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  1. F

    Best motherboard among these for overclocking.

    So I have a number of available options here for my 8600k to overclock to 5Ghz : 1: ASUS Strix Z370-H 2: Asus TUF Z370-PLUS GAMING 3: Asus Prime Z370-P 4: Aorus Z370 Gaming 3 5: Aorus Z370 Ultra Gaming wifi
  2. A

    need help building a pc $800 budget

    hello i would like to build a pc on a $800 budget (can spend more if needed) . this will be my first build ever so any advice is high appreciated!! .also i already have a pc case the nzxt phantom 530& i have 4 ssds 250gb , and a 4tb external drive , and 3 monitors (all 3 of them are 1080p dvi...
  3. K

    Thinkpad T420 refurbished for web development and browsing?

    My son wants a laptop to code and browse the web. I'm not sure whether to get a chromebook or not. Lots of people have suggested a business class laptop like the thinkpad t420 refurbished like: and to buy it a battery...
  4. W

    gtx 1080ti aorus extreme edition at 2126 Mhz air cooling

    did i won silicon lottery? i didn't add voltage i upped power to 150 i added 120 Mhz to core and 100 to vram and i run a benchmark all the way at 1080P at ultra and i get 2126Mhz all the way at 67C
  5. S

    Suggest a suitable low budget graphic card for my PC.

    I want to buy a used graphic card for my old PC. Suggest me a suitable graphic card for my PC. My PC specs are: CPU: Intel Pentium E5500 (Dual core) @ 2.8GHz. RAM: 8GB DDR3 RAM @ 1333MHz. PSU: 450W. HDD: Seagate 250 GB. Motherboard: Gigabyte GA G41-M Combo (rev 1.3). Guys please suggest a...
  6. S

    External Hard drive

    I want to add external hard drive on my laptop which is hp ProBook 450 g2 with intel core i 5 5th generation model. Is it possible?
  7. P

    FPS drops in all games

    This occurs in all of my games. When I play games like GTAV or Call of Duty WW2, for some time it runs smoothly. But after a few minutes the FPS decreases for 2-9 seconds. It only drops for a short time, but it does this a lot of times. It makes the games unplayable. My PC: Graphics: GTX 970...
  8. J

    Two WD Black 256GB M.2 in Raid or one Samsung EVO 960 512GB M.2

    A new ASUS Prime Z270-A build that has two M.2 slots @ PCIe x4 capability. The WD read rate is about 1/2 the EVO, but in a striped raid it should be close. The single EVO will cost about $50 more. I think I should do the two WD's. What information am I missing to make a better decision?
  9. omgzhobbs

    Time for a long overdue upgrade

    So while I have done little upgrades here and there, it was only when recently I was looking to do a MOB upgrade just because I still use the dated EFI bios, which I think are a tiny bit slower on boot up? Maybe wrong.. Either way! So yeah I see DDR3 and AM3+ long ago died.. its very hard to get...
  10. P

    Peel smart remote

    How do I add sub channels on the peel smart app?
  11. G

    Which Build is Better?

    Build 1: Build 2: I am trying to get a computer that is under $560. I have made two builds but can't decide on one. If someone could tell me which build is better or suggest new parts that would be good. I will be using...
  12. D

    what do i upgrade in my pc to make t better for gaming?

    Hey, i have recently been wanting to upgrade my pc for gaming since some games when im streaming and recording dont run too well. I currently have a Intel Core i7 4790, a 1060 graphics card and 8gb of ram. (i recently bought the graphics card) i was wondering if anyine could help? Also if any...
  13. G

    Asus G551vw Driver Power State Failure

    Hey guys, i have a asus g551vw. I have had this problem for a couple of weeks, i have reset windows 10 on it two times and it still is having the problem. Before i get enough time to update my graphic drivers the computer blue screens with the error "driver power state failure". Any way i can...
  14. V

    Overclocking problems with cpu

    Hey everyone. Yesterday I tried to overclock my cou (AMD Ryzen 3 1200) and now when I try to start my pc all fans are spinning and all the leds are working but my monitor doesn't get signal. It isn't in the cable or the monitor. I tought that my power supply might be too small (450 watts). Or I...
  15. G

    UE Boom 2 Bluetooth Speaker Now $70 Off on Amazon

    This all-purpose Bluetooth speaker is waterproof and now cheaper on Amazon than anywhere else. UE Boom 2 Bluetooth Speaker Now $70 Off on Amazon : Read more
  16. C

    Is this build compatible?

    I was looking to upgrade my PC specifically for audio and video editing. My current specs are; AMD Athlon 880K @ 4.2Ghz ASUS A88XM-PLUS CRUCIAL Ballistix 16GB DDR3 1600Mhz HYNIX 240GB SSD - 6Gbps WESTERN DIGITAL 1TB SATA3 - 6Gbps AMD RX 470 4GB 500W FSP Bronze PSU Samsung SH-224DB 24X Internal...
  17. D

    Now or later?

    Hi everyone I need to build a device to play starcraft 2 and heroes of the storm on lol. That is the main purpose. I had considered saving to increase my budget ceiling to 1400 in order to be able to ultra overwatch and things of that nature. I have built one computer in the past a few years...
  18. C

    Computer Black Screens While Playing Games

    This has only started recently and it started with Player Unkown's Battle Grounds (PUBG), weirdly though it stopped happening when i moved to my SSD but it's started happening again. This happens on almost all games i own, it black screens very quickly after getting to the title screen of Ark...
  19. T

    4K console killer PC build?

    I would like to ditch my current console and build an all new gaming PC that will be used for nothing but gaming on a 4K TV. This is the system I came up with on PC Park Picker It's too pricey though, at over $1700. I may be able to skip the video card and...
  20. J

    Installing drivers without any USB devices?

    Installed new Mobo, now USB devices aren't recognized. Mobo is a MSI Z10A SLI Plus. Once I turned the PC on it went right to Bios. I enabled fast boot and made sure everything was recognized and proceeded to Windows 7. Everything came up fine until a window came up saying some device hardware...
  21. V

    Graphics Card R9 360 OEM Has no 6 pin connector

    My Graphics Card R9 360 OEM Has no 6 pin connector or like connector to connect to psu? Is this one of the cards where u just plug into motherboard and its good? Also, if I sell this card to a friend would it work, as it is a OEM version?
  22. C

    Device to record through audio jack, while still passing audio through

    Hello all, I'm trying to find a device that would allow me to plug in a MP3 cable into one end, and out the other and have the device record the incoming MP3 and output it through the other line. To give an explanation of what I'm trying to do, I have a raceciever device which allows the tower...
  23. A

    Suddenly a buzzing sound from my ASUS Strix GTX 1070?

    Hello everyone! I just discovered som problems with my GPU. When I'm in-game the GPU starts to make a buzzing noise, but when I tab out of the game it stops. Also I have noticed some fps drops that i haven't had before. Is this coil whine or something? Should i replace my card? I have alos...
  24. Marshall Honorof

    Sling Orange vs. Sling Blue: What’s the Difference? (Archive)

    Sling TV now offers two plans; read on to find out which one, if either, you need, and how they distinguish themselves from each other. Sling Orange vs. Sling Blue: What’s the Difference? : Read more
  25. M

    Two 5.1 connected to same PC

    Hello Will connecting two 5.1 to the same pc using a splitter like this work? And if it does will the sound decrease individually? Note that they are not same brand but very small difference in sound between them.
  26. W

    PC crashes because of gpu

    About 6 months ago I built myself a gaming pc: i5 6600k EVGA 80+gold 650w Asus h110 mini itx Motherboard 16gb crucial ddr3 ram Thermaltake corev1 mini itx case At the time I only had the money for those parts but just a few days ago I bought my graphics card : MSI rx480 gaming x 4g It was...
  27. S

    Got Zotac 1050ti but No signal detected

    I bought a Benq GW2470 which has 2 HDMI ports and 1 VGA port. And I also bought a Zotac 1050ti which has 1 display port, 1 HDMI port and 1 DVI port. However when I connect the card and switch on my computer I get an error saying no signal detected. If I remove the card and switch on the PC it...
  28. brockyy

    y spliter fan help

    SO i have 2 extra fans in my pc case but can only use one because my MB has 1 connector for the fan connector, someone helped me and said adding a Y spliter will fix the problem and make so i have 2 connectors to plug into, But is there any risk in doing so? like will is short out the circuit...
  29. M

    Is this a good gaming PC?

    Hi, I'm buying a desktop PC so that I can run more demanding games (eg fallout 4, just cause 3 etc) Sorry for my inexperienced terms, I don't know much about this. I found this PC which says it is a gaming PC on ebay. Would it run those games? If not can I replace any parts to make it do so...
  30. A

    My pc isn't reading my windows 7 installer?

    I need to reformat my pc and reinstall my OS because i just changed mobo and processor from amd to intel, and in the instructions i have to put my OS installer in, then restart my pc so that it boots up the installer again, problem is, it seems as though my disk reader isn't reading my...
  31. nestlee65

    Cannot get a higher resolution

    I thought that installing a DVI-D cable would allow me to get a resolution of 2560 X 1440 (max for my monitor) but Windows 10 won't allow more than 1920 X 1080. What do I do?
  32. A

    [SOLVED] Crashing when launching games.

    Let's start with specs: I5 4670K @ 3.4Ghz, GTX 770, 16GB DDR3 RAM (2 X 8), 2TB HDD (Which I often move between two different PCs). Had the PC for over a year, Few problems prior, After playing WarFrame yesterday I've been getting BSoD on ALL video games I've tried to play (Dark Souls 3...
  33. D

    Huge pc problem , screen pc turns off while playing games , can still hear my friends on skype

    Hey guys , idk if its a problem of my graphic card or something else since i can still hear the skype and talk with my friends wh ile it happens so the screen freezes for 1 second then it turns off , after that if im trying to move my friends tell me that my character doesnt move , (means the pc...
  34. Girish Iyer

    Would multiple people using the same carrier in the same room cause any connectivity issues?

    Does the presence of other people who use the SIM card of the same network carrier company in the same room/space diminish the network connectivity and/or reduce internet speed for any one person or the whole lot? Any explanation for this query would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  35. V

    Case Selection Help!!!!!!

    Hi, I want to change my case but I dont know what to choose. I was thinking of choosing either the Phanteks Eclipse P400, Phanteks enthoo Pro M, or Phanteks Enthoo pro
  36. R

    Which PSU should I get

    I have 16 GB RAM, an A10 6800k 4.1GHz CPU, a Radeon R9 380 GPU, an motherboard, a 1TB Toshiba HDD, and a kingston 120GB SSD. How many watts psu should I get. Looking into a 750W corsair psu, will that be enough? Or overkill?
  37. E

    Acer Predator XB271HU IPS GLOW

    http:// http:// What do you think about it? is this BLB or GLOW ? An should i refund it?
  38. T

    MSi 1070 Armor or Gigabyte 1070 G1

    The price of these are in my country almost the same. The problem is Gigabyte 1070 G1 is still on pre-order meanwhile MSi 1070 Armor is available right now. Is there a FPS, cooling, performance difference between these two? I wanna buy MSi 1070 Armor cuz i dont wanna wait anymore :/
  39. E

    First ever PC Built, Fan too loud and fast

    Hello I just built my first ever PC. This is the configuration Intel Core i7-5820k Corsair H100i v2 MSI X99A GODLIKE GAMING EATX LGA2011-3 Motherboard Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB (1 x 8GB) DDR4-2400 Memory Samsung 850 Pro Series 1TB 2.5" Solid State Drive MSI GeForce GTX 1080 8GB Founders...
  40. S

    Best CPU for $200

    I need to find a CPU that's good for general gaming and It would have to be Intel. I have around $170, I could go up to $200, but i would really rather stay at $170 for the CPU.