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  1. Flare8357

    Question MSI Afterburner memory clock stuck

    Been looking up for still no luck. Tried changing extended MSI / third party Reinstalled MSI Afterburner Reinstalled drivers All nothing. Also, the CPU "Package" to check the overall temperature for my CPU on HWiNFO and HWMonitor doesn't exist. Edit: I tried adding a GIF[gyazo] as a sample...
  2. teeteemo

    [SOLVED] i7-12700k random temperature spike on idle

    Hi! I just want to know if this is normal. I just notice while watching HWMonitor for 10mins straight (idle), my idle temp is around 27c~30c but there is one time or 2 times that the temperature spikes to 44c then go back to 28c instantly, and I saw that the Windows 11 widget process suddenly...
  3. ccqueen

    [SOLVED] i9-10900k core temp difference

    Hello all. Just completed a build running a 10900k (turbos up to 5.1GHz) and Noctua NH-D15. Everything went well during the install; put the right amount of thermal paste using Noctua's included NT-H1 and eyeballed it the best I could when it came to lowering the heatsink onto the CPU. Once I...
  4. R

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 5 3600 weird voltage fluctuations. I have not overclocked so any help would be great.

    So I recently upgraded my PC to the following Ryzen 5 3600 Asus Prime B550m-a Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3200Mhz EVGA GTX 1060 6gb (This was not upgraded) The only thing that I did was enabled DOCP to recognize the correct ram speed. When I installed the ram I noticed that it was only recognizing...
  5. Aviator466

    [SOLVED] Am I stable at 1.18v?

    Hey So I'm quite confused - I'm on an ASUS TUF B450M-Plus Gaming with a R5 2600X, and I'm just trying to squeeze a bit extra out of my all core speeds, as they always stick around 4GHz. Looked into this a bit and tried to OC. Used Ryzen Master to work out a stable voltage for 4.1GHz, which was...
  6. [SOLVED] CPU-Z & Hwinfo64 show DDR4-3200 clocked at 1600Mhz but Task Manager show 2666Mhz

    Hi guys, I'm going to buy secondary slot ram but i confused about my ram information. what is the right ram should i buy? My device is MSI GF63 Thin 9SCSR 883ID. CPU-Z & Hwinfo64 show DDR4-3200 clocked at 1600Mhz but Task Manager show 2666Mhz Task Manager information CPU-Z information...
  7. I

    Question HWMONITOR CPU

    Something weird is happening to me, whenever I open CPUID HWMonitor, my temp is at 90-95. It is never that high at any point while I am using my pc other than when I open the application, and after a few seconds it goes back down to normal. Could this mean that the temperature has been at 90-95...
  8. S

    [SOLVED] Please decipher my HWMonitor report?

    Would someone take a look and see if everything looks good? Temps normal? all cores normal? Etc? Thanks CPUID HWMonitor Report ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Binaries ------------------------------------------------------------------------- HWMonitor...
  9. Matt Stark

    Question HWMonitor to high CPUTIN but in stress is ok

    Hello, I have I7 2770K and motherboard ASUS P8Z68-V LX. When PC is not in stress the CPUTIN is hight about 80 C but in stress the temprature shows in CPUTIN is ok about 45 C. All the core temperature in both cases are ok. It is something wrong with HWMonitor or with motherboard sensor? print...
  10. N

    Question 3800X Temp and Core Clocks

    Hi guys, recently upgraded my system with the Ryzen 7 3800X and a MSI MPG X570 Pro Carbon MOBO. My question is what software do you use to monitor the temperature as well as core clocks of the CPU? I have HWMonitor which I always used before and AMD Ryzen Master running and both softwares are...
  11. D

    [SOLVED] HWMonitior, Speccy, and CPUID issues

    HWMonitor is no longer showing ANY reading, it just shows the name of my PC. CPUID gets stuck at 2% when loading, and then fails with a "Mutex locked" error, then opens but does not display anything. Speccy also opens, and shows some info, but CPU, RAM, Motherboard, and GPU, reading simply say...
  12. W

    [SOLVED] i have an i9 9900k but only shows as 4 cores 8 threads

    ok so task manager shows up as 4 cores and 8 threads but its sup[posed to be 8 cores 16 threads and msconfig shows 8 prossecors active
  13. Question RTX 2080 Ti - Performance Limit - HWMonitor

    Hello. I need some help with something I didn't find anywhere. Just got myself a new card, Asus 2080 Ti Strix. I know what the Power Limit, Temp Limit and Utilization Limit do. Also I know that 1 = Yes and 0 = No. But for Reliable Voltage and Operational Voltage Limit, I have no clue what "1"...
  14. E

    Question Cpu 100c in bios. 54c in HWmonitor

    I have an i5 7400 and gigabyte GA-B250M-DS3H motherboard which is showing my cpu temp at 100c in the bios and around 54c in HWmonitor? Using a stock intel cooler and it's properly mounted as I've checked twice plus nothing feels very hot when touching the cooler
  15. D

    Question CPU is not looking good

    Hi there, Could anyone please advise some steps I can take to try and save my processor? I suddenly began experiencing bad performance all round a couple weeks back. I am not above replacing it if needed but would like to use that as a last resort. Here is my initial benchmark...
  16. S

    cooler master q300p vs thermaltake view27

    i need help please for better air flow which would be good? i am pairing i5 8400 with gigabyte b360m mobo and msi aero 1080 which of them would be better airflow wise, don't worry about number of fans i will have hd 120 corsair 3fans with them. and which would be better overall?
  17. R

    I have sj5 sound bar, it possible to connect tv and dvd player to sound bar using 1 in 2 way out adapter

    I have lg sj5 sound bar, is it possible to connect tv and dvd player to sound bar using 1 in 2 way out adapter
  18. D

    Can I put a 240 gb kingston a400 sdd into the m.2 slot onto the B360M D3H motherboard

    And if not is there any real difference in performance
  19. J

    laptop won't boot

    so my laptop i have been working on died but when i plugged it back in it wouldn't boot up so i reseated the cpu, ram, hard drive and cleaned it but nothing seems to work, the fans spin up and you can hear the hard drive but after 5 or 6 seconds it completely shuts off there are no beeps or...
  20. S

    URGENT PLEASE HELP! Cleaned my PC and now HWMonitor says my CPU temp is 98c

    Long story short I cleaned my PC a few hours ago with an air duster and damp cloth. I don’t think I touched anything with the damp cloth that would have hurt it and it’s been a few hours since then anyway. When I boot up my PC and open HWMonitor it says all my cores are are 95-100c (200f) My...
  21. S

    Safe to run window unit and pc in same room?

    Im not sure where to put this thread but is it safe to run a pc and a window unit ac at the same time on different outlets in the same room? I looked in my breaker box but it doesn't help. It just gives a list from 150 amps down to 40 and theres no clear diagram of my one bed/bath apt. My specs...
  22. S

    Want to buy laptop

    So i want to buy a laptop. I am living in Greece. Its for home using purposes, meaning a little light gaming, a lot of surfing and some word and excel uses. I dont care about the size of it. I am hoping for a 1980x1060 resolution, but its not that important to me. I want it to have 8gb ram...
  23. C

    Saving up to build a pc. Need opinions please

    Hey guys! I am saving up to build my own PC for the future and need some opinions on this PC build I put together. https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/YxpksJ I want to ask are there any suggestions that I can improve the build with or are there any cheaper parts I can get with the same...
  24. nathanstrainrocks

    Concerning SSD Brands

    I am looking into getting a new SSD to replace one of mine that has failed. I am currently looking at these https://www.amazon.com/SanDisk-Ultra-2-5-Inch-Height-SDSSDHII-480G-G25/dp/B00M8ABFX6 https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820228143 I don't know which i should go for...
  25. D

    i7 3930k vs e5 2670

    Hello i want to ask which cpu will be better for gaming.i7 3930k i will maybe oc it to 4ghz or i just go with 8 core e5 2670.I can get e5 2670 for 120 euros about 130 us dollars and 3930k for 160 euros about 170 us dollars.I will mainly use it for gaming.Thanks for answers
  26. S

    Power phase of GPU

    What is meant by power phase of the GPU? I found that the EVGA GTX 1060 variants with different power phases 3+1, 4+1 and 6+1. Does the better value help to protect the card and last longer? Which one should I choose? 1. SSC 2. SC
  27. 7

    Windows using high memory cache and high amounts of page faults

    My resource monitor is displaying about 3GB of RAM being used all the time and 1.7GB cached currently, this number (1.9GB after typing that) keeps rising from startup. System also displays hundreds of hard faults/second which I disabled but didn't sort out the problem of high memory usage. I've...
  28. G

    Ultrawide with GTX 960

    So I have a MSi Gaming GTX 960 4GB and I'd like to get a LG 29UM58-P ultrawide screen. Is this resolution just a bit more challenging or won't I be able to hit 55+ fps at high with some filters lowered?
  29. ozanuyan

    Windows 7 doesn't allow any driver installations unless I'm in safe mode.

    I have to go into safe mode to install any and all drivers and Win7 uses those drivers to detect the hardware in normal mode, but it won't let me install any drivers at all in normal mode. This includes, motherboard chipset, GPU (Nvidia), USB devices, cameras and anything else. I have no...
  30. D

    Is this monitor good?

    I play both competitive and casual games and decided that IPS will benefit me more than a fast refresh rate. Generally, will the Dell S2415h suit my gaming needs for the years to come?
  31. G

    How to Maximize the Life of My RAID 1 Array

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum, though not to Tom's Hardware. I have more of a hypothetical question as opposed to a specific problem. My system consists of one SSD set up as a Windows 7 boot drive and two HDDs in RAID 1 configuration being used for file storage. I access files on the hard...
  32. Y

    Software to share notes between shift in office

    hi everybody, I work in an office with about 20 colleagues in 3 shifts (morning, afternoon, night, as usual) I need a free software for broadcast notes between us something light and fast that's always on, when I want to share notes with the others, I want to simply write the note that will...
  33. D

    Can these specs run average games, and GTA V at 20-30 FPS

    Im planning on upgrading my pc, right now I can play some games and im about to upgrade some parts, can these specs run GTA V at 20-30FPS and average games Current specs: EVGA 430w Power supply MSI AM1I Mobo (planning to upgrade to ASUS H81M-A) EVGA Geforce gt 610 (planning to upgrade to EVGA...
  34. moondawg009

    Nvidia DSR Resolutions

    Hi everyone I recently upgraded to a 980ti and was trying to see what this Nvidia feature was all about. I was looking for an option to try out 1440p but it seems with the DSR it will only allow me to use 2715x1527 which i thought was odd since I've never seen this resolution before. I use a...
  35. Z

    Maximum Frequency help.

    My power settings for plugged in and on battery says 100% for both min and max but when I go to resmon it shows 29% even when doing extreme tasks, anyway to fix it?
  36. C

    Is SEASONIC S12II 520 - 520W 80PLUS BRONZE enough for ASUS GeForce GTX 970 STRIX ?

    I've never used this site, so forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong area. Here my old PC specs : CPU : core I5 3350P 3.10GHz RAM : 8 GB Mainboard : GIGABYTE B75-D3V Case : CM –RC K380 with 3 120mm fans 3 HDD & 2 monitors PSU: SEASONIC S12II 520 - 520W 80PLUS BRONZE – ACTIVE PFC My friend gave...
  37. kcarbotte

    Thanks To Lytro Immerge, Cinematic VR Is About To Get Much More Immersive

    Lytro Immerge is a professional light field camera that can record lifelike scenes and recreate them in 3D space, allowing for six degrees of freedom within the environment. Thanks To Lytro Immerge, Cinematic VR Is About To Get Much More Immersive : Read more
  38. R

    How to access local disk E

    I have win. 7 professional and i can`t open local disk E.If i click E it is said that E is not accessible.
  39. M

    Fresh install of windows 8 now freezes at random

    I recently reinstalled windows 8 because of a problem with my PC, and now it freezes at random times. It doesn't shut off or anything, just freezes until I manually turn it off. I originally thought it was an issue with air flow, but core temp displays a temperature of around 30 to 40 degrees C...
  40. A

    My OS is in disk 1 is it bad?

    ok i have a wd green and bought a new wd blue and when i installed wd blue it became disk 0 and wd green became disk 1(where the boot files are)....is it bad to have boot files in disk 1 (here is a screenshot of diskmanangement http://imgur.com/25medWx ) o i made a mistake and made my wd blue...