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  1. V

    my laptops overheating and shutting down

    My laptops overheating while i play saints row not using any laptop cooling pad or fan. My laptop is dell inspiron n5110 i5 .please help me
  2. J

    Need help picking a cpu cooler

    Wassup, I need help picking a cpu cooler for my computer. This is my motherboard The thing I am having trouble with is the cpu cooler that i currently have screws onto my motherboard. Heres a pic that shows my motherboard with the cpu cooler...
  3. A

    i7 2600k + GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 or i7 3770k + MSI Z77 MPower for $40 more?

    I'm gonna build a watercooling loop to OC my cpu soon. What should I buy?
  4. G

    What is wrong with my computer?

    Hello, today I upgraded my motherboard and my processor in my computer for the first time. After doing s clean install of windows, I tried to load the driver disk for my motherboard but when I click on the disk drive to open it, it stops responding. I then tried to use a usb and the same thing...
  5. C

    1st time build

    is a fx 8350 4.0ghz with msi r7 260x 2gb gddr5 oc on a msi 970a-g43 mobo with 8gb of ram at 1866 and 4gb at 1333, stock amd cpu cooler and 550w psu good for gaming? any thing more I should get for my pc
  6. RafaelLC

    Power Consumption Rig

    Hey folks, i have my rig already built, based on my own research. I must say that this was my first ever build and i didn't know where to start off but what is done is done. So i wonder what do i need to change to upgrade this to a GTX970 SLI Rig (afraid of power consumption) and if there is...
  7. P

    ASUS m51AD-001O Qi Charger issue

    Have no Idea how to get this Qi charger to work Tried installing drivers from asus's website, none have seemed to work. anyone else having this issue? didn't work on Windows 7 but I am now on Windows 8.1 Thanks in advance!
  8. S

    blue screen with message

    suddenly system went to blue screen with a long message and hanged. solution n want to know what is the problem exactly.
  9. N

    Best DDS setup for a Webdesigner (DW,PS,Browser,FTP...)

    SSD no DDS Should i get.... 2TB 7200 RPM SATA Hard Drive (with) 16GB mSATA SSD Cache or 256GB Solid state drive (with a sorage 2TB 7200 RPM SATA Hard Drive ) Is there a big difference in the speed of working with and opening photoshop documents, jumping around from program to program...
  10. L

    Tri 1920x1080 Monitors, single 2gb card or duo 2gb cards?

    Hi. I'm currently running 2 1920x1080 monitors on a single 2gb GeForce GTX 660 ti. So far it has worked fine, but I'm looking to upgrade to a 3 monitor setup. In the past when I first obtained my second monitor, I hooked it up to the motherboard's video output and saw my desktop before...
  11. M

    graphic card support

    i have ecs h61h2m2 mother board is supporting gddr5 graphic card
  12. I

    Hesitating between 2 gamer laptops: ASUS i7-3630qm + GTX 670MX + 512gb SSD or MSI Apache Pro 60 i5-4200h + GTX 860M

    It's pretty much in the title. Which one would perform better for gaming? These are the 2 models I am hesitating between: MSI ASUS Greatly appreciated for help
  13. F

    New computer freezing when playing games

    Hello, I have recently build a new pc. After doing a clean install and installing all the the drivers, everything seems to run fairly well, however when I try to run anything that requires a lot of energy the computer will freeze. The core temperature was at 31C when it froze and i had just...
  14. A

    Gtx. 760 vs r9 270x

    Both cards will be in the same build which is Fx 6300 non over clocked Gigabyte 78LMT-USB3 Corsair 600w for r9 and 550w for gtx 8 gb ram The r9 270x build comes £25 cheaper. They should last one year with no replacements and play games like the new cod on high, battlefield hard line on high and...
  15. C

    Help with Pc choice

    Ive been looking at getting a PC recently and i thought the Chillblast Fusion Cutlass might be a good choice. What do you guys think about the idea?
  16. J

    Extend DSL to computer using switch

    Hi there. I work for a K-12 school. We just built a new building 500 feet away from the old building. We want to relocate all our servers and routers over to the new building but our ISP equipment (an Ethernet Over Copper WAN used for our VoIP PBX serer, and DSL modem used for our internet)...
  17. J

    What is the cheapest Display that can go with this gaming build

    I would like a display that isn't too much money. I would like it to be able to show the graphics that this build can run: Thanks in advance
  18. Xyloriuphon

    Quick question for Thermaltake TR2 500w

    Hello! Quick question, Can i run a gtx 760 on a TR2 500w PSU? I've been looking around and found a desktop with a i5 3570k and 1.5 TB Dvd with intel hd 4000 graphics for 650$, And i am wanting to put in a GTX 760 In it. Would this be possible? The psu has 2, 12v rails, with one rated as 18A and...
  19. B

    Is this a good case?

    Hi, I've came across a good case on Amazon and my 2 questions are : Will the components fit the case and will it have good cooling system. Now just before someone throws me a pc case for £100, I need at the price of max £40, I don't have more to spend. And LED lights, of course. :3...
  20. V

    Build for the First Time - 525$ Budget no Higher!

    Need everything besides a mouse Need moniter keyboard have headset need os yeah want to run games on medium at 45+ fps thanks ahead of time