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  1. K

    how to connect internet at may phone

    how to connect internet at may phone
  2. P

    Advice on choosing a Video Card

    Can anyone offer some advice on which video cards I should buy for my new rig? Here is the list of parts I have already bought. This build will be mainly used for moderate video editing with adobe premiere, watching movies, and a little gaming. I plan to hook...
  3. whitie63

    P9X79 Pro motherboard for sale price drop sold

    P9X79 Pro motherboard for sale price drop sold 3-4 months old in mint condition.
  4. W

    [SOLVED] Mid 2007 iMac Random Shutdown

    Has anyone figured out an answer to this issue?
  5. L

    New graphics card for dell optiplex 790

    Hi, I have a dell optiplex 790 and I need to upgrade my GPU to play games. What graphics card is the BEST for my pc, I have a amd radeon hd 7470 1 gb Thanks :)
  6. Z

    AMD r9 270x problems, no signal

    Hello! Im building my new computer by myself and faced a problem that i could not fix on my own. He is the parts i have: -Intel i5-3570K -AsRock Z77 Pro3 -Cooler Master 600W -XFX AMD Radeon R9 270X -im using windows 7 My problem is that when i was installing the drivers i managed to instal...
  7. D

    2nd Gen i3 vs 3rd Gen i3

    Why does Windows see the 2nd Gen i3 as a quad core processor, but the 3rd Gen i3 as dual core?
  8. partiesplayin

    Keeping my static ip with a new modem

    Might be a stupid question but here goes. im using windows 7 64bit i have 2 computers right now, i running 2 modems just hooked the second one up and cant have much interruption in server so why i have both running on my account right now . Comcast BTW On pc #1 im running a Teamspeak Server...
  9. F

    I'm having Internet problems

    I have recently gotten a new processor amd fx6300 and just installed it yesterday. Ever since then i have been lagging in skype and not been able to host servers for different applications like i would normally be able to do. Is this possibly because of my cpu?
  10. A

    upgrade to windows 8.1 from windows 8 pro

    if i upgrade to windows 8.1 will i lose all my installed games (tomb raider 2013, GTA4 and alan wake) or save files. i have a preinstalled windows 8 hp laptop and want to upgrade to windows 8.1. i knows its free and i can upgrade it from windows store.
  11. amdMaXGaMeR11

    URL Filtering problem

    Hey guys! So a few months ago I started blocking my younger brother from using YouTube so much, since it was eating up all my downstream. I'd remove it from time to time so he didn't realize something wrong was happening. A few days ago I found my net lagging a lot and when I check his room...
  12. S

    Windows 7 ultimate restart after 2 hours

    Hello, please tell me a solution to stop restart problem with windows 7 ultimate after 2 hours
  13. A

    Boot from CD

    Hello, My PC froze so I did a hard shut down and when I restarted it I got a message "Boot from CD". I can't type any commands and when I ctrl-alt-del I don't get the option to start in safe mode. What do I do?
  14. N

    Notebook intel i7 CPU Idle 60-70

    I have had my ASUS G73JW for just over three months. Spec: Intel i7 Q740 16 GB DDR2 Memory nVidia 460M 1.5 GB Memory OCZ 160 GB SSD Secondary Drive: Seagate 500GB 7200RPM Until the past week it usually idled at high 50-54 whether I had applications like after effects, premiere, or Photoshop...
  15. M

    OEM or normal?

    I'm completely reformatting a friend's computer-but he doesn't know whether his XP is OEM or full. I have found a program that will give me a CD key-but I still need to know whether I need to reinstall with my OEM disc or full XP disc. Can you help me out? Thanks, MaxRabbit
  16. M

    Solidworks 2011 hardware

    I've to choose between two configuration: Xeon W3530 + nvidia quadro 4000 2GB and Xeon quad core E5630 + nvidia quadro 2000 1GB what's the preferable for solidworks 2011 64 bit? Thanks, max
  17. S

    Help regarding gaming pc configuration

    hello friends ,i am new to this forum this thread is my first one .. Here is the problem:- I am a dedicated gamer ,the purpose of my pc is one and only -gaming , i am having some trouble regarding the setup and performance so i am very confused as whether i should stick to my current hardware...
  18. G

    Custom Gaming Computer help

    Hey computer gurus. I came here to ask for some help. :( Unfortunately, I'm not very good with computers... I'm thinking of buying a new computer (whether it be from Dell or custom built - whichever is cheaper). I have 2,000 dollars to spend and would like a gaming computer. Can you please...
  19. Stiffex

    Blue Screen Prob

    My system is Samsung F3 1TB, Gigabyte P55 UD4, i7 860, GSKill 2000mhz DDR3, 750w Corsair psu. OK i have had some problems lately with my pc not finding my optical or sometimes it can just disappear in mid use. I have also had 1 or 2 errors one of which told me to back up my data because my hard...
  20. P

    W7 64 chipset high pitch noise

    Since I've installed W7 64 bits, there's a weird intermitent highpitch noise, coming from the chipset (or so I think...) Here's the noise recorded with a HQ microphone about 2 inches from the CPU. w7 64 chipset high pitch intermitent noise It's not a fan noise, nor a HD running, it's...