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  1. J

    Ad Blocker program for Microsoft Edge browser?

    Knowing that AdBlock Plus is not yet compatible with Edge, is there something out there that will work? I'm set on using Edge as my primary browser in Windows 10, but I'm tired of those annoying ads that play before every YouTube video.:fou:
  2. T

    Bottleneck between GPU and CPU

    I have an AMD A8 5600k and a GTX960 that's pretty bottlenecked. If i buy an AMD Radeon R9 280 it should be better? In games like GTA V or GTA IV.
  3. H

    Bought New GPU, Computer Won't Boot Past First Screen

    Recently, I bought a GTX 960 from MSI to replace my old GTX 650 Ti. When I installed the card in my computer, it refused to boot past the first screen that pops up when the computer starts. It beeped 3 times, with about 20 seconds between each beep, and after the third beep it goes to the black...
  4. seanzx7r

    hard drive set up

    hi every one hard drive set up . what way could be best ? at the mo i have 1 x samsung ssd 250gb 840evo with my os on it 1 x samsong ssd 250gb with my games on it 1 x wd black 1tb for back up internal 2 x 2tb external hd and 1 x 1tb hd and these are for music, films and docs. my question is...
  5. C

    Surface Pro 3 or The Pro 4?

    Right now I am deciding if I should get the Surface pro 3 from Best buy as they have a special deal going on with the tablets. I was thinking to get the 1300$ 8gb ram 256gb i5 version. However I have been hearing that the Surface Pro 4 will be coming out? What should I do?
  6. M

    Pls advise; new build - budget video conversion

    Am aiming to put together a budget desktop for (mostly) video conversions/photo editing (not photoshop -- just family stuff). I tend to hold on to computers for 5-6 years, so would like it to last. No gaming (if I can keep the kids off it). Am upgrading from a largish loud tower; have ssd...
  7. Arom123

    $4500 Build, need advice

    Alright so i've been saving money for about a year and a half and i think i'm ready to do my build. I do 3D art and rendering, software development, along with gaming like ARMA 3, Crysis 3 and other similar games. I'm not new to building PCs but this is my first extreme high end build, and...
  8. Legault

    What is the plug half of laptop chargers called?

    So I've been meaning to buy a car charger for my laptop for an upcoming trip and since laptop chargers come in two pieces, was wondering if I could just buy a cord that connects from the cigarette lighter port to the transformer box (the mickey mouse shaped hole?). Since most laptop chargers...
  9. Sandstorm3000

    Suddenly Lagging laptop

    Hey there! Well since a week or two my laptop its an AsusK50IJ, started to lagg very hard. The games i play on it are WoW and LoL, Normally it could handly LoL on a steady 30-35 fps at lowest settings with a normal resolution. It also played WoW with a steady framerate. But since a week or two i...
  10. BaronVonCable

    PC Noob - I want to underclock my i7-4790k

    Where do I start and how do I go about doing this? Want to lower power consumption and heat output while maintaining its outlandish computing power (compared to the uses I put it through).
  11. S

    New install of XP. Will I be able to update.

    I'm planning to do an install on my neighbors laptop. He doesn't want to upgrade from XP. My question is this: Since XP is no longer supported, will I be able to download the updates that were previously released? Thanks!
  12. archlord2k3

    so i broke my mother keyboard key dell inspiron 1545

    is there a website i can buy parts for laptops the key is ok but the hinge broke i was looking at website called laptopkey but not sure if it is safe
  13. L

    I bought a new samsung GT-S7562 but it cant connect wi-fi so what can i do?

    I bought a new samsung GT-S7562 but it cant connect wi-fi so what can i do?
  14. C

    Laptop slow at everything.

    So first of all, information about my laptop: Model: QOSMIO X775-Q7380 (Qosmio X775-Q7380 Support | Toshiba) Specs: (more can be found here: Toshiba Qosmio X775-Q7380 17.3-Inch Gaming Laptop - Fusion X2 Finish in Red Horizon by Toshiba at Amazon.com) Processor 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5 RAM 6 GB...
  15. bethss1949

    help! sshd vs hdd

    i have a HP P7-1414 AMD quadcore A8-5500 APU 1 Tb HDD Radeon 7750 Gpu MSI MS 7778 Jasmine MOBO. i know not the best! HDD died. see lots of pros and cons for both the SSHD and HDD cant decided which one. Seagate or WD. computer being used for games only, HELP!!
  16. M

    installation of yahoo messenger says "not responding"

    The install program for Yahoo Messenger stops responding as soon as install starts
  17. S

    [Build Help] Install OS on an SSD prior to installing in new mobo - Bad Idea?

    I'm parting together a new computer and the SSD arrived today, while the mobo, cpu, and ram will arrive tomorrow. As the title suggests, I'm wondering whether I can safely install Windows 7 on the SSD tonight, then install that onto the new mobo tomorrow and just boot right up. Needless to say...
  18. N

    My screes goes to sleep :(

    So i bought a Radeon R7 250. and When ever i restart the computer,the monitor goes to sleep, but the computer seems to be working just fine( i hear the windows logon sound). its the same case when i shutdown my computer, and switch it back on withing a few seconds. Even when i put the computer...