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    Question Low GPU usage - rtx 3070

    Hey guys. Currently im playing Rust and Jedi Fallen order, but when I play the gpu usage is really low, and is siting at max 40% in Fallen Order and in rust its on 20-35% GPU: RTX 3070 FE CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 (overclocked to 4.1 ghz) Is there a way to fix it, because on the benchmarks I have seen...
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    Question Why do I have low gpu usage in GTA V?

    I don't know why this happen, but my GPU usage doesn't go above 60% on GTA, and this hugely affects my performance. I am playing on a laptop, and while it's true that laptop GPU's are usually slower than its desktop version, but it still, it shouldn't go that low. Here are my system specs...
  3. Question Low FPS while also having low CPU and GPU usage?

    I'm getting pretty poor performance in a lot of games, while also having low hardware usage. I've never heard of something like this before and I haven't found any applicable solutions on google. I've seen people saying that reinstalling windows could help but I'm still unsure about that. I'll...
  4. D

    [SOLVED] RTX 2070 super low usage in game.

    A few weeks ago I bought a new desktop. It came with a faulty HDD so as of right now I'm playing games on my ssd. Last week I was playing Metro Exodus and it ran really well, but after a day or two the game started to get choppy and laggy. I opened task manager and noticed the game was using 0%...
  5. SenneBL

    [SOLVED] Why is my graphics card usage so low (RX5700XT)

    I recently bought a Rog strix rx5700XT but when i use it on for example battlefield it only uses around 60% usage. I dont have a cpu bottleneck because my cpu is also around 60%. When i try a benchmark like MSI Kombustor it uses 100% and i get a good score, but it never does that in games. How...
  6. B

    [SOLVED] Low Usage and Temps but Lagging In-Game?

    I have an i7-6700k, RX 5700, and 16 gigs of ram, but I'm lagging in games in which I shouldn't be. My CPU and GPU usage rarely exceeds 30-40%, and my temps are around 35 degrees Celsius. Anyone have a possible solution?
  7. henterpriser

    [SOLVED] Low CPU/GPU usage in most games

    Hello guys and thanks for opening this page. Recently I did an upgrade to my PC; I upgraded my GTX 1050 2gb to RX580 rog strix o8g when i was playing with my GTX 1050 the GPU usage was maxed out in almost all games and I was getting kinda normal FPS and because of that I decided to upgrade. Due...
  8. A

    [SOLVED] CPU staying at 30%

    My specs are: RX 470 8gb AMD fx 8300 8 core 8GB ram ddr4 Most of the time I'm playing games, my CPU is staying inbetween 15% - 30% usage while my GPU is at 95-100%. ( I'm not sure but I think my GPU is bottlenecking ) What can I do to fix this? Happens to me playing any kind of game...
  9. d4ri0_04

    Question rx 5700 xt low and unstable usage

    My rx 5700 xt most of the time has a very unstable usage. (Going from 0% to 40% down to 10% to 60% etc.) And it never really goes above 60%. I myselfe see 2 things that could cause this but am not sure what it rather is. 1: My psu which is only 500w, 600 is recommended for this card. But ive...
  10. F

    Question Why are some games not using 100% of the GPU and the CPU?

    Hello community, i have following problem in some games. In some games like DOTA 2 my avg fps is around 80 when discord is opened which is nothing for that game. My GPU only uses around 20-30% for that game ( View: https://imgur.com/a/Qs6Rj4n I play Dota 2 on Fullscreen with max settings. Apex...
  11. sL1M3e

    [SOLVED] My GPU does not go over 15% usage! Does anybody know how to fix it?

    Hi, Recently when playing CS:GO my GPU usage have not been going over 15%. (Usually it's around 5-6%) This results in frame drops some times down to 20 fps on 1024x768 resolution. Does anyone have a fix for the problem or is there even a fix. I have already changed my nvidia settings to "prefer...
  12. S

    [SOLVED] low fps with rtx 2080ti

    Hey guys! First time posting cause I need your help. A few weeks ago I was able to buy a new RTX2080 Ti for a good price. After the upgrade I noticed just a small performance boost. Since then I'm troubleshooting. This is my current setup: ASUS ROG Z270F with an i7-7700K (not OC) be quiet...
  13. A

    Question Low RTX 2070 GPU Usage

    Hi, I just recently build me a new gaming pc. But my problem now is that my GPU just uses 50-60% of its power in most of the games I play. I wonder now if I could be a bottleneck of my CPU or something else. Temperatures are fine I checked that. My take is that the PSU might be throttling the...
  14. N

    Question My Cpu and Gpu usage

    So I recently bought a new pre built pc and my framerates were not adding up so I downloaded afterburner and I immediately noticed my cpu and gpu were using only 2 thirds of their power. Usually this wouldn't matter because I usually get 60+ fps but since I like it 144hz this is not the best...
  15. Question Low gpu usage in games and low power usage in Furmark

    My specs: I3-8100 with hyper 212x evo Msi gtx 1060 3gb Msi b360m mortar (very bad mobo, do not recommend) teamgroup vulcan 8gb @ 2400 singular kingston a400 480gb seagate barracuda 2tb Corsair 650W Gold rated edition (with the black 'VS', not the golden/yellowish one) Monitor Lenovo Y25f-10 @...
  16. S

    Question GTA 5 wierd FPS drop turning water quality up.

    So I've been playing GTA 5 for a couple days and I recognised that when I'm looking at some exact things my fps drops down from the 80s to 37-47. This only happens when I turn up the water quality from normal to high or very high. Also my gpu usage drops down from 80-90% to 40-50%. PC: Vega 56...
  17. ArYcEz

    Question (GTX 1080) Under 30% GPU usage GTA V

    I recently bought a GTX 1080, however when I tried to play GTA V I realized that my framerate wasn't much different from the card I upgraded from (GTX 970.) My GPU usage howevers anywhere from 10~% to 35~% but rarely goes above that. I turned all my graphics down but there seems to be no...
  18. zuricose

    Question Low FPS even in old games

    Hi, I hope you guys can help me figure this one out because I have tried everything I can think of but the problem doesn't go away No matter what game I am playing, it could be a new game or an old game, my CPU usage is always low (10% - 30%) and I think that's causing low FPS in games that my...
  19. W

    Question Computer always uses about 50% CPU and GPU usage in games?

    Hi, in games like rainbow six siege, tf2, or fortnite my cpu and gpu usage always stays at around 50% for these games. My idle usage is about 3%. Any solutions? Specs: Ryzen 5 2400g RX 580 8gb 2666mhz ram
  20. R

    [SOLVED] I5 8400 with 2400mhz ram

    Hey tomshardware community, I am planning to buy i5 8500 that runs at 2666mhz ram . If i use a 2400 mhz ram will it affect the clock speed of the cpu. Like i5 8500 can go upto 4.1ghz at max ,but if i use a 2400mhz ram will it go upto 4.1 ghz on boost or not. When i was a kid i used to...
  21. N

    Computer stuck at start up. Incompatible GTX780 card or driver?

    Hello, First of all, I would like to say that I know there might be some similar threads, but I have no idea if they apply to this scenario and I have already spent ages working on this computer, so please bear with me! So, the problem first occurred months ago. I didn't know the reason behind...
  22. K

    Can't get to the desktop no sign in button.

    So my friend's laptop is kinda having a problem when he opens his laptop there is no sign in button there is only ''ease of access'' ''internet connection'' ''power button'' and ''ctrl+alt+delete'' isn't working http://imgur.com/a/nW6u2 These are his laptop specs http://imgur.com/a/nW6u2...
  23. Vadamo

    Radeon drivers not installing?

    So on my system, I installed a Radeon 8350G card(pretty much a variant of the 5450). I then downloaded drivers for Windows XP 64 Professional and attempted to install them. The installer doesn't detect the 8350g and doesn't install the drivers. Any reason why it would be doing this? Windows...
  24. G

    Bf1 resolution looks very fuzzy

    I just got the Bf1 early enlister edition and i set it to native 1080p. My monitor said that the game was not running in 1080p and the visuals looked fuzzy in game. I had this same problem in the beta and now I can't enjoy the game because it looks bad. btw my gpu is no the problem. I played...
  25. L

    EVGA, MSI and ASUS what is the difference

    Hi there im making my first build and have chose the GTX 980 for my video card and i need to know the difference between EVGA GTX 980, MSI GTX 980 and ASUS GTX 980, are they not the same thing and can i do what they have done to make the same product better. Overall should i consider picking...
  26. D

    Z97 Gaming Build

    Here is a build i have been working on..I wanna be able to play games on ultra and with 60fps+ on 1440p Tell me what you would take out or put in, i can dish out 3k but don't mind saving a little bit of money if possible! http://pcpartpicker.com/p/wsyppg