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  1. T

    game pad for fifa

    hey my rock candy 360 remote works well for fifa 14 but not when it comes to the skills moves, which is annoying. what does everybody recommend for it? regular Microsoft or the razor?
  2. T

    Wanting to do some hardware upgrades on my custom rig.

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to make my PC more powerful for gaming. My specs are - Motherboard: ECS A55F2-M3 Cpu: AMD Athlon X4 750K Quad Core Gpu: Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 2GB Ram: 8gb Psu: is 600w The tower is plenty big and has room to grow. People tell me I need a new cpu. If that is...
  3. D

    how to run ChkDsk utility

    Hi , I tried to install windows 7 over corrupted windows 8. I got following error message "The file or directory \$WINDOWS. ~LS is corrupt and unreadable.Please run the Chkdsk utility.". how can i do ChkDsk? help me.
  4. G

    Is FX 6300 And HD 7770 A Good Combination????

    i just wanted to confirm that if i build a pc with fx 6300 and hd7770 with 8gb of ram would it be able to play all games at high settings with good fps????
  5. d1versify

    Please help with a new system motherboard 1150

    Hello! I've helped a friend build this system http:// but we want a cheap but a decent motherboard, no need for overclock. The price should be from 70 till 110 euros.Ill give you the link of the site we are buying from. A motherboard that can support those memory sticks, not for overclock. If...
  6. D

    It didn't work

    I am having the same problem. I have returned home from university and every time I try to connect to the home Wifi it connects but there is no internet access! It gives me full bars with a little "!" In a yellow triangle. I tried to do what was previously suggested but it did not help, I even...
  7. R

    Can the gtx280 hold its own?

    I found a PC that the seller says plays all games maxed, but I wanted to check on here before playtesting it. Can it hold up 45-55 FPS in BF3/4 maxed, or even at medium settings, Could it hold at Planetside 2 also? I stream and do youtube so I need a powerful GPU. I would use shadowplay so the...
  8. F

    Atucad computer

    I would like to know if someone could help me out choosing the right hardware. I am trying to build a computer that It's main use is to run autocad program 2011, hydratec ver.51(It's a program that works with autocad to design fire sprinkler systems with 3D capabilities and performs hydraulic...
  9. amdfanatic5287

    Computers myths?!?!

    ok i have a pretty good understanding of computers and going to school to get my associates in computer science. also i work at the local geek squad(great in field experience) Some people i work with and customers think that these are the right way to work on a computer. ok heres the myths...
  10. B

    Phenom 8650 Upgrade to Athlon II 640

    Hey guys this is my first post on Tom's Hardware and I had a question about upgrading my 8650 to the athlon II 640. See, I bought the athlon II because at Microcenter they had a deal where if I bought the athlon I would get an MSI 785G-E63 mobo for $10. So I bought it and I was wondering what...
  11. A

    What should i do after windows of my computer my graphic card is gone

    Hello, please tell me anyone wat should i do i cant install sims 3 or any game help meeeeeee
  12. D

    Pachard bell istart 1391 motherboard upgrade

    my cpu is a celeron d and i would like to upgrade so i can play games will i need a new motherboard and what one is the best to go for.My motherboard is a chop-rc410-m
  13. L

    9800 gt- monitor flashes on and off on certain web pages

    I bought a new custom AMD dual core with a 460 watt power supply. I wanted to use some hardware left from a pavilion M9200t media center that turned out to be a piece of junk. I am trying to use a GeForce 9800GT which is originaly a vista era card that seemed to work ok at first. After...
  14. chaaitu

    Need suggestions for a AMD build

    Relatively new to building PC's, my last one was 4 years ago, so I would certainly appreciate any helpful feedback Approximate Purchase Date: Within this upcoming month (february) Budget Range: Rs 40,000(approx. $850) System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, watching movies...
  15. J

    Active DisplayPort to VGA Adaper for ati v4800

    Hello, I would like an advice on which is the best Displayport to vga adapter for the ATI firepro V4800 (triple monitors). Do I need an active or passive one? Thanks
  16. T

    Is this rig good for gaming?

    Hello, I am building my first PC and I want to be able to play games like BF3 on high or even ultra would these components allow me to do so?
  17. I

    No mouse/key or video

    Hi, CPU- Intel core 2 duo 6600 sl9sb 2.4ghz Motherboard - Intel Desktop Board DG965WH RAM - Crucial 2GB 240PIN DDR2 DIMM (BL1117P.2T) CPU cooler - Thermaltake A4021 92mm CPU Cooler Video Card - NVidia GeForce 7600GT Audio Card - Soundblaster XIFI SB0460 PSU - ULTRA II 550W OS - Windows 7 Case...
  18. A

    Who is your favorite PC Case maker?

    action jumbo gigabyte gamma coller master dolphin USE POLL
  19. B

    Can I add ram for hp compaq dx2200mt

    can I add ram for hp compaq dx2200mt
  20. A

    No video

    video just went out on me the other day , figured card was bad so i got a new one. It worked great for 20 minutes then windows just shut down out of nowhere and now im back to having no video at all