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  1. I

    Can't find AHCI mode in ASRock B150A-X1

    Hi! I can't find AHCI mode in the ASRock B150A-X1 UEFI setup. Can somebody help, please?
  2. M

    which is better!?

    I want buy a laptop core i3 6100u 4 gb ram ddr4 2 gb graphic 940mx 500 gb hdd 2th: a8 7410 8 gb ram ddr3 r5 m430 hdd 1tb for work and some time play a game like fifa 17
  3. U

    Best video card for asus z170 pro gaming & i7 6700k?

    Could you suggest me the best video card compatible with asus z170 pro gaming & i7 6700k? Thanks!
  4. O

    Intel iCore vs AMD Ryzen, WHICH ONE???

    Hi, can someone tell me which is better? Not just for gaming (I'm not THAT big in gaming), but for general uses. I'm also a really small youtuber, so does that affect the editing quality or whatever? Thanks.
  5. M

    I Need a Super Specific Case!

    Ok so i need a case with 4 fans preferably blue led and I don't care what color the exterior color outside of the case. And all the fans have to be 3-4 pin connectors. It's very very specific and it would suit all my needs!
  6. T

    Help with cloning a failing hard drive

    Hi I have had this hard drive for nearly 3 years and recently it has been showing some signs of failing, such as sluggish performance and more recently a registry error BSOD if I leave it idle for more than about 5 mins. However today when I booted it up, it made loud clicking sounds which I...
  7. N

    Getting 100% cpu usage

    I'm not sure what is going on but lately when I play certain games like Ghost Recon Wildlands or H1 kotk I get a 100% cpu usage. I have an Intel I5 4690 with a GTX 970, Savage 16mb ram and 500 watt corsair power supply. my temps on cpu are at 75c to 77C and gpu at 71c. Does anyone know what...
  8. G

    Wd re and green question asap

    Should i make my wd recertified hdd 3tb my main or the green one
  9. D

    4k Movie keep lagging and crushing on my PC

    I have big problem guys. Whenever I want to play 4K YouTube video I have no problem at all. But as soon I want to watch movie that is stored on my HDD after a seconds the movie crush and only voice is video 1.graphic card R9290x 2.CPU: and FX8350 3.8GB ram. 2166Mhz corsair...
  10. T

    PC build will turn on but no display

    The computer i built will turn on but will not output a display, I have done everything I can think of and checked the checklist on this site as well as some others issues. These are the parts --> Please help me figure this...
  11. N

    Start up a brand new hp notebook

    I just bought a new hp notebook ( ) and after a while turning it on , it shows that black screen waiting for commandes . My friend said i had to format it and i don't know how neither if it s the best way . I...
  12. S

    q6600 and gt 610? csgo?

    I have a lga 775 motherboard with a pentium D 945 3.4ghz and a gt610 and I was thinking in buying a q6600 because I'm saving for a new pc (I've 420 euros at the moment) and meanwhile I want to play some csgo with my recent computer, do you guys think that its a good idea? This CPU will cost me...
  13. C

    GTX 1060 vs RX 480

    ok so i want a clear winner. I know that AMD drivers for gta v are shit but we are talking about 1 or 2 games in which the rx 480 is slower but im also playing a lot of GTA V so which of those 2 cards are you sugesting me the rx 480 is also cheaper here
  14. G

    Ddr3 graphics card

    Will a sapphire radeon r7-240 fit on my h110m-DS2 board?
  15. S

    PC Freezing when gaming

    Hello, My pc is getting some freezes when running some games and i need to do a hard reset, for example i get a freeze when playing WoW (at random times), Far Cry primal (cant get 5minutes of gameplay), but with diablo III max settings i can play for hours without a freeze. system specs: CPU...
  16. Bloody George

    Different PCI-E lock

    Hi guys! Helping out a friend install his new GPU and I came across this weird PCI E lock that I tried to unlatch with no success thus far. I'm sending you guys a picture of it. Do you know how to unlock it so i can remove his old card? The mobo is a 980DE3IU3S3. from Asrock. Thanks in advance!
  17. G

    I'm so tired of tinkering—today, PCIe—that I'm forgetting about computers and getting a $75 tablet

    with a dual boot to some arcane O/S unknown even to Bulgarian hackers. If I had known 40 years ago what I know today about wasted time, I would have never touched that first microcomputer. In fact, I should have known better than to start out tinkering with the cards in a DEC PDP 11/23 (with...
  18. S

    Hey can you give me a brief review for the laptop hp 14 ac 153tx

    Looking for a low budget laptop
  19. billiingtons11

    Computer freezes, no buzz, and a little *tick* noise right before it happens

    This has been happening for awhile... Any help would be nice. :D
  20. S

    Can a 4K 120hz TV be used in 3D with a PC software and glasses?

    Hello! I have a Vizio M series TV screen that is used as a monitor for my PC. I was wondering if it could be possible in any way to produce a 3D effect with this monitor utillizing a certain software. Since 3D is an alternating picture, and the refresh rate suits 3D, I thought that maybe some...