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  1. W

    General College Laptop Help

    Hey, I'll be going to college in a month and it's time to pick a laptop! I'm not a newb when it comes to computers, but I'm not exactly an expert either. I'll need a laptop that can allow me to run multiple programs at once smoothly, get all my college work done, run High Quality movies from...
  2. G

    Partition size?

    Hi all, Just a quick question, how much space should I allocate for a w2k pro partition with all service packs/updates etc? Thanx again.. <font color=orange>Beam</font color=orange><font color=red> me</font color=red><font color=green> up</font color=green><font color=blue> Scotty</font...
  3. H

    ASUS G51JX FHD or HP Pavilion DV6-3031TX Laptop

    Hey guys I am looking for a laptop for gaming, uni, and photoshop as well as light video editing. heres my options HP LAPTOP ASUS;typeID=23 price isn't a issue but...
  4. N


    Hello, i have an asus /hp mother board with an e5300 cpu 2.6 ghz, chip. can i swap it out with a 3.40 mhz chip? the board is an ipibl-lb thank you
  5. G

    How you open cd tray on an ibm think pad x31

    i own an ibm thinkpad x31 t3o laptop and it has a cd bay how you open the cd bay to burn cds
  6. subbydew

    Opinions on replacing 5.1 with Corsair SP2500 and soundcard needed!

    Hey, i was wondering what sound card would be good for my needs? At the moment i have Logitech G51 5.1 surround sound and Roccat Kave REAL 5.1 headsets, BUT i was looking into replacing my older Logitech G51's with the newer Corsair SP2500 2.1 speakers. First of all, what do you think of me...
  7. P

    I5/i7 w/ USB 3.0 Support

    I'm looking for a new laptop for college next year, but I'm undecided whether to go with the i5 or the i7. USB 3.0 support is a must, but I can't find a huge selection of laptops that support it. Musts: i5/i7 Processor 500GB HDD 4GB DDR3 RAM Dedicated card USB 3.0 Support Here's the only one...
  8. S

    Advice needed

    System Specs AMD 560BE processor PhenomX2 3.3ghz (Not able to Unlock the other two cores) Asus Motherboard MA8LT LE Crosair Vengence 4GB RAM ATI Saphire 5770 GPU Viewsonic 18.5 Monitor Segate 500 GB HDD Gigabyte Luxo X142 cabinet Hi, I recently had to get my processor replaced (550 to...
  9. J

    Does Amazon charges tax if you buy things from them?

    Does Amazon charges tax if you buy things from them? if yes .. how do i find it where ? i wanna make sure im not overdrafting .. because of saLes TAX
  10. C

    Linux system to Virtual box

    Hi all I have no knowledge of linux and we have a linux box in our network if it goes down I for the moment do not have the knowledge to reinstall and setup up its features. To compensate I want to virtualise this physical linux box. This is easy with a M$ machine using p2v etc. However I am...
  11. L

    Gateway labtop battery charging problems

    My GateWay labtop battery is discharging at a rate of 1-2%. How can I get the battery to fully charge? Lois
  12. J

    [CPUs] i5 2500k and DDR3 RAM question

    Hi people, I am looking to purchase an i5 2500k processor to upgrade my gaming rig. However, I have a question about memory types associated with said processor. On Intel's website ( it lists: Memory...
  13. G

    Blank square on background

    How can I get rid Of A blank white square on my background screen?
  14. K

    Laptop for video editing

    Hi, I am looking for a laptop that will be good for handling and editing HD video. 1_What is your budget? $1100 2_What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 15"+ 3_What screen resolution do you want? Unsure - the best I can get? 4_Do you need a portable or desktop...
  15. A

    Upgrading Graphics Card & Power Supply

    This is my computer Pentium Dual-Core 3.2ghz Integrated graphics I want to upgrade to Nvidia Geforce GT 530 graphics card...
  16. E

    Laptop Advice or Recommendations

    Hey Everyone, I hope someone here can help me make a decision. I am going to buy a new laptop and am having trouble deciding. I am looking at either an ASUS G Series ( or a Cyberpower...
  17. H

    Laptop cooling options

    I just recently received my gaming laptop from Dell and of course it pumps out a lot of heat. I've been looking for some colling solutions 3rd party external and I was turning to the Tom's hardware crowd for suggestions. It's the 17" wide screen version. One thing I've found so far is...
  18. G

    Contacting Verizon????

    Archived from groups: alt.cellular.verizon (More info?) Hey all, I'm not a subscriber as they've got no service where I live. How does one go about contacting them without picking up the phone? I tried to do so through their site, but every page I tried to view ended up asking for my ZIP...
  19. G

    SIlent Storm - Stuck

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Hello, I am playing the Organization Storehouse scenario on the Allies side. I have gotten in, killed everyone (99% sure), claimed the panzerkleins and made for the elevator exit, but the game won't allow me to leave. It claims...