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    Question KVM switch suggestion

    Hi I do have 3 monitors, Non working hours - i do use 2 monitors for desktop A and 1 monitor for desktop B ( all the 3 monitors use Display port cables ) Working hours - i do use 2 monitors for laptop A and 1 monitor for laptop B ( both the laptops have docking station ) Currently laptops i...
  2. C

    Question KVM switch for 2 computers and 2 displays ?

    I have a Lenovo Windows 7 Pro desktop system connected to two monitors (monitors that duplicate the display -- NOT extended desktop, NOT multiple display "windows"). I will be getting a Lenovo Windows 11 Pro desktop system soon and I'd like to be able to switch the display input from one...
  3. C

    Question KVM Switch setup question

    I have a 3 monitor setup that I use for my personal computer setup. Recently got a job where i have a work computer and a single monitor. Id like to try to share two of my 3 monitors with the work computer so that i can switch between having 3 monitors for personal, and 3 monitors for work. I...
  4. D

    Question What do I look for in a KVM switch that supports my PCs and monitor?

    I am looking for a KVM switch with specifications that tell me whether it works with the following equipment. An HP ENVY Desktop PC TE02-0000i, an OMEN by HP Desktop PC - 870-210se, and an ASUS VG278HV monitor. The keyboard and mouse are USB. It should also support a USB printer connection and...
  5. ExoticIsabel

    Question External keyboard works on laptop but not on PC ?

    So, this is my setup: OMEN PC (RTX3080/Ryzen 5700G/32GB) Laptop HP i5 (work laptop, nothing fancy) Rybozen USB KVM switch: - connections in: Logitech G502 mouse, Corsair K55 keyboard, ring light, webcam - connections out: usb to PC, usb to laptop, usb to laptop for power Everything has been...
  6. B

    Question Need advice on a KVM switch

    I will be working from home for the first time (the dream) I have a company docking station that will work with my laptop. It has several inputs and could work with my existing peripherals. I don't want to move the cord from the end of the day from laptop to (c to usb adapter to) PC and was...
  7. durableCraft

    Question Monitor doesn't work when plugged into KVM Switch using DisplayPort to DVI adapter

    I have to Apple Cinema Displays, with each one DVI-D input. Because I need to use two Computers with these Monitors, I bought a KVM Switch. It has one HDMI in and output and one DisplayPort in and output. The Problem is, that only one of the two Screens are working. Here is how it is set up...
  8. Pyramid-1957

    Question KVM switch for 2 PCs, 2 protocals(DVI/HDMI), 1 monitor

    I'm building a new computer but keeping my old PC. My current monitor is old and is connected to the old PC via a DVI port. The new monitor will connect to my new computer via either DisplayPort_2.1 or via HDMI_2.1. I want both the old PC and the new computer to connect to the new monitor and...
  9. M

    Question Advice on sharing peripherals between PC & Laptop ?

    Hi. Apologies if I am not posting in the right place or should not be asking this on here - please feel free to delete or move if that is the case. I have been tearing my hair out trying to work out an efficient setup for my desktop / laptop and sharing peripherals and wondered if anybody...
  10. R

    Question Two Computers, Toggle One Mouse & One Keyboard Dual Monitors ?

    Hi Everyone, There's something I want to try and do and I want to know if it's possible and how to do it: What I Want To Do Merge my two separate work stations into station for working/gaming Toggle peripherals between two computers depending on if I am working or not the other computer...
  11. M

    Question KVM between work laptop and desktop PC

    I purchased a CKL KVM 2x2 USB 3.0 KVM Switch Dual Monitor DisplayPort 1.4 4K 144Hz 8K 30Hz CKL-622DP-4...
  12. M

    Question Best KVM/software solution to switch between PC and work laptop

    I have a gaming PC with a dual monitor, wired keyboard, and mouse connected to the PC. I started working from home and wondering if there is an optimum setup I can do so I can switch between my PC and work laptop and utilize the same monitors and keyboard. I tried looking into software like...
  13. rugupiruvu

    [SOLVED] KVM for webcam & USB headset

    Guys - are there any KVM's or IP KVM's that support both a USB webcam (Logitech c920s) and a USB headset (Jabra Evolve 40 UC). I have a personal computer and a work laptop and need these two devices to work interchangeably. Laptop has MS Teams, Zoom while personal computer has skype, Google...
  14. B

    Question HDMI switch appears live to laptop but no signal on monitor

    I am having some problems trying to use an HDMI switch between a Lenovo laptop (X13 Yoga) and an Acer monitor (ET322QU Abmiprx). I connected one HDMI cable from the laptop to the single port on the switch and another HDMI cable from one of the other two ports on the switch to the monitor. I...
  15. S

    [SOLVED] Is there a device that can copy and paste between computers that is not recognised by Windows?

    I want a hardware (not software) solution that allows me to copy and paste strings of text between my computer and my laptop. I do not want it to be recognised in Device Manager. I have found this solution, but I believe it is recognised by the Device Manager. Does anyone have any experience...
  16. Rbj2906

    [SOLVED] KVM switch

    I have a work laptop and a PC. I also have 3 monitors that I'd like to use with both PCs. I'd like to switch between PCs with the click of a button. What equipments do I need (hopeful affordable)? Thanks in advance for your help
  17. MCUBAC08

    Question 2 Monitors to 2 Computers

    Hello Everyone, I was hoping that someone could tell me what to buy in order to connect 2 monitors to 2 computers. KVM Switches work when it is 1 monitor for 2 computers, but I don't know how to make it work when I have 2 monitors. I was thinking to purchase a VGA Splitter (I only have VGA...
  18. Dan Goodfriend

    Question Question for upcoming setup of 3x 2k monitors on a KVM

    I recently moved from a PC with 4 1080p monitors to 3 2560 monitors (ViewSonic VP2771 which have DP out and in). I also have a MacBook pro and a third machine running Linux which I have yet to build. I have a 4 port, 4 monitor KVM that has HDMI in and out. My PC video card supports a max...
  19. D

    [SOLVED] Looking for hardware KVM switch to handle new and legacy ports, connections

    I have three PCs, an HP Omen, an Acer Predator, and another HP. The monitor port is HDMI on the monitor I use. The keyboard is USB, and the mouse is wireless USB. These are compatible with the HP Omen. The other PCs are 15-pin and PS2. I need a hardware KVM switch that will handle all those...
  20. xxITERUxx

    [SOLVED] Monitor resolution at 1024x768 on KVM

    Just bought a KVM switch for me to easily switch between my work laptop and my personal desktop. Problem is, the resolution goes down from 1920x1080 to 1024x768 whenever I switch from my work laptop to my desktop. If I switch back to my work laptop, the resolution goes back to 1080p. I tried...
  21. P

    [SOLVED] TrendNet KVM Switch

    I use a TrendNet KVM Switch TK-215i to switch between my home pc and my work laptop. Ive had it for 6 months and its worked well. A few days ago I started having problems with the KVM Switch. It seems to be holding Control down forever until i manually press the Control button. So when i try to...
  22. I

    Question Best way to do dual display with this Mac setup?

    Ok so I'm getting a new setup for work (MacBook Pro 16" (intel) and 2x Lenovo ThinkVision P27h-20's) which is great - the problem is I need to share the displays with my personal computer an M1 Mac Mini. I'd like to do this in a seamless way if possible; I've looked at various Display Port...
  23. M

    [SOLVED] KVM Switch

    Happy New Year to all! I have a windows desktop with a graphics card with 1 HDMI + 3 Displayports. At the moment 1 monitor is connected to the HDMI and the other to one of the DP via HDMI-DP adapter. Both monitors have only VGA and HDMI. I have 1 lenovo E14 laptop with linux connected to a...
  24. evdevreed

    Question 1 Graphics Card 2 Computers...Do PCIE 3.0 KVM-Style Switches Exist?

    I have a nice Radeon VII that I've used in an eGPU to connect to my MacBook Pro with Thunderbolt 3 but now that I'm building a custom desktop I wanted to check if there's a way to skip buying a 2nd graphics card and somehow use my current high end one for both machines. Although my desktop will...
  25. D

    Question KVM switch for 4K - need recommendation

    Hello everyone, I need some good advice on a KVM switch for a 4K monitor. Here's my setup: Home computer is a Dell Optiplex 980 with a Gigabyte GV-N1030OC-2GI video card I'm using one monitor - LG 32UK550-B Keyboard and mouse: Logitech K800 and M720 Bose Companion external speakers Work laptop...
  26. P

    Question Programable KVM switch for multiple monitor/computer setup

    I know similar questions have been asked here before, but so far nothing I found helps me with my project. I'm looking for a KVM switch to connect 2 computers (desktop & laptop) and 3 screens. Bonus points for gaming mouse & gaming keyboard compatibility, but I can resort to using Synergy if...
  27. K

    Question KVM recommendation

    i want my home pc and work pc to share kb, mouse and two monitors. the home pc has 2 HDMI outs, and the work pc has 2 display port outs. is there a kvm that can accommodate that?
  28. C

    [SOLVED] No Video on KVM Switch after updating drivers?

    Hi! I was normally using my KVM switch (U Green VGA KVM Switch) to install a new build and then the video stopped working. I'm not sure but it seems it was right after I installed the driver updates (and not the one windows installed by itself). The new drivers I installed are Radeon Software...
  29. J

    [SOLVED] What Is A Good 2 port KVM Switch With Dual Monitor Support

    Hi all, I'm in the market for a KVM that will allow me to switch from my work laptop to gaming pc. I have dual displays. I've read some of the reviews on a couple on Amazon I saw but there were some negativity on functionality with the second display as well as connectivity with the mouse and...
  30. MLG_No_Scope

    [SOLVED] Can i use both ports for 2 monitors with this KVM switch?

    So i am looking for an KVM switch, because i would like to connect my laptop to my desktop monitor, but the problem is if i could use both ports for 2 monitors? This is the link for the KVM switch: https://www.sicomputers.nl/delock-11367-kvm-switch-zwart-456577.html and here is an image with...
  31. W

    Question multi-device gaming keyboard and mouse

    hello all , i am looking for a good way to use my keyboard (K95 RGB Platinum) and mouse (razer deathadder) in a multi-device setup, i currently have my main desktop-PC, laptop and nvidia shield all on the same desk and i would like to use only one keyboard and mouse to control the 3 devices if...
  32. F

    Question Control a desktop PC from a laptop

    I would like to build a new desktop PC but don't want to purchase a monitor, I wonder if I can use my laptop monitor and keyboard as the desktop's primary display and input. After doing some researches, I found that it might be achieved by using RDP, VNC, TeamViewer or 'Projecting to this PC'...
  33. M

    Question KVM Switch with 6 USB's?

    - I'm looking for a KVM Switch that allows me to operate both my Macbook and my Desktop computer (Not Simultaneously) with the same peripherals and the same monitor. - I intend to plug the monitor into the desktop directly using HDMI to DVI, and HDMI to HDMI into the KVM for the MacBook. - The...
  34. C

    Question Multiple PC Use

    A few years ago I made my first gaming pc from an old Optiplex 990 MT i5-2400 that my office discarded along with two old Dell (P2210) monitors. I evicted the dust bunnies and gave it some fresh thermal compound. Put in an 850 EVO 250GB SSD as a boot drive. Used an old WD Black 1TB HDD for the...
  35. P

    i have asus fx550v i7-7tg gen laptop, how to open dvd drive? i check my computer and no dvdrw can be seen

    asus fx550v i7 laptop.. how to open dvd drive? no eject button.. i click my computer , also no dvdrw eject