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  1. C

    Network Controller Error

    Hello, I've noticed I've lost WiFi so i looked around and came across a error in my device manager. The tab is called "Other Devices" and inside there it says "Network Controller". I've tried updating the device but nothing has been found on my computer/the web. I go into properties and it says...
  2. E

    Can I clone my current 240gb sata SSD to a new 240gb M.2 PCIe SSD?

    I have a lot of programs on my SATA 240gb SSD. I would like to install a new 240gb M.2 PCIe onto my ASUS Z97-AR motherboard and boot from the new drive. Will this work and still retain all the programs and motherboard data?
  3. Darkbreeze

    How To How to disable hybrid sleep and hibernation in Windows 10

    This is a video tutorial on how to disable hybrid sleep and hibernation in Windows 10. Hybrid sleep and hibernation seem to cause a variety of issues with resume, sleep, startup and restart situations on non-mobile devices (Phones and tablets), and I generally recommend disabling both features...
  4. manigma

    B250 bios settings to OC non-k i5

    I recently upgraded from fx4300 to a non k intel (i5 7500) on Gigabyte GA B250M D2V with 16GB ddr4 2400. RX 480 4GB. I am very happy with the upgrade. On fx I was able to get about 20fps at 1440p in Witcher 3. But now I can get 40-45 fps with same settings ultra-high mixed and hairworks on. So...
  5. C

    A Tablet issue

    I currently own a hipstreet Phoenix and I rooted it successfully , but I decided to factory reset it. I removed the root (I use kingroot),then reset it. After it shut down, it gave me a list of options (1 of the options were " remove data " or something. Then it turned on I went through the...
  6. M

    Is this build good?

    https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/NhtM2R I'd just like to know if this build is good?
  7. N

    SLI GPU Heat

    First card (top) around 50 idle, peaks at around 72 when I'm playing a heavy game. Bottom card 40 idle, peaks similarly.. Are these temps too high?
  8. WrektGlitch

    Mouse and Keyboard Flicker

    I have this issue where my mouse and keyboard will flicker off for a second, and come right back on at random times. I've disabled power saving options, and it didn't work. I know it's not a motherboard issue, or a USB 3.0 issue, because I just swapped motherboards, and the old one had no USB...
  9. 4

    Wierd noise after overclock

    Hi everyone, my english is not so good so i'll try to explain myself in the best way i can. I tried to overclock my cpu (FX-6300) to 4.0Ghz after reading a guide, and it worked without any problem. A day after that i tried to change it to 4.3Ghz expecting to leave it at that speed, i changed the...
  10. D

    M.2 stealing pcie lanes?

    So I just recently built a computer it's running ASRock z170m extreme4 with a i7 6700 non K model and a RX 480 8 gigabyte from Sapphire. I'm also running a crucial 275 gigabyte MDOT to pcie drive for Windows 10. I put the rx480 in the second pcie Drive in the motherboard settings it's known as...
  11. M

    Wierd Problem with computer.

    So im very confused right now, I can only use my custom build computer in safe mode. The motherboard has a special feature where you can turn the mobo to slow mode after months of not being able to figure out why my computer would freeze i RMA my motherboard and still freezing. I ran diags on...
  12. R

    Will my monitor bottleneck mu PC?

    Hello everyone, I plan on getting a 1070 very soon, will my 1080p 60Hz monitor start to bottleneck/tear? Thank you
  13. O

    Any asus red and black motherboards under $150?

    I can't find any red and black motherboards by asus. If you know any motherboard that is black or red and black, please link me to the website to it! (Socket LGA 1151 and Z170) Thank you
  14. C

    Refurbished Gaming Laptop from newegg

    I wanted to buy a Refurbished gaming laptop from Newegg and wanted to know how refurbished computers are from them.
  15. A

    Is this system good enough for the price?

    Have been looking for a second hand PC mainly for schoolwork (solidworks, AutoCad, etc) but also for gaming. I'm on a tight budget at the moment, but will upgrade parts when necessary. This system sells for 370€ and just wondering if it's a good pick? - Intel Core i5-4460 (Boxed, Haswell) - MSI...
  16. P

    2 Case Fans 1 Sys_fan

    I have two case fans, but only one sys_fan on my motherboard. The case fans are both 3 pin and the motherboard is 4 pin. What splitter should I use to connect them? I think the mobo is male and the fans are female
  17. A

    SOLVED: Low FPS, Nvidia GPU underutilized. CPU overutilized

    Hi as per above, My gaming laptop has no problems playing starcraft2 at max settings as well as world of warships. However now when I set world of warship to lowest setting, I get average of 40 fps instead of 60 fps. Starcraft2 there is some noticeable stuttering. I just bought a new Logitech...
  18. S

    need cheap and decent(ish) motherboard for gtx 1060 mini 6gb...

    dont care about durability just need one.
  19. VMMichel

    Colorful squares appearing at my screen

    Hello, This week, this colorful squares start to appear at my screen (until now only when I'm watching things on Netflix). One time the screen after a time turned into grey also, in the rest of the times the squares appear and the pc continues running "normally". Photo of the problem...
  20. H

    What PC Parts Should I Upgrade for £70

    I have got around £70 to spare on computer parts. I want to buy one or two new components just so i can relive the experience of building/installing PC. Here are my current specs: MSI 970-A G43 Motherboard. 2x4GB DDR3 HyperX Fury Black 1866mhz RAM. Gigabyte Windforce OC Edition GTX 950 GPU. AMD...