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  1. D

    Question Motherboard LEDs and RGB headers not working; Asus Aura Sync

    I have an Asus Strix Z370-E mobo which has worked flawless, including the RGB... until now...ish. I just noticed that the ARGB leds on the motherboard and the RGB headers are not working (NOTE: The ARGB Header DOES work). Aura Sync even notes the Mobo as present. Note that even before when they...
  2. amshak01

    Question Need to remove USB 3.0 Cable

    Hi all! So I need to remove the USB 3.0 cable from my motherboard header because I’m replacing it with a low profile extension to get it visually out of the way. Only thing is I’ve run into too many horror stories of people ripping apart the cable and/or the header in the process. I was...
  3. N

    [SOLVED] How do I connect MB500 RGB fans to my Aorus Pro Z390? (Complete beginner here)

    Hey guys! So, I'm building a new computer soon and I had my Cooler Master MB500 case delivered today (this is the only component I have for now). My mobo will be a Gigabyte Aorus Pro Z390. When I opened it, I saw 6 fan cables connected to 2 splitters: https://prnt.sc/r2kfhc - three (labeled)...
  4. B

    Question Thermaltake Level 20 MT ARGB Not Working With Aura Sync

    Hello, my friend and I recently went and built some new computers and had a small issue with our Thermaltake case. We bought the Thermaltake Level 20 MT ARGB case and can't seem to get it to work right with Asus Aura Sync software. When we change the 3 fan mode on the front to Motherboard...
  5. gamerbrehdy

    Question Watercooling, still unknown territory for me...

    So I asked this question a few times now, and the awnsers weren't very clear. So I'm going to rephrase the question. I want to buy an AIO, or build a custom loop (both at least 240ml radiators) My pc has the following headers: 1x cpu_fan 2x cha_fan (or chassis fan/case fan) 1 or more 4-pin...
  6. xjcarter99x

    Question Mobo 5v ADD RGB and EVGA

    I am looking at the EVGA x299 FTW, x299 Dark, z390 FTW, and z390 Dark. I have a question on 5v ADD RGB support and the headers. I cannot see anything about whether the motherboards have RGB headers, or if they could support sync with a RGB controller with a 3 pin MB sync connector (4 pin slots...
  7. Spnfx

    Question Unable to turn on h170m-itx/ac

    Hello everyone, I have an ASRock h170m-itx/ac which for the last few weeks hasn't been wanting to turn on. I'll give a chronology of issues/actions: Had PC about a year, bought secondhand from someone who used it for LANs etc About 3-4 weeks ago had issue where SSD not detected, so changed...
  8. J

    Question Gigabyte B450 Aorus Elite question

    Does the Gigabyte B450 Aorus Elite have the RGB header to connect the Hyper 212 Black Edition RGB with Aura sync?
  9. Question Digital/Addressable RGB strip/ adapter for mobo header (pin pin blank pin layout)

    I am looking to purchase a cheap addressable RGB strip for my new PC and I don't want to spend tons on branded strips. My problem is that all the strips I find on eBay or AliExpress I don't know whether they will plug into my motherboard properly or if I will need an adapter. Any help or...
  10. Fran2005

    [SOLVED] About the RGB header

    I'm making a PC for my friend on an extremely tight budget. It is my first time building a PC with new parts on PCPartPicker. I was looking up the motherboard and it had an RGB header. Since this is a budget PC RGB fans would be too expensive and I will be using old fans instead. However, I do...
  11. J

    The CPU dual core e5200

    Can it work with a gt 730 1gb ddr5 64 bit on a Asus main board 945
  12. S

    Need help with cabling, especially the front panel header.

    Asrock b250m HDV CX 500 Corsair 500w I am at the point after I have inserted the 24 and the 4 pin. Now I am lost trying to insert the proper cabling. I have tried to modify the casing of the connector to insert the system panel header. I have made it so the black wire is powerled negative and...
  13. C

    Will the rx480 power this monitor

    I've found a monitor that I'm looking at however I'm undecided if it will power it or not. Acer Predator XZ350CU If I can't power this monitor would someone be able to point me in the direction of a good ultrawide (curved if possible) monitor. Kind regards Matt
  14. MCID47

    FSP HEXA+ 400W Performance

    Does this PSU good enough to run an old A10-5800K with HD6670 on Dual gpu ? The rest of the PC Components are : 4GB 1600MHz DDR3 1xWD Blue 1TB Sata 1x case fan I see there are 2 8-pin vga power pin and it also support new motherboard with 8-pin EPS cpu power, but i still need an opinion and im...
  15. R

    basic need: 4k, 30fps, over HDMI for TV use

    So, which graphics cards will do it?
  16. A

    reset my laptop

    I have a Acer Aspire One laptop and I need it resethow do I reset it
  17. G

    PC freezes at random times.

    alright fellas, i have a built pc i built when i was 16 years old. im now 21... and ive been out of the pc building for a long time now....i fogotten how to do various things so please bare with me .! ive got this pc with an asus m-board, acer quad core cpu (forget the model but its stock at...
  18. M

    how to connect power switch

    how to connect on off switch onto the mother board,on the fujitsu siemens scaleo p
  19. B

    970 SLI vs Single 980 for 1440p IPS or 1080p with gsync help

    I'm about my build my rig and I'd like some advice on graphics card and Monitor I was originally going with a single evga 980, but debating doing two 970s. How important is g-sync to gaming? I'd like to game at 1440p, but I cant afford the Asus ROC 1440p with G-sync. I was looking at the...
  20. D

    Need help choosing case fans.

    I would like to buy two intake fans for this case, preferably around $15.00 for two. Thanks. http://www.nzxt.com/product/detail/151-s340-mid-tower-atx-case.html