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  1. C

    Windows 10 for old laptop

    I have a fujitsu lifeboot t730 it has an i5 vpro 540 amd 8 gb of ddr3 will windows 10 slow it down too much
  2. Hootla1

    New hardware installation, so many BSOD's

    So many BSOD's please help! I installed a New Motherboard (Asus Z170), New CPU (i7 6700) and new Ram (Corsair Vengence 16Gb 2400) and it was working fine for a while. And then I tried putting my headphones in, and they wouldn't register. I looked at my driver installation disc for the...
  3. J

    4K Gaming - GPU recommendations with a twist...

    I purchased a 4K TV for use with my PS4 Pro and my gaming PC. I only use the PC for MMO gaming. My current GPU is about five years old and I'm looking to upgrade. I'd certainly like the prettier visuals but, would it be possible to "over spend" on a GPU for a genre which isn't all that...
  4. G

    i5 7600k + gtx 1070, or i7 7700k + gtx 1060?

    My friend was deciding between these two options. Which one is better? (all the other specs are the same for both) This PC is for gaming purposes only at 1080p.
  5. T

    splitting x16 slot into two x8 slots and using 2 GPU on those two slots.

    Hello, Simple Question , is there a way to split the x16 PCIe slot into two x8 PCIe slots and both being Active? that is accept two GPU cards in SLI ? I want to build a very compact SLI Machine using ITX motherboard with just one slot as you know. the Z270 itx motherboard should allow the...
  6. S

    How much can core i3 2100 bottleneck gtx 1070

    So i have a really old pc build having core i3 2100 and i was thinking of reviving it i dont want to spend on cpu and i was thinking of getting a gtx 1070 i just wanted to know that how much would it bottleneck the 1070 like how much frames could be lost..would i still be able to play at 60+ fps...
  7. H

    Two DLC Packs Coming This Spring For 'Dead Rising 4'

    The first will turn Frank West into a zombie, and the other will convert Willamette into one massive golf course. Two DLC Packs Coming This Spring For 'Dead Rising 4' : Read more
  8. L

    geforce 210 1gb

    how many call of duty games can br runned in geforce 210 1gb.
  9. J

    Computer freezes while rendering videos but not while playing games

    So, I have been having this problem where I will record a video and edit it using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, but when I try to render it out, the computer always freezes and i have to press the restart button. My first thought is that maybe the computer was trying to do to much but this doesn't...
  10. R

    Intel core 2 quad Q9550

    Intel core 2 quad ddr2 ram support
  11. 1

    Black Screen, White Lines on startup with the occasional BSoD.

    Hello, all. My girlfriend was on her year-old, pre-built HP computer yesterday with a few webpages open, the most stressing of which was YouTube, while working in Photoshop when the music from YouTube began to distort ("It sound like it was leaving the Matrix") and the computer "went all...
  12. F

    New Build Fans Not Spinning

    Hey i7 6700k asus aura pro gaming h100i v2 1070 strix 16g ram 3000 525gb ssd 650psu I just finished my build and tried booting, but the only issue is that no fans spin and the pump led doesnt light up but the the lights on the asus aura motherboard light up and i can see a small white led next...
  13. W

    MPLS hub & spoke topology

    I have to replace an MPLS for a 7 site Dr's office. 6 branch sites connect to 1 corporate site and can only communicate to corporate and not with each other. Corporate can also communicate with all sites "obviously" as it serves DNS to windows A.D environment for all sites. I'm trying to emulate...
  14. L

    New laptop battery won't work

    Hi, so I bought a new laptop battery because the one in the laptop didn't work. When I put it in the laptop nothing happened, however after a couple of minutes it started to charge so, I put it to sleep and when the battery light turned green. I unplugged it and it wouldn't turn on. So I...
  15. H

    Ram 8GB and 16GB

    Hi! I have a b85 g motherboard With 4 slots. I have 2x4GB ram but can I install 2x8 also? so the totall will be 24GB? all the ram are ddr3 from hyper x. or must i take out my 2x4?
  16. H

    Cannot find any Toshiba Forums Posts

    Why can't I find any posts or threads, etc. on Toshiba Forums anymore? I have many posts & cannot find any of them. In fact, I cannot find any posts from anyone as far as the Toshiba U.S.A. forums. I am asking the question on this forum because Toshiba lists Toms Hardware as a third party...
  17. I

    Boot device led is red

    ASUS p8z68 v pro 725w sentey power supply I7 2600 Nvidia gtx 950 Two 250g Seagate HDD 2x8 gig ram Just recently had to replace my CPU and I just received my new one I plugged everything into the correct ports, I've even disconnected everything and reconnected. I've also disconnected the...
  18. I

    Will replacing the hard drive with a new one make my notebook run faster?

    Hello everyone, my name is Inderpal. I am a novice to computing and I.T. (though i have studied the subject). My question is in regards of my notebook crashing out, freezing and running really really slow. Now i have done whatever i can to increase the processor speed (disabling unwanted...
  19. A

    i7 6700k Safe overclock

    Hello i am getting a new beastly gaming/editing rig and i would like to overclock my cpu and gpu(gpu shouldnt be a problem) but on the cpu i would like to know a safe overclock, i7 6700k with the be quiet shadow rock 2 cooler on a gigabyte z170n-wifi
  20. dsr07mm

    Windows 10 and Store (Xbox) Account

    If I buy some game on my account which is apparently email adress from back in time when "Games for Windows LIVE" was a thing, I still see my achievements and play time. I activated free Minecraft copy and now I'm looking forward to buy some games in future after seeing Gears of War 4 etc for...