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  1. M

    Which of these laptops is better?

    I am failing to see a huge difference between these two laptops A: B...
  2. T

    USB problem when booting up XPS 630i

    OK so I recently bought a used XPS 630i for fairly cheap. The only downside was the it didn't have a hard drive. Which i was totally fine with since i have made similar purchases in the past. The problem I am currently having is that when I attempt to install windows on a new hard drive, at the...
  3. D

    Xbox Controller Not Connecting To PC

    So I got my new PC and wanted to play some games on it with my Xbox One S controller, when I plugged it into my PC (because my PC doesn't have bluetooth) the controller vibrates, but doesn't turn on, however this works on my Laptop (which isn't good for gaming at all) Please help me, I'm...
  4. L

    MSI BAZOOKA B350M + Ryzen 3 1200. Black screen when I turn the PC on and CPU EZ Debug LED lights up.

    Hello So I have upgraded my computer to a msi bazooka b350m (mobo) and ryzen 3 1200 (cpu) and I didn't format my ssd, wich my friend (who had the same build) has done and worked just fine. But after I put everything together, I turned the pc on and the CPU EZ debug LED lit up and the screen was...
  5. C

    ASUS STRIX GTX 970 Driver Black Screen Issues

    So I bought a new ASUS STRIX GTX 970 and it works fine. Then I try to install drivers and about 3/8 of the video driver being downloaded the screen changes the resolution to 1280 by 1024 which is my monitor resolution and then my monitor gets no signal and goes into rest mode. Please help me...
  6. onii_chan

    Which GPU should i buy?

    Right now, i own a gtx 760. This one: I want to upgrade to a card with less power consumption than my gtx 760. I have 130euros for a new gpu. Which one should I buy? GTX 1050? RX 560 4GB? I would like to buy a...
  7. B

    How do I connect a bush sound bar to an hitachi t.v.

    Connected as per instructions. Gone through the trouble shooting but still not working. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thank you
  8. H

    Micro-stutter/hitching in games - videos inside.

    Hey all. I believe I made a thread regarding hitching/micro-stutter a few months ago, but then I didn't have videos showing the problem and it's easier to show than to explain such a thing. I bought this computer in January 2017 and it cost me a lot of money and I really want to find the...
  9. B

    Good Budget 2017 Gaming Computer

    I am looking to upgrade my computers GPU, CPU, and Motherboard into a gaming computer. I have a small budget of around $300, so it doesn't need to run games at max setting or anything, just enough to play them. I have one in mind but it is ~$75 Over Budget...
  10. N

    Massive stuttering in most games, cpu bottlenecking?

    I just upgraded my gtx 760 to a gtx 1060 3gb and now my games have been freezing and stuttering so much and it wasn’t like that before. It happens so much in more intensive games like battlefront 2 and battlefield 1. My setup is: -FX 6300 @4.3ghz -Hyper 212 evo cooler -8gb DDR3 1333mhz (old...
  11. J

    How to get bluetooth to broadcast from my windows 10 computer?

    Getting Bluetooth to broadcast music from Windows 19 compter
  12. V

    power on problem

    when i press power button system starts and within 2 sec automatically turns off with a sound after pressing second time starting normally
  13. M

    Could Mobo problem cause other parts to be damaged ?

    My pc automatically shuts down shortly after turning on, or stops working showing blue screen within 12 hours when it seems to be normally going. This is why I can't do other works except for the web surfing. I've thought it's due to motherboard symptoms. If so, gpu ram hdd psu and cpu are...
  14. Zombie21

    Why has my system got such slow boot times?

    So I installed an 960 Evo m.2 SSD and since then my system has taken such an agonising length of time to boot. I have an i7 7700k (clocked down to 4.4GHz due to thermal throttling on a h100i v2) and a ASUS TUF Z270 Mark 1 Motherboard.
  15. V

    First build what do you guys think about it?

    Hello I am planning on buying parts for my very first custom PC this week and I came up with this build, what do you think about it? PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant CPU: AMD - Ryzen 5 1600 3.2GHz 6-Core Processor (€212.50) Motherboard: MSI - B350 TOMAHAWK ATX AM4...
  16. J

    I dont know if a 1050ti wil fit in a dell optiplex 3020 small form factor

    So I have a dell optiplex 3020 small form factor i3 275w psu and I want to know if a evga gtx 1050 ti will fit and if it fit if I need a better psu pls help me I want to upgrade my colege pc to a gaming pc
  17. T

    Should I disable the APU in UEFI on my Asus b350, if I'm using a PCIe GPU?

    I'm doing some gaming (Skyrim modding, Shadow of Mordor, stuff like that) on the side, but mostly 3D work in Blender/Octane, iRay/Daz... my GPU is an Asus GTX 1060 3GB, on an Asus b350m-a board, which has an APU (yes? It's hot integrated graphics and it's own dvi/hdmi ports), and i have 8GB RAM...
  18. D

    Can't connect to 5GHz network (W10)

    I have recently encountered a problem connecting to my modem/router's 5GhZ network. I have been connected to it in the past on windows 10 but now my computer will find the network but will not complete the connection to it. I first get the message "checking network requirements" and after some...
  19. N

    one keyboard, one pc, 2 different places to type

    Hello, i got maybe a weird question.. For my work at home, i use 2 monitors, one pc one keyboard ofcourse and a mouse haha But on both monitors i have a program open on the main monitor i type large text, on my second monitor i have a page where i type exactly the same, i can't copy paste in...
  20. N

    Mouse jumps after lifted and put back down

    Hi dear community! So, I have had my ´Easterntimes Tech T6 Wired Gaming Mouse´ for almost a year now, and it had this problem ever since. Before I only used to play strategy games where it didn´t really matter, but since I got into FPS games, it´s really annoying. Whenever I reach the edge of...