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Low usage

Forum discussion tagged with Low usage.
  1. D

    [SOLVED] RTX 2070 super low usage in game.

    A few weeks ago I bought a new desktop. It came with a faulty HDD so as of right now I'm playing games on my ssd. Last week I was playing Metro Exodus and it ran really well, but after a day or two the game started to get choppy and laggy. I opened task manager and noticed the game was using 0%...
  2. SenneBL

    Question Why is my graphics card usage so low (RX5700XT)

    I recently bought a Rog strix rx5700XT but when i use it on for example battlefield it only uses around 60% usage. I dont have a cpu bottleneck because my cpu is also around 60%. When i try a benchmark like MSI Kombustor it uses 100% and i get a good score, but it never does that in games. How...
  3. B

    Question Low Usage and Temps but Lagging In-Game?

    I have an i7-6700k, RX 5700, and 16 gigs of ram, but I'm lagging in games in which I shouldn't be. My CPU and GPU usage rarely exceeds 30-40%, and my temps are around 35 degrees Celsius. Anyone have a possible solution?
  4. Z

    Question very low gpu usage

    Hi, i dont really know when this problem start but i think its new problem to me like now im getting like 120 fps in fortnite and in other games i get low fps and before this i got more fps in games (in fortnite 240fps minimum ) im getting like 7% gpu usage in fortnite and in minecraft like...
  5. twgamerbuilder

    Question Editing rig bottleneck? (Premiere pro poor timeline performance)

    I edit large projects on Premiere pro and the larger the project the more laggy my editing process gets. Large timelines with hours of footage lead to sluggish performance and I cant click pause and play without waiting 10 seconds for the timeline to respond. Im wondering what my bottleneck is...
  6. henterpriser

    Question Low CPU/GPU usage in most games

    Hello guys and thanks for opening this page. Recently I did an upgrade to my PC; I upgraded my GTX 1050 2gb to RX580 rog strix o8g when i was playing with my GTX 1050 the GPU usage was maxed out in almost all games and I was getting kinda normal FPS and because of that I decided to upgrade. Due...
  7. A

    Question CPU staying at 30%

    My specs are: RX 470 8gb AMD fx 8300 8 core 8GB ram ddr4 Most of the time I'm playing games, my CPU is staying inbetween 15% - 30% usage while my GPU is at 95-100%. ( I'm not sure but I think my GPU is bottlenecking ) What can I do to fix this? Happens to me playing any kind of game...
  8. d4ri0_04

    Question rx 5700 xt low and unstable usage

    My rx 5700 xt most of the time has a very unstable usage. (Going from 0% to 40% down to 10% to 60% etc.) And it never really goes above 60%. I myselfe see 2 things that could cause this but am not sure what it rather is. 1: My psu which is only 500w, 600 is recommended for this card. But ive...
  9. F

    Question Why are some games not using 100% of the GPU and the CPU?

    Hello community, i have following problem in some games. In some games like DOTA 2 my avg fps is around 80 when discord is opened which is nothing for that game. My GPU only uses around 20-30% for that game ( View: https://imgur.com/a/Qs6Rj4n I play Dota 2 on Fullscreen with max settings. Apex...
  10. sL1M3e

    [SOLVED] My GPU does not go over 15% usage! Does anybody know how to fix it?

    Hi, Recently when playing CS:GO my GPU usage have not been going over 15%. (Usually it's around 5-6%) This results in frame drops some times down to 20 fps on 1024x768 resolution. Does anyone have a fix for the problem or is there even a fix. I have already changed my nvidia settings to "prefer...
  11. S

    [SOLVED] low fps with rtx 2080ti

    Hey guys! First time posting cause I need your help. A few weeks ago I was able to buy a new RTX2080 Ti for a good price. After the upgrade I noticed just a small performance boost. Since then I'm troubleshooting. This is my current setup: ASUS ROG Z270F with an i7-7700K (not OC) be quiet...
  12. A

    Question Low RTX 2070 GPU Usage

    Hi, I just recently build me a new gaming pc. But my problem now is that my GPU just uses 50-60% of its power in most of the games I play. I wonder now if I could be a bottleneck of my CPU or something else. Temperatures are fine I checked that. My take is that the PSU might be throttling the...
  13. N

    Question My Cpu and Gpu usage

    So I recently bought a new pre built pc and my framerates were not adding up so I downloaded afterburner and I immediately noticed my cpu and gpu were using only 2 thirds of their power. Usually this wouldn't matter because I usually get 60+ fps but since I like it 144hz this is not the best...
  14. Question Low gpu usage in games and low power usage in Furmark

    My specs: I3-8100 with hyper 212x evo Msi gtx 1060 3gb Msi b360m mortar (very bad mobo, do not recommend) teamgroup vulcan 8gb @ 2400 singular kingston a400 480gb seagate barracuda 2tb Corsair 650W Gold rated edition (with the black 'VS', not the golden/yellowish one) Monitor Lenovo Y25f-10 @...
  15. S

    Question GTA 5 wierd FPS drop turning water quality up.

    So I've been playing GTA 5 for a couple days and I recognised that when I'm looking at some exact things my fps drops down from the 80s to 37-47. This only happens when I turn up the water quality from normal to high or very high. Also my gpu usage drops down from 80-90% to 40-50%. PC: Vega 56...
  16. ArYcEz

    Question (GTX 1080) Under 30% GPU usage GTA V

    I recently bought a GTX 1080, however when I tried to play GTA V I realized that my framerate wasn't much different from the card I upgraded from (GTX 970.) My GPU usage howevers anywhere from 10~% to 35~% but rarely goes above that. I turned all my graphics down but there seems to be no...
  17. zuricose

    Question Low FPS even in old games

    Hi, I hope you guys can help me figure this one out because I have tried everything I can think of but the problem doesn't go away No matter what game I am playing, it could be a new game or an old game, my CPU usage is always low (10% - 30%) and I think that's causing low FPS in games that my...
  18. W

    Question Computer always uses about 50% CPU and GPU usage in games?

    Hi, in games like rainbow six siege, tf2, or fortnite my cpu and gpu usage always stays at around 50% for these games. My idle usage is about 3%. Any solutions? Specs: Ryzen 5 2400g RX 580 8gb 2666mhz ram
  19. R

    [SOLVED] I5 8400 with 2400mhz ram

    Hey tomshardware community, I am planning to buy i5 8500 that runs at 2666mhz ram . If i use a 2400 mhz ram will it affect the clock speed of the cpu. Like i5 8500 can go upto 4.1ghz at max ,but if i use a 2400mhz ram will it go upto 4.1 ghz on boost or not. When i was a kid i used to...
  20. N

    Computer stuck at start up. Incompatible GTX780 card or driver?

    Hello, First of all, I would like to say that I know there might be some similar threads, but I have no idea if they apply to this scenario and I have already spent ages working on this computer, so please bear with me! So, the problem first occurred months ago. I didn't know the reason behind...