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  1. N

    I accidentally disabled my video driver

    I accidentally disabled my video driver and now my computer won't connect to my monitor, it turns on but doesn't connect to the display. I already tried removing the CMOS battery but nothing happened and pressing F8 doesn't take me to the BIOS. Please help!
  2. rovelle26

    Reallocated Sector Count Issue on my HDD

    So, i got this message that pops on my screen says my Local C drive is failing. I checked my drive thru crystal disk and hd tune and i got this: HD Tune CrystalDisk Is there a way to fix this problem? Thanks in advance
  3. S

    Num Lock Turns Keyboard OFF

    My lenovo y50-70 laptop has been working good until now, I currently have numerous problems with the keyboard. When i press num lock the keyboard completely turns off, i searched the internet to fix the problem but i found 0 people with the same the problem. Other than that the Esc Alt G P H Y ...
  4. D

    Need help for choosing the right psu for my build

    Hello, I want to build a new pc but i'm not sure which PSU to go with. Here is my build: CoolerMaster N300 case A88XM-E35 motherboard Amd athlon x4 860k CPU GTX 760 GPU I don't want to pay more than 50euros for a power supply, i found the Enermax 500w , VS550 are these good quality PSU's? Thanks
  5. Charlise

    Why did my electric bill bumped up?

    My electric bill went up very high after I've used my newly built pc in moderation, the specs are as follows: INTEL CORE i3-4170 ASROCK H97M ANNIVERSARY GSKILL RIPJAWS X 2x4GB DDR3 1600MHz PALIT GTX750TI STORMX DUAL 2GB GDDR5 128BIT WESTERN 1TB BLUE 720RPM KINGSTON 120GB SSD CORSAIR VS450 I...
  6. themaskofwraith

    smallest (in dimenstions ) core i laptop?

    i want smallest laptop with core i cpus. top two choices so far: 1)YOGA 11S 2)dell xps 13 infinity so is there any other laptop with smaller footprint and also comes with two memory slots, as i want 16GB ram too. if possible
  7. P

    Wants to know what u think of my system build

    Processor is fx-8350. Motherboard 970 MSI GAMING. Video cards sli 2 680 gtx. Windows ultimate SP1. 1Tb WD black hard drive 7200 rpm. Patriot memory 16 gigs 1333Mhz. X3 brand 850 watt modular power supply. Blu Ray DVD burner/player 16x Another DVD burner/player 32x Cooler Master Hyper 212...
  8. S

    GPU Cooling with thermoelectric peltier cooler, is it possible?

    Is it possible to cool a R9 290(x) with this module (when I hook it up to the 12V lane of my PSU)? And is it possible to cool the module with this cooler? I know it would be easier and probably better to just use the Raijintek cooler, but is it possible?
  9. B

    Custom DVR requirments

    I was thinking about making a dvr for my family(they refuse to pay for one from direct tv). It would just be for recording shows(mostly my moms soap opera) and maybe work as a regular pc for a little gaming. I was going to put all the components in an old tvio case my grandmother has(yes she...
  10. G

    Compact Mini-ITX Case Round-Up

    Today we're putting three compact Mini-ITX cases to the test: Cougar's QBX, ID-Cooling's T60-SFX and Lian Li's PC-Q10. Compact Mini-ITX Case Round-Up : Read more
  11. R

    Best suitable PSU?

    I am planning on building a new PC but i keep struggling choosing the right PSU. I've read a lot of articles about them but I'm still not sure,maybe you guys could help me out. The full specs of the future PC are: -Intel Core i7-6700K 4.0GHz Quad-Core Processor -Cooler Master Hyper TX3 Evo...
  12. sadab0

    DSR and Multi-Monitor Issue

    So this is how my PC Setup looks for the Video Signal GTX 970 DVI to VGA Adapter --> 720p TV with VGA Cable For audio GTX 970 HDMI --> Onkyo Receiver In essence Windows 10 thinks I have a second monitor (my audio receiver), which is obviously not a monitor but Windows registers it as one...
  13. B

    Graphics for AMD a8

    Hi, i have an AMD a8 6600k cpu with 8gb of cucial ram at 1600mhz and a 1 Tb HHD. Also a 500 watt basic psu. I am buying an MSI R9 380 4GB GPU and what im asking is,do these components go well together or is there curtain things i should upgrage to get a smooth 50-60 fps playing gta v?thanks
  14. rcald2000

    Best Graphics Cards For The Money - August & September issues?

    What happened to the Best Graphics Cards For The Money series? I don't recall seeing July, August or September. I only ask because I always look forward to reading them.
  15. S

    Did I break my HDD while formatting it?

    Hi everyone, a friend of mine has given me an old notebook (HP Pavilion dv6) asking me to format it. It contained an OEM version of WinVista, and here's what I have done: 1) I inserted a clean Win7 DVD (I own a legitimate unused key, it was an ISO with just SP1 preinstalled) and started the...
  16. G

    Will gtx 750 ti ftw acx 2gb bottlneck a4-6300?

    will my cpu - AMD A4-6300 will bottleneck a GTX 750 TI FTW ACX 2GB version?
  17. W

    Please help dilemma.

    Is asus h81m-cs compatible with intel i3 4150??
  18. K

    multiple gpus with multiple monitors

    I'm thinking of getting multiple monitors along with 2-3 ways sli 960 2gb. Im wondering if 1 individual GPU will run one individual monitor with Direct x 12 so if I had 2 gpu's in sli with dual monitors I would get a similar performance to 1 GPU with 1 monitor. I am new to this and I just want...
  19. N

    Every single game has really bad frame rates, help.

    My computer should be more than enough to play these games, but still the frames are at 4-9. System specs: Windows 8.1 64, AMD A8-6500 APU (3,5 GHz) with Radeon HD Graphics (8750HD) and 8gb ram. The games that I have tried are Styx, PayDay 2 and Mark of the Ninja. (I got this computer...
  20. K

    Windows XP Backup

    I know that XP is no longer supported, but I have software and utilities that won't run in W7 that I still use. So I have dual booted W7 and XP Pro on two separate HD's. To get the dual boot to work I had to install XP on C drive and W7 on F drive. To get XP to dual boot with W7 I had to do a...