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  1. Malek Agha

    How is this for my dream build?

    I'm not actually planning on building this, I just thought i'd have a little fun and try to find the best parts that I would like in my dream build and see how good this PC would be if I build it :D Saying that if I ever have that kind of money to spend then i'll most definitely build this. I...
  2. B

    Motherboard wont post and constantly buzzes

    I have made 2 other posts about this and i couldnt get it to work, so i will try to explain it more detailed. the day the motherboard wouldnt post and buzzed constantly until i turned it off. I had tried to take the video card out and put it into another computer hoping that it would fix the...
  3. N

    MSI GeForce GTX 970: Setting maximum cooling temperature?

    Hello everyone, I recently purchased a MSI GTX 970 4G edition. I've got all the little bugs worked out now and everything works just fine. My only issue is that, while playing FarCry 4 on ultra settings, the card reaches up to 80 degrees celsius. I know this isn't bad for the card itself, but...
  4. M

    Help with Pc?

    I got A pc earlier this month. I'd say maybe the 5th or 6th of October, and It came with Windows 8. So I updated it to Windows 10. Maybe late last week (maybe the 19th or 20th) mt computer started doing this thing where when you turned it on, it would go to a blue windows logo, and nothing else...
  5. J

    Ram "Cache" in Task Manager?

    So I don't really have an issue just more of a question. What does Cached Memory mean in the task manager? I have an I7 4790k not overclocked cpu, gigabyte z97 gaming 7 mobo, 16gb (8x2) ripjaws g skill 1600 ram, and a evga g2 750w psu all installed on samsung pro 256gb ssd with a hdd for mass...
  6. G

    Which mobo is better for gaming?

    Hello everybody Take a look at these mobos: Asus Z97-Deluxe Asus MAXIMUS VII RANGER What's difference? Which one should i buy? I bought an i7 4790k and i need the best mobo for gaming And thanks.
  7. E

    Acer laptop turns on but screen is black

    Hello i got issue with my acer aspire e 15 laptop. Yesterday it work great but today when i turn on it display don't show anything ... led light is on , mouse work but display... do somebody can help me ? ;/
  8. C

    PC keeps turning off under loads

    My computer keeps turning off whenever I try to run a game. My cosair 600w psu broke even though my system only gets 350w at most. I replaced it with the psu that came with my case and its 500w. The pc can turn on and stuff now but whenever I try to play a game it shutsdown and I have to reset...
  9. B

    budget slim case

    What is the best budget slim cases that can host a seasonic 520W s12ii psu ? Thank you in advance
  10. Isack

    Restart to "Disk Read Error Occured" Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to Restart.

    My cousin restarted to this message on his PC, so we investigated on the internet and found a solution to pop in the Windows(8) install disc and go to "Repair Windows". After that, we went to the command prompt and typed many different types of "chkdsk". We tried "chkdsk C: f/", "chkdsk"...
  11. G

    SiBEAM Snap And WiGig Wave Goodbye To Physical Connectors

    Physical connectors limit design choices, and tangled cables are a nuisance. SiBEAM Snap and WiGig are two wireless technologies that can help eliminate these pain points. SiBEAM Snap And WiGig Wave Goodbye To Physical Connectors : Read more
  12. L

    Windows 8.1 updates

    Just bought new laptop and took it out of box. It says 56 Windows 8.1 updates 47 of which are important need to be downloaded and installed, but every time I try, they fail. Tried turning off antivirus and firewall and running Windows Installer Troubleshooter. They're still failing. Any ideas?
  13. G

    PC Quilty dropping, Please help!

    Hey TomsHardware, I'd just like to ask you why my PC quilty drops when I plug in 2 monitors. I've got one 4k monitor and one 1080p monitor as soon as I unplug the 4k monitor the 1080p monitor goes better quiltly but when I plug the 4k monitor back in again the quality goes bad. Please help George
  14. F

    MSI Z97 gaming 5

    Does msi z97 gaming 5 is good for gaming like dota2 ? And what gpu to make it all at ultra setting ? If its good, suggest me what cpu spec that are good. I just want it good to play dota 2, and other steam game.
  15. Z

    I need urgent help! AI Suite 3

    Hey, I recently updated my system and was in the process of installing all of my drivers/ utilities etc. I got to the AI suite 3 installer and I was half way through the installation when my power shut off interrupting the installation. One component was installed, so I searched in the control...
  16. G

    r7 260x compatibility with my mobo

    hey guyz i am currently using gigabyte g31m es2c mobo ( which is quite outdated but still i wanted to add r7 260x asus direct CUII edition to my rig. i wanted to ask if it would work properly. THESE ARE THE EXPANSION SLOTS 1 x PCI...
  17. G

    Is buying a used video card on ebay a good idea??

    So im gonna be upgrading my video card soon and i saw that on ebay they have alot of R9 290's that look good and work for like $150 to $250, and i always wanted that video card. so is it a good idea to do that or just save up a little more and buy a 280x
  18. N

    I planned to buy a prebuild from Cyperpower

    I had a bad experiences with building my new comp. The GPU is a refurbished with bad brand and only last for 1 day, it also dragged my PSU to pit of fire. I am in a hurry to build my comp because school almost starts for me. Shipping fee/taxes + all the restocking fee for those...
  19. H

    is Corsair VS 550 SMPS compatible for my pc?

    I currently use iball sprinter 600 power supply and many suggest its not good for my pc . So i am thinking of buying Corsair VS 550 SMPS . my GPU- sapphire R9 270x toxic motherboard - Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3 please check whether my motherboard is compatible with my smps .
  20. B

    How Install SSD on PC without having original HDD nor OS

    My PC is an HP Pavilion Elite and the original HDD crashed. I never made a recovery disc. I sent off the HDD to salvage the data and I will not get back the HDD . Now I've got a new SSD Samsung 840 EVO 250GB to install. Then I'll install new Windows 7. I've hooked up SSD and turned on PC. I get...
  21. T

    Updates failing to install

    Recently all my windows updates are failing to install. They download fine and then restart my pc to install. The PC locks up about 12% during the install process, then fails, and reverts to old settings. Any suggestions?
  22. B

    Upgrading Mobo in HP case

    Okay, I have an older HP Pavilion m8277c. I want to upgrade it for gaming performance. I've checked many specs and dimensions and basically need to know of any major problems that I might encounter. I plan to get the Gigabyte GA-78LMTusb3 mobo. With the FX-6350 CPU 8gb of Ram and a EVGA 500B...
  23. A

    best cpu cooler for my fx 8320

    dear guys, my fx 8320 gets upto 80 deg in nearly 10mins of playing NFS Rivals, amd abve that it shutsoff the whole computer. i have cooler master K380 cabinet with one 120mm cabinet cooling fan. WHat i need to do to play for longer hours? pls help