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  1. G

    mbr ruined my ssd

    I have 24 gb ssd for caching on my asus vivobook ...after having some issues I tried to repair my mbr but unlikely my 24gb ssd became 2mb anyone knows how to fix that
  2. L

    CPU clustering - two i5 650s. Can it be done?

    I have two identical Vostro 430 computers, with each having a intel i5 650 processor. I would like to take one of the processors and cluster it with the other in 1 computer (I would have to purchase a dual socket motherboard for this, I believe). Does anyone know if A) Can this be done? Is it...
  3. I

    How do i charge my Lap the right way...

    Hi im using Toshiba c50 laptop,I normally charge my lap when the notification comes like ex; "10% remaining plug your charger".so when its fully charge i unplugged my charger so its this the right way to charge the laptop or is it ok keep plug in the charger after fully charge is it damaged the...
  4. J

    Gigabit Internet Speed

    I recently got Gigabit internet service but internet browsing is not as snappy as I was expecting. Is it my system or will I never have nearly instant load times? IE11 AMD FX-6300 AMD Radeon HD 6700 Asus M5A78L-M LX PLUS Micro ATX AM3+ Sandisk Ultra Plus 128GB 2.5" Solid State Drive Microsoft...
  5. G

    Samsung To Create Exynos Chips With Integrated Modems

    Samsung is working on single-chip solutions that come with integrated modems. This could help the company reduce its reliance on Qualcomm even further. Samsung To Create Exynos Chips With Integrated Modems : Read more
  6. hftvhftv

    Cable Selection for Ethernet wiring

    I live in a duplex house with my grandparents/landlords next door, we share wireless signal since it makes no sense for both of us to have Internet when we are in good range of the other. This works out fine for everyone else and myself to a certain extent. I have some external USB TP-Link WiFi...
  7. S

    r9 280 triple display help

    I've been trying to get my R9 280 to display 3 monitors at the same time but I have had no luck lately. Im using 2 HD tv's, one on dispplay port with a display port to hdmi converter with the hmi going into the tv, and the other tv, im trying to display with a vga connector. My regular monitor...
  8. H

    [Solved (almost)] Can't use NVIDIA GPU

    Hi, I have seen many topics describing the same issue, but nothing worked for me.. I have a Lenovo G580 with Intel Graphics HD 3000 and NVIDIA 610m. I've tried updating, downgrading drivers many, many times.. didn't work. I have set every option in NVIDIA Control Panel to use the 610.. didn't...
  9. A

    Upgrading my PC

    Hi everyone like always this forum is always a pleasure to comeback to I would like your opinion in regards to an upgrade to my PC the specs i was looking at is on scan website and this is the bundle Intel Core i7 4790K "Haswell Refresh", Quad Core & HT Professionally overclocked up to 4.6GHz...
  10. M

    Computer freezing randomly - Windows 8.1

    So I built a new PC for my sister. AMD 860, R9 290X, ASRock FM2A88X, 8GB RAM, and Windows 8.1. It's freezing randomly, and we don't know why. She says it can work for only minutes until it freezes, but other days it'll work for hours. We've re-installed the OS, and that's about it. Anyone know...
  11. D

    Will this motherboard bottleneck my build?

    I will be using this build for video editing, along with moderate gaming. I would just like to know if a better motherboard would somehow be more beneficial than the one I currently have. Thanks. My build:
  12. K

    Windows XP Application (.exe) image burn to cd-r instructions

    I have a Windows XP installation image in Application (.exe) format. I want to burn to a CD-R disc so I can install it on my other pc. Do I burn it to the CD-R disc in its 5.21MB Application (.exe) format as it is, or do I open or unzip it before burning to CD-R disc?
  13. S

    What can I work on? Please make suggestions.

    Hello all. I recently bought this system: MOBO: Asus z97-pro CPU: Core i5 4690 (Noctua nh-u9b se2 cooler) GPU: Sapphire R9 290 Tri-X OC UEFI DDR: 2 x 4gb Ballistix GT X 1600mhz Storage: Samsung 840 Evo 250gb ; 1 Tb HDD PSU: CoolerMaster g750m CASE: NZXT H440 Black/Red...
  14. E

    Does a FX 8320 Come with a cooler

    if there is a cooler with the FX 8320 will it be fine if i wasn't overclocking it?
  15. A

    Gaming monitor help

    Narrowed down to 2 gaming monitors: BenQ RL2455HM vs BenQ EW2440l. I'm a casual gamer looking to improve my skill with a monitor that is fast and good picture quality
  16. C

    Consistent Bad_Pool_Caller BSOD on Windows 8.1 HP Envy Laptop

    Hey I have been getting persistent Bad_Pool_Caller BSOD on my laptop. It seems to be happening very frequently after using Unreal Engine 4 and when I am using Google Chrome. Other people on the forum seem to be having the Bad_Pool_Caller problems as well but it was not much help reading through...
  17. D

    Can I run both triple-channel RAM and double-channel at the same time?

    My mobo has six triple-channel ram slots and I was wondering if I can run 3 x 2GB sticks plus 2 4GB sticks? Also, it is best for them to be at the same clock right? Thanks David
  18. T

    Sanyo LCD screen horizontal lines

    [/URL][/img] hi im currently having a problem with my LCD TV. I see some horizontal ghost lines when the picture in the screen turns bright. I have a few questions about this since I really dont know anything about LCDs. Do I have to replace the LCD itself??(which I think would be really...
  19. L

    Is this monitor 1080p 60hz?

    Hi, this is the monitor And it doesn't say if it's 1080p 60hz or not. Also could you tell me what the refresh time is too. Thanks
  20. I

    Gaming Laptop for $700 or less

    Hey guys Im looking to get a new laptop mainly for college and games. I don't know too much about laptops or computers in general so I was hoping I can get some good suggestions. I'd like to play all the newer games on high settings with little to no lag, for example Dota 2. I recently saw...