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  1. G

    Canon Pixma TS5120 Review: A Good, But Not Great Budget All-in-One

    The TS5120 offers basic features, decent performance and high-quality graphics printing for a fair price, although duplex prints come out lighter. Canon Pixma TS5120 Review: A Good, But Not Great Budget All-in-One : Read more
  2. edifice

    Superposition Wildly different scores!!

    Hey, I was benchmarking last night and using Superposition right? And, in trying to see what others had achieved using a 1080 @ 1080p, stumbled across a video on YouTube which showed a guy running his 1080 at Extreme 1080p Direct X which is what I would usually do too. He however gets annoyed...
  3. M

    SSD boot problem

    I have cloned my SSD drive (Samsung evo 960), using the data migration from samasung. However it will not boot and laod up my pc when i try to boot from SSD instead of Harddrive Can you please help?
  4. N

    CPU_Fan doesn't work on Asus strix B350-F

    I bought the Asus strix B350 F yesterday and came with bios 3203 . My cpu_fan was working fine. i updated to 3401 bios and my cpu_Fan stopped working.It doesn't boot as it says CPU fan is not connected or N/A.Fan is working cause i tried CPU_Opt and its working on 2700rpm.Also my PSU is 850w so...
  5. L

    G4560+1060 3g underperforming

    I get way lower fps than most of the people with that combo, I have this specs: G4560 MSI 1060 3gb 1x8gb Hyperx 2400mhz Cl14 EVGA 600w Bronze 80+ and 1 intake and exhaust fan Temps are fine and nothing is throttling. I'm getting way lower fps on...
  6. C

    Windows process manager 32 bit

    I downloaded this vpn service and turns out it was virus. After doing some research I tried putting my computer into safe mode and using malwarebytes/malwarebytes anti-rootkit, EEK, and FRST which removed a lot of the threats but there is still three unknown processes in my task manager; one...
  7. Coedgy

    do I add 1x8gb or 2x4gb to 2x4gb for 16gb's

    Hi. I have already bought 2x4gb ram sticks when I last built my pc. Now i want to upgrade it to 16gigs. I have 4 card slots, two are in use, so do I buy 2x4 or 1x8gb of the SAME ram?
  8. G

    LG Unveils AI-Powered Smart TVs with Google Assistant

    LG’s 2018 TV lineup gets a boost with a new ?9 processor dedicated to artificial intelligence and a revamped webOS powered by Google Assistant. LG Unveils AI-Powered Smart TVs with Google Assistant : Read more
  9. M

    Need help for a cpu

    Hello everyone. I need to build my grandfather a system that is powerful enough to run a virtual machine running windows xp. I need help with choosing a cpu. I'm thinking a ryzen 5 1600. If you guys could possibly suggest a lower budget option. All opinions are appreciated
  10. N

    can a core i7 7700k and a gtx 1080ti run 4k games at 60fps?

    I want to build a pc with a gtx 1080ti and an i7 7700k for 4k gaming but I want to know if I'll be able to run games at 60 fps or should I get an i7 8700k instead
  11. D

    Windows 10 update files

    Hello!I have windows 7 and right now I'm trying to install windows 10.I want to delete everything but I want to keep some files I choose.What should I choose between these options so I can select afterwards what to keep?
  12. F

    My laptop won't stay on without being plugged in . Has a new battery

    My asus laptop has new battery and still won't work without being plugged in
  13. T

    new pc build won't boot with gpu installed but when taken out, the pc works fine.

    i just built my new desktop yesterday but when we finished and tried booting it up and the screen is black when connected to either a monitor or TV. no indication of booting occurs but the fans are running on the gtx 1080 and its plugged into the power supply with a 6 and 8 pin connecters...
  14. B

    Which laptops have a 'caps lock on' indicator light?

    i 'm elderly & disabled - what's a thread?1
  15. S

    Computer wont stop overheating

    So, I just got a new 1800x, and, I have a NZXT Kraken x61, Its an AIO cooling kit, and, Theoretically should cool my cpu down, no problem. Right now, I cant boot into bios for more than 10s, because it's too hot. My computer hasnt been running for hours, it was installed from a tech guy who was...
  16. D

    Suggestions for finishing build

    I've been working to finish this build for a while. I'd really like to finish this to buy parts on monday. What's missing Ram Monitor Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  17. K

    MSI GTX 1060 Gaming X 6 GB + Ryzen 7 1700 and 16 GB of Ram

    Hey guys, i'm building my first pc ever (Yay :D) And i've got a question, is the combo of a GTX 1060 + R7 1700 the best for gaming AND content creating? I'm looking into streaming and YT, i'm also looking to start developing games in Unity etc. Is this combo a good choice or are there better...
  18. J

    what to upgrade??

    Newbie here. I seriously need an upgrade but i dont know a lot about computers so here are my specs. Computer used for gaming Processor AMD FX(tm)-8300 Eight-Core Processor, 3300 Mhz, 4 Core(s) RAM DDR3 8GB Graphic card AMD Radeon R9 270 2GB And i have 550W power source
  19. J

    Ryzen 5 1600x Wattage and temp spikes

    Hello, At idle I keep getting temp spikes from around 24C to 38C, with the wattage going through spikes as well. I have checked my temp and wattage on HWmonitor and HWinfo64. HWinfo64 shows my cores going through load spikes as well, normally going from 2199MHz all the way to 3698MHz. In the...
  20. side_ioga

    Should I Upgrade To SSD From HDD?

    Hey Guys. I've using My HDD WD Green 500GB since 2012. Since my i3 3210 ivy bridge. I think this harddrive is getting old, and now its look very slow. Even when they spinning I could hear it. But its still work. I found strange shuttering while gaming, deep freeze for a sec or couple of sec...
  21. C

    Spilled Drink on Top of PC

    1. I spilled my drink on top of a pals pc. 2. I was very stupid in doing so. 3. Probably 1 - 1.5 ounces fell through the top of the PC. 4. The screen froze, and then turned off. 5. We ripped the power out and pulled out the components to find liquid on top of the power supply, brief...
  22. B

    Computer won’t start (or shuts off)

    I was away for a few months and it’s possible I left my computer on hibernate while I was gone. When I came back it was fine but I think it shut off randomly once in a while. One day it stopped turning on. I swapped cables and tried a different outlet. I let it go for a couple days and it turned...
  23. G

    Please help me with my graphics card

    Hi i recently noticed that i needed to change my graphics card beacuse of all the new games that are comming out like Cod game so i decided to ask my friend if i could buy one of his old grapichs card and i got a fresh graphics card it was a 660ti 3gb and it was new he never touched it so i went...
  24. P

    Looking For Gaming Laptop

    I’m looking for a really good gaming laptop where I can play Sims and Steam games without lag.
  25. T

    Assistance troubleshooting Bug Check 0x124: WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR

    Hi Everyone, Just looking for help troubleshooting a reoccurring BSOD on my Ryzen build. Every now and then I'll go to wake my computer from it's idle state, to find it quietly reboot and start over from the UEFI splash screen. When checking event viewer, I've found multiple logs for...
  26. H

    Need suggest regarding new Headphones (must be wired).

    Currently using Audio Technica ATH-M40 X with Creative SB X AE-5 Price range is 100-200 $. Mostly for films and Music (Rock and Metal). Must have good Bass, Thanks.
  27. G

    Email Gone after BSOD!

    I had a bad pool data BSOD after which all my mailboxes (*.mbx and *.toc) files disappeared from the system. What used to be gigs of emails, now gone! Ran a deleted file search, which turned up nothing. How does this happen and how can I fix it? I'm using Eudora OSE. I do have a backup, but it...
  28. R

    Is it time for me to upgrade?

    Specs: i5-4690 8GB DDR 3 Ram GTX 970 Is the 8700k coffee lake chip a big enough improvement to warrant an upgrade? I want single core at least 30% more powerful than my Haswell. Many thanks. Oh, I forgot to say, this is so I can go VR.
  29. G

    G.Skill Lays Claim To ‘World’s Fastest’ SO-DIMM Memory Kit For Mini-ITX Motherboards

    G.Skill has once again raised the bar for DDR4 SO-DIMM memory with the launch of three new Ripjaws memory kits that range from DDR4-3200 MHz to DDR4-3800 MHz. G.Skill Lays Claim To ‘World’s Fastest’ SO-DIMM Memory Kit For Mini-ITX Motherboards : Read more
  30. S

    Which is the better router in terms of reliability?

    I have come up with a list of routers. Trying to eliminate a few. Which among these is the better one in terms of reliability. I do not want some router which disconnects randomly, and so on. 1. TP-Link AC750 - Archer C2 2. Tp-Link Archer C5 AC1200 3. TP-Link AC1200 Archer C1200 4. TP-Link...
  31. P

    ssd not recognized

    Hello, I just put together a new rig. MSI B250M Pro-vd i3-7100 ddr4 8gb xfx 4gb gpu Asus drive san disk 32 gb ssd evga 600 psu I know the ssd is too small but I just want to see it work. The problem is when I turn it on I get to a MSI click bios screen. There is a list of SATA ports 1 thru 6...
  32. R

    Maybe we should do gardening more instead of buying "FUN" things?

    I am totally "digging" these microbes. I always wondered why gardening in general made me smile and be cheerful. Guessing not wearing gloves also helps?
  33. S

    Constant FPS drops

    My pc has been having constant lag and fps drops on any game i try to play (For Honor, Battlefield 1, PUBG, Overwatch etc) even on very low settings which confuses me because other friend that have similar builds do not get as much problems as i do and was wondering why i could be getting drops...
  34. Q

    CPU & MOBO change

    Hello there, I've got a couple of questions because I'm not really tech master. I recently upgraded my MOBO and CPU AMD -> i7-7700k + z270 carbon pro I've heard that it is necessary to reinstall windows. But I'm wondering, do the files in general ,for example games, stay the same? Will I be able...
  35. P

    my primary internal battery won't charge. Laptop only works while plugged in

    I called a repair shop and they told me that the primary internal battery is NOT the removable battery 0n the back of the computer, but an internal battery, hence the name. Is that true? They then told me that the don't sell batteries for a HP Pavillion Touchsmart 14 sleekbook anymore because...
  36. S

    [PC][2002-2006]First person shooter with 2 teams (red and blue)

    Platform(s): PC Genre: First person, shooter, real time strategy, some kind of futuristic Estimated year of release: 2002-2006 Graphics/art style: Map with 2 teams located on some kind of platform or margin of an mountain, red and blue teams, futuristic, with tunnels. Notable characters: -...
  37. H

    Speeds reduced today from 195mb download, to being limited to 95 max

    Bare with me because I don't know anything about networking really. - I use a Gigabit Ethernet Cable (Cat 6A). I should be getting 200 Download and 10 upload. - I fixed my internet this morning, and was getting 195mb download speeds with 10 upload for the very first time, when I was receiving...
  38. S

    What is the best Gtx 1050 ti?

    Out of these two what is the better one? Asus gtx 1050 ti or galax gtx 1050 ti
  39. G

    Force Friday Festivities Pair with Star Wars' AR App

    Happy Force Friday! The Force is strong with all the new "Star Wars" merchandise and other festivities you can find in stores worldwide this Labor Day weekend. Force Friday Festivities Pair with Star Wars' AR App : Read more
  40. I

    Can I change from a raid 0 to raid 5 setup down the line?

    Currently I am setting up a virtualization server for myself in a raid 0 array because it will mostly be used for hosting a game server for my friends and I. In a few months, I will have another hard drive or two and I would like to change the array from a raid 0 to a raid 5 so i can still have...