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  1. M

    Need help with Crosair 570X case fan management

    Hi there, I plan to build a pc for my first time. Here's the list: PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant CPU: Intel - Core i7-7820X 3.6GHz 8-Core Processor ($599.00 @ B&H) CPU Cooler: Thermaltake - Water 3.0 Riing RGB 360 40.6 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler ($157.99 @ SuperBiiz)...
  2. D

    What's the max power usage

    Does anybody know the max power consumption of G4560 and the RX 550 Pulse combined would 350w be enough if it's enough i was looking at Corsair VS350 any good?
  3. A

    Will my current PC bottleneck the ASUS ROG 1080ti Strix

    I'm planning to do a 2-gen upgrade for my PC which has specs: - Intel Core i7 4770 (non k) 3.4Ghz - 16 GB DDR3 1600mhz Ram - Asus Z87 Pro mobo - Corsair 750W PSU (platinum graded) The question is since the CPU and Ram is sooooo last-gen... will they be able to work well with the 1080ti?
  4. T

    R9 290 Temperatures

    Hey, My now 3 year old Gigabyte R9 290 OC Windforce has been reaching 84 degrees constantly, even with the lightest of gaming. When I set my fans to 100% it still reaches 84 degrees and throttles by lowering the core clock from the default 1040 to sub 900. I was wondering if I could maybe...
  5. P

    Intake or Exhaust on a mini itx case

    I have a mini itx case with a h60 for the CPU which is a i7-4790. The motherboard I have only has room for one more fan outside the radiator. Should I use this one more fan which is mounted on the side as an intake or exhaust. I do no over clocking and the GPU is a 1070.
  6. LePenguin01

    Windows 10 won't boot after a BSOD error.

    Yesterday, I put my pc to sleep to save some important work for the next day. This morning, I turned it on and I got a BSOD error that said something about "memory". Sadly, I didnt get time to take a snap of it or read it. Later on I turned it on and goes to automatic repair. I tried every...
  7. M

    Benchmark Freezing Issue

    I am testing my Cpu using cpu benchmark on Steam game RUSE. I have i7 7700k and Evga Gtx 1070 ftw. For some reason as soon as the benchmark reaches a certain point it freezes and I don't know why. I double checked to make sure Gpu was seated properly and it is and checked all wiring and nothing...
  8. E

    1080p 14hz help

    i have an acer monitor that supports 144hz refresh rate. It only has a dual link dvi input though. Will dual link be ok for 144hz refresh and 144fps and or above on the fps side?? this is at 1080p thanks
  9. A

    Good graphics card under 60

    I would like to have a graphics card under 60 which can run GTA V on 60 fps in very low + 720p Cpu is i3-6100 Ram is 4gb
  10. S

    Windows 10 update problems

    I have been letting this go for a while and its finally catching up. I had a problem installing windows update KB4019472. I tried almost everything I have read on the forums and even did a reinstall of windows 10 and that didn't fix it. I let it go thinking when a new update came out I would...
  11. P

    Router with 1gbps+ throughput and good security?

    I started with a NightHawk R7000 and upgraded to a Meraki MX65W. Which the Nighthawk would see 1gbps on client machines but it's security is weak and not very feature rich. The Meraki on the other-hand has excellent security features but extremely slow (200mbps) for a $1200 appliance. Is there...
  12. B

    Low internet speed on computer only

    Recently my computer has run into a problem where it is only using half of the internets full speed. We have bad internet at 6mb/s and when I test this on the computer it is only 2.7mb/s, I tried testing on different devices and it always reaches 6mb/s. On my computer I am using a wired...
  13. B

    Cant get replacement ssd for smart status hdd to work-no display upon boot

    Hello, I recently received a smart alert on my asus rog g20 so I decided to replace the hdd with a 250gb samsung 850 evo ssd. The ssd arrived and I successfully migrated the contents of my old drive using a sata to usb cable. I shut down and opened up the case, and put the ssd exactly where the...
  14. M

    Is I3 2120 good match for RX 460

    Is this a good match and will this cpu be able to play GTA 5 high settings 30+FPS?
  15. S

    Help finding comparable circuit board relay

    I have a Dreammaker Spa with a bad relay, but I cant find the same relay online Zettler AZ762-1A-15D, the manufacturer Dreammaker only sells the complete circuit board for about $300 to $400. I can solder it in, not a problem, just unsure of replacement relay. I can find the larger relay and...
  16. A

    Asus mobo/ram compatibility

    Hello all, just recently built a new pc and encountering some annoying issues with ram detection and board oc ability. PC specs: Mobo: asus z170 pro gaming/aura CPU: Intel i7-7700k Cooler: thermaltake water 3 aio Ram: G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 32GB (4 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3000 (PC4...
  17. L

    Does my mobo supports crossfire?

    I own an asus z170-ar mobo, I saw that it supports SLI but I don't know about crossfire, it would help me if anyone knows it so I can choose if I upgrade my gpu to nvidia or amd.
  18. D

    Does this monitor fit my GPU? Quick question

    Does this screen fit with my GeForce Nvidia GTX 760 4GB MSI card? Asus 24" LED FreeSync VG245HE - Thanks ahead!
  19. A

    Gaming pc upgrading with aprox. 250$

    Hello, dear pc experts or "Tomshardware" users. I decided to upgrade my pc because i got a bit money, aprox. 150$ ( aprox. 100$ i will get when i'll sell my graphics card ) My PC specs: Processor: Intel core i5-4460 3.2 Ghz Graphics: Gigabyte gtx 750ti 4gb GDDR5 Windforce 2x Ram : 8GB Case ...
  20. M

    Win10 Random BSOD .. at my wits end

    Hi I am pretty much a pc novice, I bought a bundle new from CCL UK back in Nov 16 which just needed win10 installing. I installed Win10 and worked fine for a month or so then i started getting BSOD maybe twice a day, i have read many things on here about BSOD and i think i have tried most of...
  21. B

    Is this rig good?

    I need somebody's opinion. I will probably buy this rig. Rig : Intel i5 6600k MSI B150M Mortar Cooler Master TX3 EVO Asus Dual RX 480 Toshiba 1TB HDD Kingston 120GB SSD Chieftec GPE-600S ECO TT Versa n21 I'm new to this so please help me.
  22. H

    Svchosts full cpu usage

    I have installed a fresh copy of Win 8.1 Ent x64 , but after the installtion im getting full cpu usage by svc host file. i used task manager to find the location of the file and it was placed in Windows/Temp folder rather than its usual location and my pc started lagging while gaming. Tried to...
  23. R

    Can I connect tanoy 201 to Marantz 1606

    I have a Marantz 1606 want connect it tanoy 201 5.1 speakers. Does it match up
  24. S

    Need help with deciding new headphones.

    I currently have a pair of Razer Kraken 7.1 headphones, and as the quality is so amazing, it has a lot of cons. For example, the wire is garbage. Always is tangled, and cannot fathom how annoying it is when I'm trying to straighten the cord out and accidentally rip out the USB cable. Also, when...
  25. P

    Cables on the kraken x61???

    Ill be quick and simple. Im installing everything in my new rig (link below) and i cant seem to figure out where all the cables with the nzxt kraken x61 AIO water cooler should connect. the thing is. i have the h440 case (nzxt also) and it has 4 preinstalled fans, which are connected to the fan...
  26. _MrLilNik_

    Computer performance very poor

    Hi everyone! I have a 16gb (4x4) hyperx Ram no XMP profile that i have created loaded and i have been experiencing a overall slower PC not by a lot,It happened after a failed overclock, but i think the CPU is fine but the usage of the CPU is spiking lately but noticeable, could be that i just...
  27. bgunner

    Help finding Vista Home Premium x64 ISO.

    So I need help tracking down a legit copy of Windows Vista Home Premium x64 because I just put together my old Core 2 Duo system and my Disk that had 64 bit on it got all scratched up by my kid. I have multiple copies of 32 bit and the OEM code for the system but I can not seem to find the ISO...
  28. B

    Let me get your thoughts on proposed upgrades to my build

    I am looking to upgrade my PC and monitors in order to run some of the newer games on max and do a little bit of streaming. I'm not really sure about the motherboard and the 1080 card so could i get some input on that? FYI- I'm only getting the water cooling because someone is giving it to me...
  29. I

    Xfinitywifi connected but no internet

    Wifi only works in one room. Signal excellent In every room But only connects to internet in one room in the house. I'm an xfinity customer trying to connect to hotspot near job, I don't have access to router . I tried changing DNS to and no luck. Ip is I'm...
  30. M

    Usb 3.0 trouble connecting to mobo

    Hi. I have an Antec Nine Hundred 2 V3 case. The cable to connect the front USB 3.0 ports to the motherboard is an actual usb male cable, not a pin cable. How do I connect this to my mobo as it doesn't have a USB socket, only pin connectors. Do I need to by an adapter or does it plug into the...
  31. M

    seagate 2tb hdd problem

    hello, i have seagate 2tb hdd and tried installing windows to it. the hardware gets detected in bios, i have been trying to load windows 7 to it but stops midway .." window is loading" gets pass and then select language screen post up , after the click next , it gets stuck at "setup is...
  32. B

    3 pci slots in mini motherboard

    now i m selecting cooler elite 130 case but this Asrock X99E-ITX Motherboard has only 1 pcie slot i needed 3 slot for graphic card , dvi capture , blackmagic which other motherboard has 2 or 3 slots and same powerful as asrock x99 that can fit into elite 130 case or Lian Li PC-TU300 case
  33. UltraFireFX

    [SOLVED] 2008 iMac - broken hard drive - need to reinstall Mac OS X on an external hard drive.

    I've been given a 2008 iMac (Apple's site said it was from 2008), however, it seems to have a broken hard drive, I've been trying to install mac to an external hard drive and get it to boot of of that for a few weeks now with no luck, any ideas?
  34. K

    Building New PC

    Hello guys, I just want to ask that, I want to build a new PC so I have 3 options so which option should I choose and my purpose is only gaming. First option - is to purchase a rx 470 (4gb) with my current specs My current specs are amd phenom ii x4 945 , gigabyte 78lmt-s2pt , 8gb ram , 750 ti...
  35. G

    Motherboard and Cpu change lag-low fps problem

    Hi!i have just changed my mother board from Asus to Gigabyte P35C-DS3 with cpu Intel core 2 Duo e6850 3.00GHz and graphics card-Nvidia Geforce 9600 GT 512mb.I made a clean install of windows again so i dont have any problems with the drivers.My problem is that games that i used to play like...
  36. O

    Suggestions for 1151 Motherboard ?

    At first i was thinking of getting the ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Hero, then i realized it seems to be overpriced. Now i am looking at the MSI Gaming Z170A GAMING M5, and it seems fine, but i'm not sure. I have been looking at different motherboards for weeks now to no success. Every single...
  37. C

    Toshiba sattelite c650 17v

    i opened this laptop to clean it after put it all back in the laptop working but the display doesnt work but it lights but no image thanks
  38. Commandermadi

    Desperate for help - inability to boot through my HDD and my WINDOWS cd as well

    So I have been literally trying to fix my windows not being able to boot at all for more than 12 hours straight till now. I almost read every single article and troubleshooting step on the web to find a solution but nothing seems to work. I will keep it short as much as I can. I was playing the...
  39. M

    Thank You Everyone

    Hello all, I just thought I would take some of my time to write thread to thank everyone who helped me on my build. It was my first build ever, and everyone here was very knowledgeable and fast to respond. I've had this PC now for 4-5 months give or take, and I am extremely happy with the...
  40. J

    Only one type of graphics card works on my computer

    Hello, this is my first post on this website, so I apologize if I leave out any important information. My computer has an Nvidia GTX 660. It was working for about 3 or 4 years until relatively recently, the screen flickered and said that the display driver was successfully recovered. It did...