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    Question Should I buy this?

    Hi, so i am looking to upgrade my computer in the coming weeks and my friend's brother has a whole pc without the gpu he is willing to sell. The only thing I know about the Computer is that it comes with a I7-6700k. i own a 5700xt, would this bottleneck the cpu? What would I expect the...
  2. T

    Question PC won't turn on sometimes when pressing the power button.

    This has been happening over the last few days, and I've had this computer for the last year or so. The lights are lit on the motherboard and I even have a couple of earbuds charging on the front panel of the PC. However, when I press the power button the computer doesn't start. After a few...
  3. Z

    Question i7-6700K voltages & temp issues

    Specs: Motherboard: ASUS Z170-A CPU: i7-6700K @ 4.00 GHz Cooler: Corsair Hydro H110i RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3000MHz I recently started getting high temps with my setup, idling at around 70C. Ruling out cooling problems (reapplied thermal paste, cleaned off dust), what...
  4. Question No video signal on my ASUS Z170-Deluxe iGPU outputs & no HDMI signal on my RX 5700 output

    Hi! I have 2 monitors connected with DP. I only get outputs on my dGPU's DP ports, not on my onboard outputs (DP and HDMI) AND not on my RX 5700 HDMI port. (I have drivers installed and it's not working from BIOS) Once I got signal from my mobo outputs, it's just bad. It's worked on a day...
  5. G

    [SOLVED] GTX 2080 or i7-8086k for upgrade?

    So I'm looking to make my next "big" purchase for my system, but I'm stuck on which route to take. Currently, I'm rolling with a 6700k and a 1070 in my build. This has served me well so far since I only do 1080p, but newer open world games - which are my preference at the moment - are starting...
  6. Y

    Question Overclocking i7-6700k

    Hello! I've had the i7-6700k and an Asus z-170a motherboard for about 2 years now. I never touched overclocking it and would like to. It sits at 4.0 base and I was wondering if it would stress it to push it to 4.5? And will I see a reasonable increase in games for it to be worth? and if so, How...
  7. Y

    Question Overclocking i7-6700k

    Hello! im looking to overclock my i7-6700k, it currently sits at 4.0ghz and id like to push it up to 4.5-4.6. i watched a guide with my motherboard(asus z170-a) and they said to put the voltage at 1.345. I am very new to overclocking so i dont wanna do anything without confirmation from recent...
  8. Mörtti

    Question How much differences does overclock make on i7-6700k?

    Hey, I wonder how big differences are there between i7-6700k 4ghz and 4.6ghz?
  9. Mörtti

    Question why my fps is so low with gtx 1080 and i7-6700k

    I play fortnite with 1080p monitor of 144hz. My pc specs are gtx 1080 i7-6700k 16gb ram 256gb SSD 1TB HDD and i cant even reach 240+ fps in fortnite. Sometimes my fps drops to under 144. Why it does that when im having good pc?
  10. dopemoney

    Question bought i7-6700k early 2016

    so i am curious about the forum's thoughts on upgrading my cpu. as a starter, i will say that it appears not necessary for me now. my cpu is still lightning fast and has shown no indication of slowing down these past 3 years. is it possible that we have reached a point in technology hardware...
  11. C

    Question RTX 2080TI and i7-6600k Build

    I recently upgraded my PC build with a Zotac RTX 2080TI GPU. I am worried that one of my old PC parts are causing a bottleneck with the GPU disallowing it to give me the maximum FPS. I currently have the following build: CPU: I7-6700K 4.0 GHZ 8M Cache FAN: CPU Frozer L GPU: Zotac RTX 2080 TI...
  12. M

    Question RAM not working...

    Hi guys I just bought Corsair Vengence 1600mhz 2x4GB ram modules. Link - to the ram in amazon.co.uk My Motherboard is G41C-VS Mini ATX. I tried switching the jumper to 2-3 aint working. Reset CMOS with jumper and with battery still nothing. It makes the beep normal sound and everything like it...
  13. G

    [SOLVED] Will able to install windows?

    I have bought a WIndows 10 CD Key from Microsoft i have linked it to my account. I am planning to change PC but i have lost the CD Key if I login to my account will I still have certified Windows?
  14. chris987

    Discussion new forum layout first encounter....!!!!

    im literally lost..... haha...!!!!!!have been inactive for quite a while!!!!... obviously.... :)
  15. S

    [SOLVED] Brand new desktop how do share files with my old laptop? And what's the best way to organize my folders?

    I have a new gaming rig (Intel I5 3.2ghz with a GTX 1060 3gig and a 1 gig SSD hard drive) and want to be able to control (like remote access) and access files on my old Win 10 laptop, they are both on the same home wifi. What is the best way to do this? Also, are there any good strategies on...
  16. P

    does H110m-biostar motherboard have dual channel ram suport it has 2 ram stick slots?

    does H110m-biostar motherboard have dual channel ram suport it has 2 ram stick slots are they both single channel or there two channels?
  17. N

    Looking for a new MONITOR and SSD

    Hey guys. I want to upgrade my pc. Im looking for a new monitor and an ssd. Budget for monitor: €200-250 Budget for SSD: €60 Requirements: Monitor: 144hz 1ms atleast 22" SSD: As fast as possible and at least 250GB. Sites you can use: www.mediamarkt.nl www.bol.com www.alternate.nl...
  18. N

    Disk usage 100% constantly

    Hello. I've been having issues regarding disk usage for around two weeks now. I have attempted a variety of solutions to no avail. I have a 2TB hard drive and have spent countless hours in the resource manager. The main process using the most read/write is system. Around 5mb/s read, 1mb/s...
  19. E

    Logitech G433 or G Pro Headset or Hyperx Cloud Alpha?

    What's the best headset for me?
  20. Jsimenhoff

    Win one today! Seagate BarraCuda Pro & IronWolf Pro 14TB capacity enables 4K gaming and your high capacity creative workflow.

    General Info on How To Enter Video gaming is bigger than ever — bigger than pro sports, bigger than movies, bigger than the music industry — and still growing. Nearly 400 million people watch eSports. eSports tournaments get larger audiences than some major pro sports championships like the...