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Page 2 - Forum discussion tagged with i7-6700K.
  1. P

    Laptop battery percentage suddenly not increasing + Unwarned shutdowns

    I woke up yesterday with this problem. I have an Asus Vivobook x540N. The battery can't be removed easily, and I am not good at doing it manually. It used to work perfectly, So this got me scratching my head because it's sudden.
  2. T

    Is it OK to connect one 3-way RGB splitter to another?

    Hello. I have a CM MasterBox Pro 5 RGB case with three RGB fans and a CM ML120L liquid CPU cooler with an RGB fan and RBG lit pump logo. The case came with a 3-way splitter which I connected directly to my motherboard's RGB header (MSI Z370 Gaming Plus). The cooler has two RGB components and...
  3. 6

    Assetto Corsa: x360ce not working & other issues

    Hello, I have a USB controller I want to play Assetto Corsa with. x360ce works with almost every other game. With Assetto Corsa it has some issues. 1) with the latest x360ce version: I start the software, and nothing appears in it. it's like a blank page. this happens only in Assetto Corsa's...
  4. S

    i5 8600k at unstable 40 degrees idle, high 60s during gaming (fortnite)

    I have the masterliquid ml120l, 3 case fans and a gtx 1080. z370-h motherboard Why is my cpu temps so high? Side question: I have 8x2 gigs of RAM, but only 1 shows up? missplaced? I have them in A1 and B1. I belive that the temps are unstable because i applied to much thermal paste? or does that...
  5. W

    PWM splitter, do I also connect the molex?

    Hi I bought a Gelid Solutions PWM 1-to-4 Splitter today to combine the 3 front casefans I have. Now the package is rather vague but I see the cable has a 4pin pwm and a molex cable on one end for the psu. I do know that my mobo fanheader (the 4pin pwm) has enough volts to carry multiple fans so...
  6. P

    Can I use a hard drive with Windows installed on a new build?

    This is probably a stupid question but I'm VERY new to pc building. I'm about to build my first pc, if I boot it up with my previous hard drive that has Windows 10 installed what will happen?
  7. L

    Would a G650M 650 Watt PSU be enough to run an EVGA GTX 1080?

    Hello all, I am thinking of getting this PSU to replace my old 500w PSU so I can run my new 1080 which will in turn replace my 970. Would a 650w PSU run a 1080? Here are my computer specs: https://support.hp.com/ro-en/document/c04818332 Here is the new graphics card...
  8. M

    Is it really true that Newegg sometimes sell products used by other customers as new?

    Hello, some components such as RAM and PSU that I want are only available via 3rd party sellers in Amazon. Newegg has components sold and ship by Newegg. However, on the internet, I read some posts from customers that Newegg sometimes ship components used by other customers as if they were new...
  9. K

    I’m unable to update my graphics card

    Ok so I really have no idea what I’m doibg but anyways I have an AMD Raedon(TM) HD 8610G and whenever I log into a game it tells me that ‘there is a known error with this known graphics card’ and I know there’s an update, however whenever I go to check for updates (I even have automatic updates...
  10. D

    Confused about Blank System Install?

    Very confused here about Windows 10 install...I have a new computer build that has NOTHING on the hard drives and need to install OS. I’m used to buying a full on Windows disk, popping that in, and installing the OS. Doesn’t seem to be an option with 10 and they are going on about creating...
  11. K

    Computer audio jacks not working

    I am using a Sennheiser HD558 with a V-MODA Boompro microphone attached with an adapter between. Even with all the jacks firmly attached, there is no sound output even though it shows that the microphone and the headphones are detected in the Realtek Audio Manager. Then, I tried to plug it into...
  12. D

    I have a BIG problem

    Hello! I have a BIG problem with my computer. Every time I start my computer the screen just freeze.The only think I can do is pull the cable off.I reinstalled the Windows but still nothing.You are my last hope. Thanks! Windows 10 home v.10.0.16299 System type x64-based PC Processor AMD...
  13. computerwiz2531

    Teredo adapter missing.

    Hello, I've been trying to use the Xbox Live party chat on Windows 10, and under Settings > Network in the Xbox app, there is an error saying that my Teredo is unable to qualify. I googled it and tried multiple fixes, although I have found nothing. My Teredo is MISSING ENTIRELY. I've enabled...
  14. F

    Windows slows down to a crawl, screens go black, random restarts... any help?

    Hello, my computer keeps restarting randomly. Sometimes the screens go black and never come back, having to force reset. Other times they come back after a while. I've updated the graphics drivers (after this started happening). I've updated to a better antivirus, looked for spyware, nothing...
  15. A

    Gaming PC without dedicated GPU(for now)

    Hey guys, How about this build? Really wanted GTX 1060 but it's not worth the price. Anyways until now I was gaming on geforce 210 so I think I can manage with integrated GPU for now and wait for Volta. Please don't tell me to go for cheaper CPU and a GPU. I feel waiting would be better. Just...
  16. H

    Enable overclocking in hp Elitebook 8570p

    Hey guys, I have a hp elitebook 8570p and i want to overclock it and i cant find the overclocking option in the bios so does it support overclocking or not. if it supports then how do i enable it. :) :) :) :)
  17. C

    Games Crashing to desktop

    Hello! So basically my problem is that when ever I play any game that I have on my windows 10 pc they all crash to desktop around 2-3 min in of playing or even sometimes random. I have tried to factory reset my pc still happened also even tried installing windows to another Hard drive and also...
  18. S

    PSU Wattage same Price

    I'm looking to replace my current PSU(which is having voltage fluctutation issues after 7 years of use) and have settled on 2 possible options.The Corsair RMi750w or the Corsair RMi850w. These are the only 2 high end options available where I live(even online).No EVGA PSU available(except for...
  19. S

    So which one is better for gaming?

    So which one is better for gaming,Sapphire RADEON RX 580 8GB GDDR5 PULSE,or Gtx 1060 6gb?
  20. H

    Laptop Power Issue

    So basically im a little skeptical posting on this site because every time I do no one answers me but here goes nothing i just bought a HP pavillion laptop and I was playing GTAV on it while it was plugged in. Basically i got a notification on it saying my battery was almost dead which didnt...