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  1. J

    Question Does anyone have this particular 980TI? I just bought one still sealed.

    This is the card: From my point of view, it just looks like a crapier G1. I've looked up the card, and the most I can find is a couple of reviews. I'm very curious about the OC potential though. Thanks in advance.
  2. W

    How do i know if a sata ssd will fit in my computer

    I have a dell computer it says the hard drive is a scsi i want to replce my old hard drive with a ssd drive but they all say sata how do i know if its compatable
  3. T

    Caused a big mess

    While removing things off my computer I was going to give to a friend.Decided I wanted to change admin name and password. I used netplwiz to do this. Restart computer, login name was still mine. Yet this time my password didn't work, tried the new password didn't work also. Upon google searches...
  4. S

    How good is the 1060 6gb?

    Is the GTX 1060 6GB good for games later in the future for running things on high/ultra on 1080p with above 50 fps? Plan on building a pc, but I don't want to constantly upgrade.
  5. A

    No video output in new build - AsRock AB350M Pro4

    Hi guys, I can't seem to make it work. I installed all below components, CPU/GPU fans work, but no output. AsRock AB350M Pro4 Patriot Viper DDR4 16GB kit - 3200mhz Ryzen 5 1600 GTX 1060 I suspect the incompatibility between the mobo and the ram. Is there any workaround or do I have to change...
  6. E

    About Paging File Size

    Hello there, i wanted to know how much to set Paging file size on only 1HDD with 2 partitions. I have 8gig of ram only with my HDD 320gb, partitioned into 140 and 155. The default value, was at 6137. Should i or can i put it higher than that? Thanks for your answers and as to why.
  7. E

    What GPU is this

    So i took apart my computer as my motherboard/Cpu have died, which dont too big of a probs as im planning on upgrading to ryzen 3, but when i took out my GPU i saw it was a club3D one so i got curious and searched Club3D up on google and looked at there Graphics cards, when i went on there...
  8. G

    Computer not turning on, motherboard issue?

    So my dell xps 8300 desktop which i've had for a while is coming up with a blank screen on both monitors and has a orange like light and it beeps 3 times when I try to turn it on. It was working last night when I was gaming on it and playing cs:go. Help please, I would like to play on it once...
  9. G

    New System not displaying video

    Ok so I built a new system and the monitor is not recognizing the signal. MB Asus M5A99FX pro r2.0 GPU EVGA GTX 1070 RAM corsair vengeance pro 2x8gb CPU AMD 8350fx 2 Sata HDD 7200 RPM Power Seasonic SSR-650RM i put it together. All fans are running, CPU light is on. System light is on. RAM is...
  10. M

    how do i connect monitor to pc

    i have a mobo with dvi d and a gpu with hdmi and dvi i and i have a dvi i to vga adapter
  11. M

    Win 7 OEM and replace Motherboard

    I need to replace the mobo, but there is nowhere stocking the same model I can find. I have a list of some alternatives, but as I know it you cannot transfer the OEM Win 7 license to another mobo. This still true? Current mobo is the Gigabyte GA H87 HD3. I talked to ms support and they said...
  12. J

    Laptop BSOD - ntoskernel problem

    Hello, i'm facing to problem with my fathers laptop Lenovo G565. After two years of ordinary use, it started to have problems. Problem has begun with CPU overheating and system freezing, afterwards BSOD and sometimes does not turn on - mostly after hibernate. I have replace thermal conductive...
  13. S

    does it safe to format a secondry hdd instead of deleting all of the data inside it ?

    I have my windows 10 installed on my ssd also I have 2 hdds one for media and 1 for my games and I have 500 GB hitachi hdd I use for downloads I want to delete 200 GB of garbage data from it to right click and delete or format the hdd ? does format that drive affect windows 10 speed and...
  14. C

    Avexir RAM for gaming

    I have a 4690k and I need some RAM for gaming. I wanna stay as low price as I can. This stick is black and red, ddr3, and is 1600mhz which is all great for me. The problem is it's CL11 and it doesn't...
  15. J

    Tried resetting cmos / removing cmos battery but pc still not working

    I installed a new ram and my pc is now not displaying anything. I already tried removing the cmos battery. Still not working. Please help.
  16. 3

    ATi Radeon HD 4550 graphics card - Does it fit into an x8 PCI Express slot?

    I am going to buy a ATi Radeon HD 4550 Graphics Card, I need to know whether it will fit into a PCI Express slot x8 or possibly a PCI express slot x4
  17. N

    Good Gpu for me

    Hi there, I am looking for a good price/performance gpu for my first pc build. My mobo will be the Asus Crosshair v Formula Z which i got for a really good price. My cpu will most likely be the Amd Fx 8350 Now, for my Gpu I am thinking of purchasing the Amd r9 280x. Will this be a good Gpu for...
  18. M

    Wireless Apapters, which to buy..

    Is this a good wireless adapter? Or can i spend the same or less amount of money and get a better one? I can no longer be connected by cable :( Would this get...
  19. R

    $450 Gaming Build

    I am looking to build a PC for 1080p gaming at high settings, for about $450 or less. I am 16 years old, and my budget is quite tight. I want to play games like Far Cry 4, H1Z1, Watch Dogs, BF3/4, and GTA V. Needless to say, to play some of these games at a good frame rate I may need to turn the...
  20. B

    SLI GTX 980 Ti - Can I and should I?

    Hi guys, I've just bought and installed a EVGA 980 Ti onto my oldish system to extend its life a little while I wait for the next gen intel chips and EVGA have offered me 50% their whole range. 50% is alot so now I'm thinking I should use it :P Replace my corsair 850GS psu? Buy another...
  21. C

    Hard Drive "grinding" noise

    So, my hard drive was making a slight "grinding" noise, like it was being used constantly or something. I thought it was failing so I threw a new hard drive in there. That didn't change anything, the noise is still there. The sound was not occurring when I had my old CPU and motherboard. I...
  22. L

    Cant get Linux Distro to install off of external HDD

    Trying to install Kali Linux Distro, but it wont work properly with the usb I have. I have a Buffalo HD-PX320U2 External HDD, that I have partitioned 4 gigs out of to make a live cd of Kali Linux. I have a Hp 2000 windows 8.1 computer. I already set to legacy mode, already set usb booting to the...
  23. H

    best wireless receiver for xbox 360 controller and windows 8.1

    I have two wireless xbox 360 controllers and want to use them for my pc (specifically fifa 15). What is the most reliable wireless controller receiver under $20 that is compatible with windows 8.1.
  24. G

    ASRock Beebox Braswell-Based NUCs, A Silent PC For The Office

    ASRock jumped into the ever-growing NUC market with the Beebox series of NUCs, offering silent operation and updated features as a result of utilizing the latest Intel Atom Braswell SoCs. ASRock Beebox Braswell-Based NUCs, A Silent PC For The Office : Read more
  25. FlurrflePurrf

    Picking a Case

    I am planning on building a gaming PC. In my opinion, style and form are very important, so I try and stay away from the generally-popular cubic cases. So far, I have my eyes on two cases: The Cooler Master Storm Stryker (or Trooper) and the NZXT Phantom (Black). Do any of you have any...
  26. G

    G3258 + R7 260x is a great combo?

    Is this computer great for 1366x768 gaming? Pentium G3258 (I will overclock 4.0 GHZ) 4 GB Corsair Vengeance Sapphire R7 260x Thermaltake Versa II 500W H81M-P33 I have 840 Evo 120 GB SSD and 320 GB HDD Sorry for my bad English. I am Turkish. Thanks.
  27. H

    graphic card issues

    i am running a amd phenom 2 x6 1090t with a asus m4a89td pro/usb3 16gb ram 2x ati hd 5670 cards corsair hx 1000w windows 7 64bit i am looking to upgrade thinking my cards might be outdated or just not performing. is their a recomemdation on what would help my computer out
  28. I

    Mobo and Network Adapter compatibility

    Would my Asus M5A99X EVO Rev 2.0 be able to support, and house, an Asus AC1900 PCI-E Adapter? I need to be able to use this in conjunction with my EVGA 4GB GTX 960, and possibly my NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti. What I'm more concerned about is the space available around the PCI-E/ PCI ports; as...
  29. Failmora

    Why is my GPU temperature so high?

    Hi, Can somebody please help me why my GPU core temperature is high when I'm not using it at all? My graphic card is AMD Radeon HD 6970 Here is the screenshot of it
  30. dhillx3264

    Sapphire Tech 290X and CCC question

    I have a reference 290X, bought not too long after they released. It's been an awesome card, and I'm hoping it continues to be. My questions are... A.) Is it possible that the card can get too hot before CCC tells the fan it needs to speed up? -- I ask because my games can *sometimes* crash...
  31. AMSTi

    Minimum budget for 60fps gaming with 4K surround/eyefinity?

    I have a $5,000~ USD budget for a 4K surround build, but I would love to lower it, a lot. What would be the minimum I would have to pay to achieve 60+ FPS on low~ settings? Here are the games I would be playing, BF4 The Crew Minecraft Need for Speed Rivals/Most Wanted 2012 Thief Skyrim Grid 2...
  32. A


    my psu is COOLER MASTER RS350(350w) .Some sites (like amazon and flipkart ) showing 'ZOTAC NVIDIA GTX 750TI 2 GB DDR5' need Power Supply Requirement of 400 W.And on a discussion thread i found that a GeForce GTX 750ti needs at leat 20 amps on the 12v rail and a 400 watt power supply.But on my...
  33. M

    Should I get a 802.11ac adapter if my modem is just 802.11n?

    I just learned that the Asrock Z97 Extreme 4 doesn't have a wifi adapter (please correct me if I'm wrong). Therefore, I would have to buy a separate adapter, and I got myself to researching. I believe my modem at home is just 802.11b/g/n. I was wondering if a 802.11ac wifi adapter would work?
  34. Notrix

    Ubisoft... Hope this teach you a lesson

    Yes! Right i am talking about unity! They were wrong about there system requirements. We need even more to run this game on even 50+ fps This game ha been declared as the "worst Assassins Creed game ever" I am highly surprised! Have'nt they got there game tested? Did'nt they run the game...
  35. J

    GPU memory clock question

    Hi, I have a gtx 760 asus, I noticed while playing tianfall according to gpuz the memory clocks to about 1,100-1,200, but the specs for this card is 6ghz memory boost clock. The actual gpu is running at it's rated speed, even above ! :D. Could it be it just counts the memory clock of each vram...
  36. M

    Cannot overclock my gpu

    Guys..i recently bought an asus gtx 760 oc direct cu 2, as you know, this comes with a gpu tweak software...i have read several times that if u oc the factory overclocked gtx 760 it almost provides the same performance as r9 280x..but whenever i try to overclock it using the gpu...
  37. F

    Cheap Mechanical Keyboards ?

    Im in the Uk and sadly mechanical keyboards are all at extortionate prices compared to the US. This means finding a Mech keyboard for around 40 to 50 pounds is not very easy. If anyone has any recommendations that would be great . Or if anyone knows were I could get a Cooler Master CM Storm...
  38. C

    How much power will my new PC build need? (Some Overclocking)

    Here are my main system components: AMD FX-8320 (Will be overclocked to at least 4.0GHz) Powercolor TurboDuo AXR9 280 Graphics Card GIGABYTE GA-970A-UD3P AM3+ otherboard 16 GB DDR3 RAM (1600) CORSAIR Hydro Series H50 Quiet Edition 2X SATA Hard Drives 1X CD Drive I plan to use it for designing...
  39. Duffy_One

    Can I bring up the "Turn Off Computer" options like on windows XP, on windows 7

    I am fairly new to Windows 7. I grew up on Windows 98/2000/XP. Windows 7 is really different when it comes to the smaller features. On every computer I have owned, The sleep button on the keyboard would bring up the 3 options to either hibernate, shut down or restart. Is it possible to make...
  40. R

    Asus ThunderboltEX II/Dual card??

    Hi - I haven't installed this card as of yet because I don't know what it does and just wanted to make sure everything else was working first. Can someone tell me what you use this for ?