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  1. E

    Game suddenly Freezes

    since yesterday im having a 1 second freeze / fps drop For 1 sec it happens only in League of legends Help ?
  2. Mike3k24

    Is this a good build for the RX 480?

    Hello everyone! So I'm building my PC next month and this is the build I've come up with. I will be recording editing and posting videos to YouTube. The games I will be recording are: Rocket league, CoD, Minecraft, CSGO, Left 4 dead 1 and 2, and Overwatch. Will this build be good enough to...
  3. I

    New Build Issue

    I pieced together & built my second computer on Sunday. Maximus VIII Formula, i7 6700k and Corsair LPX DDR4 3000, two GTX 970's, an SSD with Win 10 already on it from previous PC and a HDD with files on it from previous computer. The PC powered on, but I got nothing to boot - no BiOs or...
  4. F

    Corsair H55 Water not pumping on i7 3770-k

    Hi, I just installed H55 on my i7 3770-k The water pumped well in the start and the temp stayed very good, but like after 6 minutes or so the pump stopped working. I don't hear the water pump now
  5. S

    Best 1700 USD Gaming Pc

    Hi Im building my first custom PC sometime this month and would definitely like help finding the best components for a gaming PC. Im also gonna be streaming games and making videos for YouTube maybe. Definitely prefer Intel and plan on getting a Gtx 1080 or 1070 aftermarket card. Thanks in advance.
  6. J

    2TB mSATA? (no, I don't want a m.2

    My laptop has an mSATA port on the motherboard, but is old enough that there is no m.2 port. I have an EVO 850 1TB installed and have been looking for a 2TB mSATA solution.... nothing.... Do we know if there will be 2TB mSATA's? is it that there just isn't enough room on the mSATA form factor...
  7. N

    Can't upload pictures

    I have asus and Toshiba laptop and have the same problem on both laptops when i try to upload photos from my sony camera. I plug in the camera,choose e: i try to upload, i cant even click import when the laptop already closes the program. I tried several times with no success. What am I doing wrong?
  8. F

    has my monitor become toast/broken ?

    this happened on about 3 days the 1st day in the morning it would turn on and then make this buzzing noice while it displayed pink and cyan lines and i could not turn it off? when i finaly got it turned off i tryed to turn it on again and then it worked normal? on 2nd day i turned it on again...
  9. O

    Will the Radeon HD 7970 support Directx12?

    I cant get a recent clear answer, will this card support directx 12? Thanks
  10. N

    PC wont start

    I recently opened my pc, I saw a small button to reset the LED so I pressed it and now the PC will not turn on at all. It is a Toshiba Sattelite Radius L10W. Thanks in advance.
  11. B

    Dell Dimension lights powering on

    first time tinkering with any computer. Power button gives me no or whatever else there is. Where should I look first? Thanks. Making progress. Took everything out for cleaning. Got new 512 RAM, Pent 3, new to me MOBO, and keyboard/mouse. WinXP Pro is ok and I'll stick with that...
  12. I

    i7 6700 and GTX 980 or i7 6700k and GTX 970

    Both of these computers have the same specs besides the processor and graphics card. I was just wondering which one would be better for gaming and rendering videos at 1920x1080p. Both of the computers are also the exact same price.
  13. F

    Wrong Bios/Failed Bios Flash

    Hello fellas! I really need your help!!! I had a problem on my Toshiba Satellite L300 -1EF Model No. PSLB8E-05V00PGE Serial No. 29378297Q I had it with the "Insyde" Bios 2.20 version,but i had a problem with the display on booting... everything started normally until to show the desktop then...
  14. H

    GTX 980 idle temps are bizarre now

    Everything was going fine with mt GTX 980 just the other day, the idle temps were always from 27-31c. But the EVGA precision X kept asking me to update it so, I did, I upgraded to precision X 3.5.11 ( the latest one). Now for a while my idle temps went to a complete steady 35c. But just now its...
  15. H

    How do I oc my cpu?

    I have an A10-5800K and my mobo is an MSI A58M-E33 FM2+ , cyrori H7 cooler , gtx 950 , 430psu. thanks!
  16. M

    my screen turns black and then the colors arent right,like blue is green,after a while it goes black and back to normal

    my screen turns black and then the colors arent right,like blue is green,after a while it goes black and back to normal
  17. A

    I7 4770K or I5 6600k

    Hi guys, Looking to do my first build in about 10 years so a bit behind the time. I had my heart set on a i5 6600k, but I have seen a good deal on a i7 4770K I would primarily be gaming but also coding and a bit of video editing. My question is do I go for the Haswell or the Skylake? I am...
  18. N

    Computer drivers/ errors help

    My computer's mouse doesn't work on the actual desktop and using the computer apart from when I am in the system repair settings where I can see the mouse and use it, my keyboard doesn't work open starting and I have to wait untill it gets to the login screen for I to start working therefore I...
  19. P

    Case with space for front mounted H55 AIO cooler

    hey, I bought a NZXT kraken g10 and an H55 water cooler, they arrived not too long ago but when i tried to install them they din't fit. What is a good case with a side window preferably but not that important and enough space to fit the H55 at the front (really important) Here is my build so...
  20. sandeep17sarsa

    Gaming pc with minimum cost

    Hey guys Im from india Want to build a gaming pc with minimum cost For games like gta 5 nd cod series assassin seris with good fps I want to build my system around GPU GEFORE 750 TI 2GB DDR5 suggest other component compatible with this gpu Cost is major factor