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  1. K

    Question Does benchmarking and burn test damage the graphic card?

    I bought a gpu weeks ago, but it had a problem. So I sent it to the service center and they said that they are doing benchmarks, stress testing and burn test using furmark, 3d mark etc. for 2 days. Is it good or does it damage the gpu due to such stress testing?
  2. S

    Question Why does my GPU not perform in games how it does in FurMark stress test?

    Hi would really appreciate an answer for this, I've googled a bunch and tried a few different things in order to get my GPU to perform how I have seen it perform in FurMark but i cannot. My Specs CPU: 2700 X stock wraith prism cooler GPU: 5700 XT gigabyte wind force OC (not overclocked) RAM...
  3. Sams78601

    [SOLVED] Testing used GPU in short time

    I am buying used Asus RX 570. Because of the mining craze I see a lot of used RX 570's dying. What test should I run to see if it is performing correctly. I would have approx 30-45 minutes with buyers PC. Should i run Furmark? Or should i run unigine heaven or valley? What tests should i run and...
  4. weztmarch

    [SOLVED] Is Furmark Safe for GPU testing?

    Is Furmark/MSI Kombustor reasonably safe for testing newer GPUs (e.g. RTX 20xx series) run short term, e.g. ~10 minutes or less with acceptable thermals, e.g. <85c core and <95c GDDR6??? The card would be run at its max power/temp slider limits in Afterburner to determine its highest stable...
  5. N

    [SOLVED] PC hard reboot while running Furmark

    Hey guys, I have been having this problem for a while now and i cant figure out what the problem is. My pc has been rebooting randomly for the past few weeks/months. Sometimes i can play a game for houres on end and sometimes i can only play for about 5 minutes. My computer just restarts...
  6. oneGamerE

    [SOLVED] GTX 560 on Furmark

    Whats the time average for a GTX 560 to reach 100C which is the limit of a GPU's temperature. Running Furmark test on a: HD LCD 1366x768 Q9550 2.8 4 GB RAM RaidMax 530SS Hybrid (Planing to change maybe) I wanna run Furmark on 1366x768 Resolution Selected MSAA FXAA and on 1920x1080 in the...
  7. Proprietary Software

    Question Will furmark damage my gpu

    I ran Furmark for 30mins and the temp shown never exceeded 50c. However, the some components on the PCB felt extremely hot. Is the GPU temperature shown on Furmark the whole story? Should I worry about temps of the PCB?
  8. T

    Question High fan RPM lowers fps - GTX 970

    I discovered something I couldn't quite understand yesterday. I were overclocking my 970, ended up with: VC: +12 Mem: +500 Core: +160 Power TDP: 120% However to maintain a proper tempature of no higher than 70C, I put the fan to run at ~75% around that tempature and ~90% at 71-72C. What I...
  9. R

    Question My GPU rx 470 and my psu have no compatibility?

    I have a problem with my GPU and it is not all the time, but if in some games it crashes, the pc does not turn off, and all devices are still on, but it loses the video and does not respond, like the keyboard and the mouse remain on but doing nothing, my question is this, I have two psu, 600 w...
  10. R

    Cheap PSU. Worst thing that can happen? Specs inside!

    Hi. These are the specs for it. The PSU costs 25-30 bucks where I live and its a national product, meaning its made in my country. My pc build: i3 3220 16 gb of ram gtx 1050 2gb version, powered straight from the mobo 1tb 7200 seagate conventional hdd mobo: asus p8H77-V which they also say...
  11. C

    Computer shuts off only after a few seconds of being on

    I've seen this posted an ungodly amount of times, but most posts do not mention the problem that I have. I built a new computer about 4 months ago and ended up installing a liquid cooling system for the CPU. Time passes, everything works great. I come home from class yesterday and noticed my...
  12. J

    Skyrim Crashes at random times but with the same error in the logs

    Every time i try to play my modded skyrim it will crash at random times it may be after 1 minute or 20 minutes but always with the error log INFO (15:09:21.0974): Windows Exception (c0000005). Origin: "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll" (77a0cecf). Last hooked call: struct HINSTANCE__ *__stdcall...
  13. S

    Non-fan noise coming from computer

    Hello all. My computer makes this weird semi high pitched but not whiny humming sound. I have tried stopping all of the fans except for the PSU's, and none helped. I have also tried turning off my mechanical hard drive in Windows to no avail. Does anyone have any idea where the noise could be...
  14. S

    Would putting a better antenna on my wifi adapter result in better wifi reception signal

    Hi, I have a poor signal for wifi in one room and use an internal wifi adapter in my computer. This has two small antenna on its back plate that have a gain of 2dBi. The adapter is a TP-Link wireless N TL-WN881D model. If I attached a couple of bigger antenna with a gain of 8dBi would that...
  15. K

    gtx 960 temps problem!

    so guys i bought a gigabyte gtx 960 card recently and at 100% load on dying light it reaches up to 63-64 degrees max is it bad for an nvidia card? 2nd question: can a gpu fail in the future if it doesnt overheat nor have any electrical problem? (PSU)? what is the most common reason for a gpu to...
  16. F

    Will i have problems

    I have made a computer build that has a intel i3 6100 and a ddr4 ram motherboard and ddr4 ram. Will i have any problems installing windows ten or eoth drivers or anything. My gpu is the asus 750ti oc
  17. A

    MOBO bandwidth sharing: PCI-e and PCI-X

    Okay, I'm not sure I have the proper nomenclature to express myself here, but I'm going to give it a try. The way I understand it, no matter how many PCI-e slots and lanes a MOBO has there is a total upper limit to the number of lanes (and hence data) that can be moved along the PCI-e data...
  18. J

    Intel 7260 Help Please

    http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833106251&_ga=1.256892876.639840124.1444445422 I want to buy this but I want to know if I can switch out the long annoying attenna and attach normal Black Attennas SMA what ones would I need
  19. G

    Xbox One Can Now Stream At 1080p, 60fps On Windows 10

    Windows 10 has been out for almost a month, and its Xbox app is getting an upgrade to allow high quality game streaming from the console to the PC. Xbox One Can Now Stream At 1080p, 60fps On Windows 10 : Read more
  20. twgamerbuilder

    Upgrading My PC Motherboard, and CPU

    Hello, I would like to upgrade my gaming pc's motherboard and cpu. The new motherboard i would like to get is http://www.amazon.com/ASUS-Micro-Motherboard-M5A78L-M-USB3/dp/B00DQO9L1Q/ref=sr_1_3?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1439046546&sr=1-3&keywords=am3%2B+motherboard and the cpu is...