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  1. D

    is ibuypower window 10 reinsalation cd a real windows 10 instalation cd

    I recently bought a ibuypower pc in November or December and I upgraded my motherboard and used the installation disk that came with my ibuypower pc and windows was nice enough to activate it for me but now I think I have a fake version of windows 10 because I cant uninstall or reinstall NVidia...
  2. H

    p650 power motherboard

    I bought a P650HP3 from PROSTAR the 1/24/2017, bref just one year. Today, I start the nothing. I noticed the power adapter has not the green light I unplugged change. I unplug all from the wall and try in another room. Result the green led turned on on the...
  3. L

    Another thread because I'm a noob :)

    So to cut it short, if I upgrade my current system to an i7 8700k with 16gb ram and aorus gaming 3 z370 mobo, I'm looking at £600.94. My question is, is there a ryzen system that could perform as fast if not faster, for cheaper, or along the same price, thanks for the answers I look forward to...
  4. R

    How to Run Two External Monitors from an HP Laptop with one cable

    Is it possible to connect a laptop with a single cable to two external displays and show the desktop on one and an extended on the other? The laptop would have to recognize the two display. I'm sure a device needs to be in-between the laptop and displays.
  5. D

    Running Different Ram sticks in duel channel

    Hello, this is my first post so it might be a bit messy. I recently bought a hyper x Kingston 8gb 2400mhz stick of ddr4 to run with my 4gb 2400mhz Kingston stick of ddr4 in duel channel, i put the 8gb stick into slot 2 and 4gb into slot 4 and it didn't boot, 4gb slot 2 8gb slot 4 no boot, 8gb in...
  6. M

    what monitor is better for gaming ?

    Hello guys i Would like to ask a question about gaming monitor , wish one of these monitors is the best for gaming : 1-Acer - Predator XB1 27.0" 2560x1440 165Hz Monitor: 1440p 165hz 4ms 2-Samsung U28E590D 28-Inch UHD LED-Lit Monitor: 2160p 60hz 1ms
  7. R

    My dvd player will not work

    I have a hp pa ilion g series and I did a factory reset on it .now my dvd player will not work??
  8. TStahler

    1800X Build or 7820X Build For $70 More

    I am having a bit of buyer's remorse in that I very recently bought a Ryzen R7 1800X processor and Asus Crosshair VI Extreme Motherboard that I got a good deal on. I also bought 3 year protection olans for each component so if I overclock and kill the components prematurely they will be replaced...
  9. K

    Can i upgrade to a 750ti with my current system for better peformance?

    So my system right now is running a: AMD radeon HD7770 GPU FX-6100 CPU and the MSI 760GM-P23 board. i can't play the games on my rig as i was before so i wanted to upgrade to a 750ti i can buy for 80 bux. is it worth it for peformance increase or is changing out the whole system a better...
  10. O

    GTX 980 reference card low performance issues

    Hello, I have had this nVidia GTX 980 reference card for roughly two years, and hadn't put much thought into it's performance until recently. I have noticed that many benchmarks performed with this card contained results superior to my own, and I for the life of my cannot figure out why. Games...
  11. K

    Cannot dual boot Windows 7 with Windows 10

    Hi guys, hoping you can help. I have Windows 10 installed on an SSD (Samsung 128GB drive) and I was hoping to dual boot with Windows 7 on another SSD (SanDisk 64GB drive) as I have a few games which refuse to launch in Windows 10. I shut down the PC, unplugged the Windows 10 drive and my 1TB...
  12. S

    GIGABYTE GA-EP31-DS3L Rev 1.0 Overclocking ISSUES

    Hello! I'm have issues when i try to overclock my CPU. MTB: GIGABYTE GA-EP31-DS3L Rev.1.0 F4 BIOS CPU: Intel Pentium Dual-Core E6600 3.06Ghz GPU: AMD SAPPHIRE RADEON HD7790 Dual-X OC 1GB GDDR5 RAM: 2GB DDRII 800Mhz 1.8V Kingmax KLDE88F-B8KW5 UDIMM 2GB DDRII 800Mhz 1.8V <noname> UDIMM PSU: FSP...
  13. D

    SSD not showing up correctly

    Hi, I'm installing a new SSD and I'm not able to create a disk because it isn't showing up correctly in Disk Management. I can see it, but it shows an incorrect file size and that it is already partitioned. When I click on it I get no options to format or anything. Everything is greyed out...
  14. K

    will 2500k work straight out of the box with a z77 motherboard?

    im getting a 2500k , and want to know whether it will work straight away with z77 without bios update? if anyone give me any advice it would be grateful
  15. D

    Asrock h110 BTC + not loading windows

    Hi all, I have a H110 BTC and can not load windows, have tried windows 7 with optical drive and Flash pen and now tried Windows 10 on flash and still get an error when around 8% loaded.. any help would be great TIA
  16. R

    What's the highest frequency your speakers can play safely?

    Can someone please tell me what the highest frequency your speakers can play safely? I've recently got a new pair of Logitech speakers and was messing around with the format and I'm not sure which is best for my speakers, the default is 24Bits, 48000Hz (studio quality). I know the higher the...
  17. V

    Error message 0xc000007b (tried everything)

    Hello, I have an i7 -4510U @2.00Ghx 8gb ram hp pavilion 15 Notebook 2gb graphics nvidea Geforce 840M Win 8.1 pro. I have tried all possible solutions for error wich pops up when I open the game like download latest drivers, updating windows, updating direct , updating Microsoft c++ bundles and...
  18. C

    Best HDD drives for Home Server

    I am looking to purchase 4 x 2TB HDDs for my home server to run in RAID 5. The Server will be backed up using a NAS, also running 4 x 2TB in RAID 5 using WD Red disks. I am debating buying the Seagate Enterprise Drives or the WD Gold drives but wondering if I can save some money and just by...
  19. 3

    Internet crashing when computer is on?

    This just recently started happening when I got an Orbi router, but it seems as if the computer is crashing the internet after a certain amount of inactivity on the windows 10 machine. It might not be the computer, but whenever I turn it off, the internet seems to come back right after so it...
  20. R

    URGENT!Is gtx 550 ti compatible with my motherboard?

    I'm looking to upgrade my gpu.My motherboard is the IPISB-CU (Carmel 2).Is it compatible?
  21. A

    I have a question

    Can i use gtx 1050 ti ddr5 on motherboard H61M-C
  22. H

    Computer won't turn on after BIOS update and CMOS reset

    Salutations everyone. i've been having this ongoing problem for a few weeks now and i'm starting to reach my breaking point for this mobo. through few trials it simply just won't turn on when it has few minutes prior to removing battery. to start off this is my current setup so far. note: the...
  23. H

    Hey, I'm looking to upgrade my computer and I would like some HELP! This is my current build and I understand that the 1080 and the rest of my build don't work and that is why I want to upgrade, I only have 600 dollars and would love it if the community of Tom's Hardware could help me out Thanks for...
  24. T

    Cpu cooler sitting

    I am thinking about buying a cpu water cooler from someone. He told me it is brand new but has been sitting for 6 months in the box. Will this impact the time of life on the cooler or having it sit for that long do anything to it or is it still in good condition and will work for a long time?
  25. M

    How slow is my laptop compared to current laptops?

    Hi, I have an Asus U46SV laptop which I think is about 5 years old now. Specs are as follows: i5-2410m 8 GB RAM Win 10 Enterprise Cucial m500 480gb SSD Geforce 540m The battery has passed is prime. Even if I don't open for a few months, it drains. The PC has been upgraded from 7 to 10...
  26. D

    I might have messed up my computer

    So I got that “usable ram” thing and I did something in the bios that I couldn’t remember and I got scared, so I decided to reset all my bios settings to default, which might be the problem. But also, after that when I turned the pc off, I got my sticks of ram and took them out, blew on the ram...
  27. S

    visual "noise" when image enhance is on

    I was messing around in the settings of my monitor (Dell S2340L) and found "image enhance" It made pretty much everything nice and sharp and looked really good. but some things (ive mostly noticed in games) like lights, the sky, whites, have a kind of fuzzy, noisy, staticy look to it that it...
  28. S

    Looking for a somewhat budget streaming/gaming rig.. (900$)

    Hi guys, my computer has sadly started to fall apart, and I'm looking to buy a new rig. I'm mostly streaming games such as WoW and CSGO. And with a budget around 900$, what would you guys recommend? I've also heard some controversy around the i7 7700k (stuttering issues) and the rumor around...
  29. L

    Best gaming headset

    I would like to buy Sennheiser g4me zero or Hyperx cloud Alpha.Any reccomends ?
  30. W

    Upgrading memory and SSD on Ideapad 320 (80XV00HSUS)

    I am thinking of getting an Ideapad 320, specifically the model with the AMD A9-9420 APU since it's overall better than the Pentium N4200 model in both CPU and GPU. However, I have a couple of questions before I buy. Since I'm a tinkerer, I will want to modify this laptop to my...
  31. S

    Games not detecting mic - everything else works

    Hi community Have recently invested in a new home audio set-up which is a AT2020 and roland quad capture. Everything is working well on discord, however problems occur when I go outside of discord. I can hear in every application, skype, games youtube everything. But when I want to to speak in...
  32. M

    is my intel i7 7700k running too hot?

    just did a build and checked cpu thermometer while playing a game and it shows 4 cores in the 70-80's for cpu temp. that seems crazy high. im using noctua nh-u12s cooler. did i not put enough paste? also only using 2 case fans that came with my tower. intel i7 7700k aorus geforce 1080 ti...
  33. Eagleshadow

    Can't ping or update ethernet adapter

    Can't ping microsoft or google from cmd line. Creator ethernet driver has no DNS server so update fails.
  34. G

    Monitor making hissing noise while playing games.

    I have benqxl2411e monitor and when i start playing video games , the monitor start making a hissing voice.This happens only in game.
  35. M

    Pc froze then death

    Pc froze. Hard reset. Then was unable to post. Case fans and lights turn on and all connections have been triple checked. Computer will still respond to power button how ever once it is on it will not turn off using the button. Removed graphics card and reseated cmos battery to clear bios and...
  36. S

    Choosing an Ultrabook that can game

    1. What is your budget? $1500 CAD roughly. 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 13-14" no bigger 3. What screen resolution do you want? 1080p+ anything higher 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? Portable, I currently have a 17.3" laptop which...
  37. V

    Will this work?

    Is gt 1030 compatible with ga h61m s1 rev 3.0... If not what other cheap option do I have?
  38. C

    16 mb video ram

    i have an amd 16 6400kdual core 4 gb ram windows 10 64 bit but my video ram is only 16 mb i dont know why?plzz help me
  39. Linkin_1

    Gta 5 error

    Everytime I start GTA V an error msg says - "The procedure entry point WaitForSingleObject could not be located in the dynamic link api-ms-win-core-synch-l1-2-0.dll" I am using a fully updated windows 7 64 bit system. I've download that dll file too but it didn't worked. PLEASE HELP!!!
  40. K

    GTX 1050ti vs 560 4gb?

    Which card is better, guys. In my country 560 gb power color is cost 110usd. 1050ti palit is cost 149usd My PC: H61 i3 3210 Ram 8GB 24 Inch Full HD. PSU FSP Hyn 450AX ah, PSU FSP HYN vs corsair VS400 vs Antec BP400px, which is best? corsair vs400 is highest with 5 usd up