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  1. Rayven2

    GPU Driver Support

    Hey all, So I’m slowly making plans on migrating to a Linux/GNU OS, however I can’t seem to find driver support for my GPU (It was expected). Are there any particular distros with generic drivers that give basic functionality? (As I still haven't chosen a distro). I really want to avoid...
  2. Jaakey

    Need help choosing a motherboard/case.

    Current build so far. I already have the RAM and the GPU which I'll be recycling from my current PC. I'd like a motherboard to fit the 4790k (Asus z97-a is unfortunately not a choice due to cost) and a case that looks decent but the main priority is good airflow (I have Corsair's 200R but I...
  3. N

    Black screen "Reboot or select proper boot device"

    I have searched the forum but could not find my particular problem. I left my pc running in a game for 1 hour. I came back to see a black screen saying select a proper boot device. My gigabyte MB's Bios does not see my Sandisk SSD now. But it does see my optical drive. I can only figure its...
  4. A

    What will increase fps in rust?

    I have a amd a8 6500 and a gtx 750 ti. Will getting an upgrade to an i5 6600k increase fps or keep it more stable to it doesnt drop to 20 fps because i normally get 30-40 and i want it to stay atleast constant 40.Ill be getting a new gpu soon too. But will the cpu upgrade boost fps a bit? Im...
  5. T

    Computer will not power on

    Hello everyone, im not sure if this is the right place to ask but here we go. I have a Dell Studio 540 that is out of warranty and i cannot get it to power on. I have tried a new power cord, and also plugging directly into and outlet (that works fine), and nothing. I have unplugged the 24 pin...
  6. M

    Browser 100% CPU load (laptop)

    So im going crazy here. A few months ago my CPU load started going 100% when i use ANY browser, without any real reason,i use Chrome but the same thing is on IE/Firefox i can use internet more or less but its super laggy, especially when watching VIDEOS. So before i start getting Sherlock...
  7. S

    How Much Power

    Hello, how much power would i need to run an oc i5 4670k and an gtx 970 [may oc in the future]
  8. K

    can a ZOTAC GeForce GTX 950 2GB run gta5

    i want to know if it can run gta5 good but not bad
  9. J

    Motion blur on 144hz monitor?

    Hello everybody, I'm planning to buy 144hz monitor and i have question related to gaming. Why would somebody turn on motion blur in game if 144hz monitor doing opposite?
  10. E

    MSI-H81M-P33 or ASUS B85M-G R2.0 (Which one should I choose)

    Hi Friends! I am building my first gaming rig and wondering which one of the above motherboards to choose. Based on my tight budget I can do one of the followings: 1- Buy MSI-H81-P33 together with 2x4 GB of Ram 2- Buy ASUS B85M-G R2.0 with only 4GB of Ram As you know Asus motherboards are...
  11. D

    MSI Z170A Gaming Pro and DDR 2x8 issue

    I have a problem starting my build with 2 memory sticks in 2nd and 4th memory slots. On startup DRAM LED lights on and no image on screen. However if i put only one plank in slot 2 then it's ok. Both planks work, so issue probably isn't in the memory. I am using Kingston DDR4-2666 PC4-21300 (kit...
  12. M

    GPU doesn't display

    I have recently gotten a new Gigabyte R9 380 GPU. When I install it into the PCIE x16 slot it doesnt "click" in but it feels and looks in place. When i plug in the DVI to the monitor it doesnt display anything at all. When i take it out and use the APU graphics my computer works fine and the...
  13. G

    Outputting Quadro 4000 via HDMI - Converters not working

    Hi there, I need some advice, I've currently updated my monitor to a 4k TV (Bush 50") and now need to connect my Quadro 4000 to it over HDMI. Before that I was using Displayport to VGA and DVI to VGA adaptors, and they seemed to be working fine up to resolutions of 1920x1080. I've currently...
  14. S

    what wrong with my 2 tb WD black hdd ?

    what is that NA thing in the smart ?
  15. T

    Troubles overclocking Intel 6600k

    Hello! A friend of mine just built a computer with an ASUS H170i-plus D3 motherboard and Intel i5 6600K CPU. We've checked out trying to overclock it via the BIOS as well as Intel's tuning app "Extreme Tuning Utility". Though, it appears overclocking is not possible for some reason. The CPU is...
  16. Computers Taste Like Metal

    Power Supply making tick noise?

    A month ago my EVGA Supernova Bronze rated supply was making a electrical-zapping/ticking sound and a few other noises. So I spend 130 dollars on another EVGA supply that has platinum efficiency. It's fine for a few days and it's back. Not as pronounced but if I put my ear up to my case I...
  17. C

    Geforce 960 - Temps.

    So I am seeing that a lot of people are stating that there cards are running at a lower temperature than 50C during an idle state. My card is running at 60-63C while being idle, and I haven't tested the temp while the card was running while playing a game or editing in photoshop or premiere pro...
  18. P

    Will a gt730 1gb ddr5 graphics card run efficiently on an intel (R) Pentium express chipset and 2gb ram both of ddr3, and woul

    I have a Pentium(R) family express chipset and 2gb ram of ddr3, if I buy a nvidia gt730 1gb ddr5 graphics card ,then in what graphic settings would I be able to play games like assasins creed revelations and balck flag or unity?
  19. kol12

    Unusual rise in temps - GTX 970

    Just lately my GTX 970 has been climbing up to 70 degrees in Battlefield Hardline multiplayer. Previous to this I have usually been able to maintain 60-63 degrees with 35% fan speed. Is something wrong with my GPU or has the game I'm playing possibly become more demanding?
  20. W

    Choosing PSU for my future gaming PC

    Hello, these are the compponents im planning to take in a few days : but i am not sure if the psu is a good choice, there s only one site that i can buy psu s in my zone. and its this one : . could you...