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  1. Rezo59

    [SOLVED] BSOD on new build ?

    Plea of help: Hello. I built my first PC after dreaming about it for so long. But of course, with my luck, it gets blue screens at random intervals. For the last week or more I've relentlessly tried to fix this problem, but to no avail sadly. I have reached a point where every single article...
  2. C

    Question First PC - Need help with upgrade.

    Hi, I brought this rig and back in 2015 and it has treated me well. I am looking to either upgrade some parts where needed or if the whole system is completely outdated then I will have to start from scratch. Wanting some advise before I start buying parts, I'm not wanting a top of the line PC...
  3. _yogul

    Question I just build my first pc, need HELP A.S.A.P

    I just build my first own PC, i use R3 4350G, with gigabyte A520M DS3H, Trident Z RGB ram, and some cheap brand case. After i finish the build, i turn on the PSU. And the memory RGB turn on, when i click the power button, it do nothing, but my case fan and cpu fan turn on for split second...
  4. B

    Question First Build Advice

    Building my first budget gaming rig (1.5k AUD). I intend to use this PC for light gaming (Overwatch, Valorant, CSGO, GTA5) and art programs (Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop). This is the current list! I'm open to alternatives (available within Australia). Thanks! PCPartPicker Part List CPU: AMD...
  5. N

    Question pc build

    Hi all, I am looking to start my first build and was hoping someone would be able to give my list a second look and make sure everything will be alright. here's the link: is there any way to tell if this b550 will work with the 5600x out of the box...
  6. 102938

    Build Advice Does this build look good?

    So I'm looking to build my own PC for the first time since my current computer is fairly outdated. I'm looking to build something around the $1700 CAD range. This is what I've come up with: CPU: Intel Core i7-10700 2.9 GHz 8-Core Processor ($430) CPU Cooler: Thermaltake UX100 38.82 CFM CPU...
  7. I

    Question Building first PC (multitasking, programming, gaming)

    Hi everyone! After many years of owning a laptop, I finally decided to build a pc. As it is my first experience, please bare with me. I'd like to build a pc that will make it easy to program (Python), game (CS, GTA, Witcher 3) with high/ultra settings @1080 or @1440 and 60+ FPS, work with huge...
  8. F

    [SOLVED] My First AMD Build

    After a looooooong year, finally saved enough to build my first rig. Here's the list; CPU: Ryzen 3 3100 (stock cooler) MOBO: MSI B450M Mortar Max PSU: Corsair CX550M RAM: 16GB (dual) G.Skill Ripjaws V DDR4 3200 HDD: 1tb Seagate Barracuda, 3.5, 7200rpm SSD: 512GB ADATA SX6000 M.2 NVMe CASE: ATX...
  9. S

    Question First build struggle MSI H270

    Rebuilding with my son. New MSI H270, i7 6700k and 16g ddr 2133 (2×8g) double, triple and re checked again. No luck. Case lights, fans and board LEDs all work, but no boot. No usb ports work and no keyboard/mouse lights. Tried several times and used every available port but no...
  10. B

    Question Baby's First Rig (Need Help!)

    I'm building a budget gaming rig (1.5k AUD). I use my PC for light gaming (Overwatch, Valorant, CSGO, GTA5) and art programs (Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop). Would appreciate some advice on my current list! Open to alternatives (if available in Australia). PCPartPicker Part List Type|Item|Price...
  11. S

    Question What do you think? Should I go with this setup?

    Hello all, First time builder converting from xbox. I have never played on PC before however I have put in so much time researching and learning everything. I went from nothing and I feel as now I have a decent understanding of PC building. My budget is $1,500 Canadian but I kind of went...
  12. S

    Question Help with PSU on Full Build this is my build... i dont want to change anything except for the power supply and/or motherboard if possible... when i select a power supply it gives this message: "The ASRock Z490 Phantom Gaming 4 ATX LGA1200 Motherboard has an additional...
  13. S

    Question Just built my First PC - I need input on if i have good parts/ enough cooling etc.

    Hello everyone. I just put together my first build based on my budget and I want input on literally everything. I dont know much so all input is valued. I was going for a medium to high end build while also maintaining my 1350$ Canadian budget. As an example i would like know if maybe i should...
  14. S

    Question First PC Build - No clue whats good or not - Budget $1,500 CAD or less

    Looking to build my first PC (coming over from xbox). I have no idea whats good or not whether i should build or purchase a prebuild (especially since parts are expensive because of Covid). Im open to suggestions or people sending over full builds - keep in mind i dont know anything so...
  15. Question What are my RGB options regarding this motherboard (Asus TUF B450M-PRO Gaming)

    What kind of fans/strips can i use with this MB's rgb header?
  16. T

    Question Computer tries to boot up but keeps restarting.

    Just got finished building my first pc and when i turn it on, the light on the front and the fans will come on but then shut off briefly and try again. Had a friend helping me try taking parts in and out to shoot for better connections but nothing so far. His next suggestion was to buy a 6 to 8...
  17. bobjackieson

    [SOLVED] Ram running slow?

    Cpu-Z frequency: 798.4 Mhz (DDR4-1596) Its ddr4 3200mhz ram and only running at idk... I enable XMP profile 1 like a guy told me on a forum and still running slow?
  18. IAmNotJeff

    [SOLVED] Cooler Master H500/NZXT H510 Fan Setup?

    Hello all! I hope everyone reading this thread is doing fine. I'm planning to build my first ever PC by the end of the year with these specs: Case Cooler Master H500 / NZXT H510 Motherboard ASRock b550 CPU AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.6 GHz 6-Core Processor RAM XPG 3200mhz (2x8gb) 16GB Graphics...
  19. mzhr

    Question Missing anything? (First time building PC)

    Hey, I am building my first PC and make sure they're are no mistakes. I wanted to know if everything is compatible? I provided screenshots and a PCPartPicker on what components I plan to use. I am worried about the cables for the power supply. Most importantly the fans. I don't know if I have...
  20. S

    Question Parts compatibility for NZXT H1 Mini-ITX

    Hi all, Building my first PC and have decided to use the NZXT H1 as the case. I've got a list of potential products which all seem to be fine together but just wanted to double check here. Particularly in terms of physical restrictions of the case but also i.e. matching ram speed to processor...