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  1. V

    Removing battery resets

    I reset my computer by removing battery after a friend's advice, and it worked to reset it, It it did NOT just reset the time and date. My computer was totally blank before i did this.
  2. N

    How many watts does my computer's volume/audio give out to speakers?

    Just looking for an estimate for a typical Dell system (Realtek high definition audio or Dell audio), how many watts is it giving out to speakers/headphones? 5 watts, 20 watts, 50 watts?
  3. Jovan93

    AMD FX-8350 1st processor 100%

    Is this common problem with CPUs? Every time my 1st processor is doing 100% (while gaming) all others (7) are doing around 60-85%. I need to do an affinity to get things back to normal, why is it doing this? It's OC'ed to 4.630MHz, everything is stable and i have good temps. Considering that...
  4. delladunday

    i7 870 overheating

    Alright so i got about a 5 year old system, and the stupid person i am has taken the cpu cooler off more than once its just the stock intel cpu cooler, anyway iv only recently been notified of having to reapply thermal paste every time so at the moment its like i have a dried up rice cracker in...
  5. DarvinKManwah

    OS Boot on M.2 x4 Gen-3 SSDs with 32Gb/s

    Hey guys, I'm putting a new system together and was wondering about the new M.2 x4 Gen-3 SSDs with 32Gb/s. I don't see much talk about it recently. Should one consider getting one?Would you recommend booting my OS off of it? Would I really see a performance difference? This is the Mobo I'm...
  6. LilWhiteChris

    Are any parts of my computer good/usable?

    I'm thinking about doing my first computer build, I already have a Hp Pavilion that's about 3 years old at the time it cost me roughly £1700 so it wasn't cheap. I just wondered if anyone could tell me whether or not Any of the parts inside are reusable to make a new rig! I already have changed...
  7. B

    cannot partition evo 840 ssd macbook 2009

    the drive was recognized BUT I could not partition or erase it? Now it does not show up in disk utilities and I am stuck? Looking to save this mac if you can help? thanks
  8. P

    gtx 970 4 way sli

    I want to make a gtx 970 four-way sli for 3 monitors... Its possible? what cpu, mb and ram is recommended for this build? Thank you!
  9. T

    Video card does not send video to display?

    I have a relatively old card, a geforce gt 630 and I tried it in my Gateway, win 8 rig and I plugged in all the cables correctly. But my monitor received no signal? I had to remove the card and hook the VGA back into the integrated ports and it worked. I let a certified PC tech take a peck at it...
  10. K

    Memory card error

    I have used a scandisk SDHC memory card with my Nikon D5100 for about a year. It was having photos for 3.7GB. Today when I connect it to my PC through a card reader (as I always do), it showed me the photos in it. I have selected few photo & copy them to my PC. When I try to paste them I got an...
  11. M

    First time build, can you help optimize it? £700 budget

    Hi, im fairly new to this scene and threw this build together. I would appreciate if I could get some help making it more efficient and maybe cutting some costs to get it below £650, thanks! http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/DydqP6 Edit: I would mainly use the PC for Gaming, and would be using dual...
  12. Arishok N7

    Which company makes the best performance 780 card?

    There are so many different forms of the 780. I might upgrade to one, it's just which one should I upgrade to. It's quite simple, which one will give me the best frames in a game overall.
  13. L

    Help with CyberPowerPC

    I've been trying to order a PreBuilt off of CyberPowerPC after hearing that they are slightly better than every other company, and came up with this. http://www.cyberpowerpc.com/saved/1FWLXT I'm only interested in hearing about whether or not the config itself is good or not. If anybody has...
  14. akiranyo

    Geforce 750 but which?

    Greetings. I use my computer mainly for work - Photoshop/Illustrator and anime watching (h264, MP4 -720/1080p) but also I like to play ocassionally games on Steam. My usual aim by a GPU was being quiet, with reasonable TDP. And of course always only nVidia, they just seem more compatible me as...
  15. O

    SSHD Requirements B85 Chipset

    Like the title says, can you run an sshd on a b85 chipset even without intel srt caching?
  16. A

    Laptop reccomendation gaming

    Budget is 1299 15-17 inch is ok Hi res but not too hires to limit the hardware but I want a high quality screen Desktop replacement 2 hours is ok Yes yes yes I want to play games at high Video editing would be my other activities coding 750gb to 1tb Mxm is needed 1.5 to two years at least DVD is...
  17. deadlyghost

    Has anyone tried overclocking it?

    I was wondering if it is a good idea to overclock Zotac GTX 650Ti Amp! Edition 2GB ? Yeah I know that it is factory overclocked but still if you can overclock it a little bit far ? Anyone tried?
  18. H

    External portable HDD not working?

    I had an old dell lappy which stopped working so I took the 120GB Toshiba hdd out and made it into a portable hdd now it was working fine and still does but in my pc which has Windows Vista and a 400W PSU it seems that its not getting power since i cant hear the spin but a click click noise but...