED] First PC build, anything I should change?

    Having always used laptops, I've always wanted to build a custom PC, and am finally ready to do it. Will be using it for gaming (preferbly on high - ultra graphics at 60fps), video editing (currently using lightworks (, but am looking at getting premire pro), photo editing (using...
  17. J

    [SOLVED] First attempt at a PC build, any suggestions

    Case: Thermaltake V200 Tempered Glass RGB Edition 12V MB Sync Capable ATX Mid-Tower Chassis with 3 120mm 12V RGB Fan + 1 Black 120mm Rear Fan Pre-Installed CA-1K8-00M1WN-01 CPU: Intel Core i7-8700K Desktop Processor 6 Cores up to 4.7GHz Turbo Unlocked LGA1151 300 Series 95W Motherboard: MSI...
  18. E

    [SOLVED] $1500 AUD Esports, Streaming Build

    Hi All, I've been playing Console all my life and recently started playing PC, I made some adjustments to one of my parents old computers but decided that I'd rather have my own. My budget is roughly $1500 AUD, around $1k USD. The PC will mainly be used for Streaming Overwatch, CSGO, Rainbow...
  19. C

    Question Computer Not Booting Up

    I built my first pc and it isn't booting up. The only things that are working are the rgb on the motherboard, the graphics card, and the power supply. Nothing else seems to be working. It also says no signal on the monitor. Here are my specs View: