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  1. M

    upgrading 2500k to 2600k

    hey, i'm currently using a 2500k that is on a stable 4.7 gh, i'm however seeing quite a lot of youtube videos where cpu's with a higher threadcount show higher frames or lower min frames. upgrading to a 2600k would cost me an extra 40 euros, upgrading to a 3770k would cost 90 to a 100 euros...
  2. K

    Just migrated data from SSD to SSD. SATA question

    Samsung magician said to plug my new SSD into the port where my old one was. Is this necessary? Initially, I plugged my new SSD where the hard drive was. I got a read/write speed of 500ish. When I plugged SSD into the old SSDs port, it got cut in half. Is it ok if I plug my new SSD into the...
  3. V

    Computer black screens permanently when installing AMD Display Drivers

    Hey I have been having problems with my computer for about 2 weeks now. I was running smoothly with Windows 8.1 with the following specs AMD FX-6300 Processor Gigabyte GA-78LMTUSB3.0 MOBO Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB RAM ASUS RX-470 4GB and a 550W 80+ Bronze EVGA PSU I recently decided to upgrade...
  4. T

    how do i know if a computer is working?

    So i found a computer somewhere and i want to buy a monitor for it, but im not sure if it even works. When i turn it on all the fans spin properly but im not sure if it really works. I dont want to waste my time and buy a monitor for nothing. So is there a way to tell if the computer really...
  5. M

    Total heat output of this computer

    I am going to be building my own computer, it's going to be used for gaming/mining ALT-COINS : Parts list -> there is just one thing I am worried about and that is the total heat output, I am not wanting to go into liquid cooling...
  6. W

    1440p gaming rig recommendations

    So I need a new rig because I just had hardware failure. My target budget is $1300 US, with a limit of around $1500. I do not need a PSU as I have a brand new, never used EVGA 850watt (it was my PSU that failed on my old rig and I bought that to try to resuscitate it unsuccessfully). I am...
  7. M

    Lenovo ideapad screen + fan isn't working but it's still turning on

    My lenovo laptop is charging fine and the lights are suggesting that the laptop is turning on when I press the power button however the screen stays black and the fans don't turn on but I can hear the internals working and I have turned it off and on but the problem persists, any help would be...
  8. K

    New PC build, hopelessly confused.

    Installed a new rig. My first to be honest. I cannot seem to get this thing to run. All parts are there, but I can't pinpoint a problem with it. The PSU and Motherboard are functioning (Ran tests with them) The motherboard just sits on its standby green LED and nothing happens when I push the...
  9. R

    System shutting down

    OK, First here are my Pc specs ASUS MAXIMUS CODE VIII INTEL i7 7700K EVGA GTX1080ti SC Black edition 16gigs of gskill trident ram 3000mhz 960EVO ssd m.2 EVGA Super nova G2 1000watt PSU Corsair H100v2 CPU COOLER Here is my issue. I upgraded my GPU from a 770gtx to a 1080gtx. When i did this my...
  10. C

    Using CPU sleeve kit instead of Pre Installed CPU Cable - Good or Bad?

    My PSU is a Corsair HX750w and it comes with 2 integrated cables, the CPU and the 24 Pin. I recently bought the white sleeve kit from corsair and was wondering if its okay to run my 8-Pin power cable from the PSU rather then the integrated one. Temps seem fine but maybe it could degrade my PC's...
  11. C

    Removing BitDefender FileVault

    Heya guys! I created a FileVault using Bitdefender. Now I saw a new logical drive under the name :Z was created. I used the BitDefender's control panel to delete it yet when I got into my storage options where I can see my disk partitions a untitled parition is still visible (see image)...
  12. T

    CPU's and heatsinks

    Hi there, I am going to purchase a used Intel CPU (i7 2600k) but it doesn't come with a heatsink, will my old Intel CPU heatsink (i3 2120) work with the new CPU. The CPUs share the same socket so I'm hoping it will be ok? Many Thanks
  13. B

    Device Audio Is Not Automatically Rerouted To My Bluetooth Headset

    I recently bought some Bose QC35 headphones. Every time I re-pair these headphones to my Windows 8.1 computer, I have to set them as the default audio device again, otherwise the sound comes through the computer speakers instead. I noticed that windows doesn't automatically notice that my...
  14. A

    Help me please

    My acer laptop doesnt have a removable battery pack and its not turning on but when i press the power button the blue power light just turns on for atleast 3 seconds and off again but i can hear the fan turn on and off the same time as the power light
  15. S

    ASRock 970A-G/3.1 - Support for Boot from PCIe NVMe SSD and M.2 Slot (NVMe?? or SATA or AHCI ??)

    Does ASRock 970A-G/3.1 motherboard support booting from m.2 slot with NVMe SSD Samsung 950 Pro 256 GB? and support booting from PCIe slot x4 ( Samsung 950 Pro 256 GB NVMe SSD with riser card) ? Currently am planning to buy ASRock 970A-G/3.1. Which protocol is being used in M.2 slot in this model...
  16. D

    Microphone plugged in, but not working on new pc [Realtek]

    I'm frustrated, I've literally tried everything what I could find on net, but nothing is working. On Recording Devices it shows that microphone is plugged in, but it's not working. I've just changed to my new pc (on old pc (literally yesterday) the mic was working fine, so it's not the problem...
  17. CamdenK7

    AMD Radeon Settings 17.3.2

    I had the AMD Radeon settings 17.3.1 and when I tried to do a clean install of the new 17.3.2 driver and restart after i install it the AMD Settings doesn't show up as an icon on my start menu. Is this because it's an "optional driver" and doesn't include the AMD Settings app?
  18. D

    4 Cores and 4 threads on FX8320

    So basically my amd FX8320 has had 8 cores and 8 threads, but recently 4 of them disappeared. Task manager does not say that there are any parked cores. Having 4 cores and 4 threads less is making my pc very slow. Please help! Thanks :)
  19. J

    My microphones are picking up input audio through the headphone near the mic instead of the mic itself.

    So basically I tried to use some Skull Candy earphones as a mic, they wouldn't work unless I put the headphone right next to my mouth and talk into it. So I bought a new microphone and now it is doing the same thing. It only picks up my voice if I put my mouth onto the headphone of the headset...
  20. D

    Something goes wrong with my build

    Hi, I do not know much English and I will use google translate. I have a question about a pc that I configured almost two years ago. When configuring for example the bf4 in ultra or high, I have a very variable fps and wanted to know what is failing.I appeal to you because I believe it is where...