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  1. C

    A new pc case

    Can a dell Optiplex 755 board fit in a BTX case?
  2. J

    Intel vs. Ryzen - Rendering/Gaming

    So basically my birthday is in the March, and as most of you know, Ryzen is dropping March 2nd. I had an i3 rig setup that I wanted to build for my birthday, but after checking out Ryzen prices and benchmarks, I was thinking of postponing my build for Ryzen. I know that Intel processors are...
  3. M

    Unstable cpu temperatures, idling at 40ºC

    CPU - Intel i5-4690K (never been overclocked) CPU cooler - Corsair H60 Hydro. used both for 11 months now I'm not sure for how long, only noticed a few days ago that my cpu temperatures have been sky high. When computer is idle it will average at 40 even venturing up to 50ºC. Under mild stress...
  4. O

    Screen goes black

    So when i play a game like CS:GO or H1Z1 my bot monitors goes black at the same time like they have no signal but the computer still runs.
  5. L

    HELP 378.66 drivers wont install after windows 10 computer reset Nvidia 860m

    So I reformatted my laptop yesterday which has a gtx 860m in it and I went to use a program to update all of my drivers called Driver Talent. After that finished I went to check if everything is okay and it seemed that my computer was running off of the integrated graphics, so I went into the...
  6. G

    Acer Predator 17 Gaming Laptop Review

    Will the Acer Predator 17 catch its prey? We put this gaming laptop through its paces. Acer Predator 17 Gaming Laptop Review : Read more
  7. D

    GTX 970 Lawsuit

    The lawsuit for the gtx 970 went through in December I believe and I bought 2 of them so filed to get my 60$. I was wondering if anyone knew when I can expect to actually get the money from the suit? If anyone is not sure what I am speaking of:
  8. A

    How to fix only hearing audio on the right side

    I have a headset that has a audio port and a microphone port. My PC only has 1 port, so I have to use a splitter. I've been using them for a while but over time they start to make my headset only play audio in the right side. It works perfectly fine if I unplug the splitter and plug in just the...
  9. K

    Lagging really bad but i meet all the requirements Please Help

    So i bought the game Stranded Deep a few days ago because i know i meet all the requirements, but i still seem to lag really badly even with all the settings on low. I updated my graphics driver yesterday as well, These are my specs. CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5000+ 2.6GHz 4GB RAM Graphics...
  10. S

    arctic silver 5 vs arctic silver aa?

    i thought i got arctic silver 5 but i got arctic silver aa whats the difference? here is the one i got and here is arctic silver 5...
  11. M

    Shadows on Photos[/img]why is there a shadow at the bottom in my frames when photographing my jewelry.
  12. C

    Possible USB 3.0 fixes

    So, I just built my first pc last night and used a case one of my friends used to have. Essentially, everything is fine minus the two usb 3.0 ports on the front. The issue isn't that I don't have 3.0 slots on my mobo, it'seems just that it is simply full size usb plugs running from the port to...
  13. P

    GTX 970 SLI liquid Cooling?

    Hello everyone hows life? Ok so, I have a Evga GTX 970 and a MSI 970 at SLI. What I want to know is should I go for the Kraken G10 for both of them and then a small liquid cooling corsair or something? The reason being is I plan on getting an ultra-wide curved 35 inch 3440x1440 IPS 100Hz...
  14. C

    Corsair RM650x vs EVGA 650/750 G2/G3/P2

    As title suggests, I am looking for a power supply, max 165mm. The EVGA G3 line up is brand new so I don't know if they're much better than the G2 and therefore much better than the Corsair? But the G3 is about the same price as the P2 variant so I wonder again which one is better. Looking for...
  15. B

    Will this Build be Quite, Small and powerfull ?

    Hello all. im planing on giving myself a greate christmas gift this year. i am going to build my self a gaming/media mini pc. So far i have tried to pick parts that is more than good enough to play the newest games at a as high graphic as possible for years to come. also i would like the...
  16. K

    i have to wifi the other is 2.4ghz and the other one is 5ghz and the 5ghz wont show up

    2 wifi but my fastest wifi wont show up in my loptop and on my sister's loptop but inn my brothers loptop it showed up.
  17. S

    GTX560m card Replacement

    I have a broken GTX 560m Card in my Toshiba Qosmio x775 Laptop. The card Bricked some time ago, and gives me an error in device manager. Since then If i install the drivers from Nvidia, the device will show up, but upon restarting the computer to finish reinstalling it the computer will crash...
  18. B

    Will this build work? Help

    I was going to buy this Instead of the gpu in here! CPU: Intel Core i7-4790K 4.0GHz Quad-Core Processor ($249.00) CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus 76.8 CFM Sleeve...
  19. nibir2011

    Is my PSU/GPU dead or alive

    My System is Following 1. CPU - i7 4790K 2. Mobo - ASUS Z97 PRO 3. GPU - AMD R7 260X Sapphire 4. PSU - Cooler Master G550M My PC stopped suddenly, i tried the reset button several time but it did not work. So i opened it and tried the paper clip method of the PSU. The Fan Runs. So i thought...
  20. Jsimenhoff

    Tom's Hardware Steam Giveaway - Civilization VI!

    General Info on How To Enter Hey everyone! We've got another great Steam giveaway for you! Up for grabs are three (3) copies of Civilization VI. As always, one will be awarded via the raffle (found above) and two will be given away to participants who answer the discussion prompt below. I...