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  1. H

    What sort of guidelines are there to follow when adding onto prebuilts?

    I have an Optiplex 3010 (Desktop, neither MiniTower or Small Form Factor) & I was wondering: with a case that small, I'd definitely assume some constraint would have to be made for size, right? What different sizes of PSUs & video cards fit into various heights? Would I need a low profile card...
  2. LukeCypert

    Games Use 100% of RAM - Game Engine Unity at Fault?

    I can't figure this out... I'm on Windows 10 64-bit (pre anniversary update) and when I play games the RAM usage climbs to 100% (16GB) and then the HDD spins up to 100% as it flushes the RAM to the page file, but this causes major lag in the game... Games I tried today are Screencheat, Never...
  3. L

    AMD Radeon HD 7970m possible card failure, help please!

    Hi everyone, I’ve run into some issues that lead me to believe my GPU might have failed and would love some assistance with the troubleshooting. System Model: Sager NP9150 laptop OS: Windows 10 64-bit CPU: Intel i7-3840QM 2.80 GHz RAM: 12 GB GPU: Radeon HD 7970m / Intel onboard System is 3 years...
  4. I

    Is this cooler good enough for the i7-6700k?

    I'm not gonna overclock my i7-6700k and I will only use 2133mhz of 2x16gb ram .
  5. O

    How to fix 1TB that is not blinking?

    I have a 1TB toshiba where i usually stores my movies that i download and files. But one day when i plug it in my laptop it wasn’t read, the light doesn’t blinking. I try to buy a new chord because i thought it was the problem but when the technician try it with my hard drive it wasn’t blinking...
  6. D

    Where is the LED on my motherboard?

    I have a Gigabyte GA-H110M-A motherboard, and I don't know where the LED light is. Nothing on my motherboard lights up when I have everything plugged in and powered on. Does my motherboard not have an LED light? If it does, where is it?
  7. Noah M

    Can i have 2 Hard Drives?

    Hello! My Hard Drive (C: thingy) is almost full. Can I just add a new hard drive in my computer with the other one? Please excuse my ignorance. :bounce:
  8. S

    Laptop can't connect to wifi.

    Hi there! I have had my laptop for about a year and three months. A few months ago it started disconnecting from wifi every 2 seconds and generally being really slow so I tried a few things to get it working, but they didn't work so I switched over to ethernet. However, my ethernet cable is...
  9. R

    CPU / GPU Compatibility please help

    Hello! I'm building my first PC, and have found that certain processors can only function at certain speeds (in respect to RAM). I have an i5 4690k which supports 1600 Mhz, but corsair vengeance RAM that runs at 2400 Mhz (just in the event that in the future, I upgrade my processor to something...
  10. D

    What's a quiet fan cpu cooler for i7 skylake no overclock.

    I'm willing to pay extra for quiet. this is my build. maybe give me a quiet and a cheaper quiet option.
  11. W

    Budget Gaming PC at 700 EUROS

    I'm looking to build a budget gaming PC at 700 minus euros. I do need need a monitor , a mouse , a keyboard or an OS. Please include everything in the build. I live in Cyprus. Thank you!
  12. C

    NAS connection setup

    I have a NAS device but i live in college which provides lan port in rooms if i want to use nas and dont want others to access the data how to do it if i buy a lan splitter and plug my laptop and nas through the splitter will that solve the purpose since i dont have an access to physical router...
  13. opio

    Core i7 920 memory speed

    Hi my little brother has had an i7 920 Bloomfield for a long time, he has an x58 mobo and I noticed his ram was only running at 1066 . Is there any way to get his memory (which is 1600mhz memory) to run at 1600mhz? Or is it stuck at 1066? I tried to go into the bios to up the frequency but then...
  14. M

    Windows 10 Display issues - blank screen with no mouse after boot. No windows logo during boot.

    Hi, I had updated to windows 10 couple of days ago. Windows 10 usually does all the updates on its own, and I think that's where one of the problem is. Turned the system off last night, today I turn it on but all I get is the boot screen showing for 30 seconds, and then a blank screen follows...
  15. Q

    350 watt pay really 350 watts?

    I'm planning on getting the gtx 750 ti in the future and it only needs 300 watts minimum. But I'm a little concern since I've heard some trouble about my psu. It's a ac bell hba008-za1gt and the gpu is a nvida gtx 750 ti. Please let me know if the graphics card is compatible
  16. T

    GTA V on an Alienware M14X R2

    Hi guys, I currently still use my somewhat old mid-2012 Alienware M14X R2 with an i7-3610QM, a GT650M (Core clock: 900 MHz; 2GB GDDR5) and 12GB of RAM. Would I be able to play GTA V on low settings at a resolution of 1600 x 900 at a constant 60 FPS? I'm aware that the GPU is a bottleneck, so...
  17. D

    Sandisk card reader not showing...

    Hi there Just finished my new windows pc with win7 installed Ever think went well except I want to use my card reader but it's not showing on my system. It makes a noise when you plug/unplug it too :-( Shows up in device manager too as a generic reader :-( Worked on my last pc with xp Memory...
  18. S

    Error 651 Help

    Ok I just installed a my new drivers and all that goodies for my new mobo. So I plugged my Ethernet cord to my router and PC and now it won't establish a internet connection... HELP ME
  19. PatrikVujicic

    Stock coolers LGA1155 1150

    Hey guys! Are the stock coolers from LGA 1155 and 1150 the same?I have old lga 1155 i3 2100 cooler and I wan't to take cooler on my new incoming pc i7 4790k.Why? Beacuse I will order i7 4790k oem tray (without stock cooler beacuse its cheaper) Why stock cooler?Beacuse I don't plan to overclock...