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  1. T

    2600x High Temps

    Hello, I just switched from a i7-4770 to a Ryzen 5 2600x. Im using a Arctic Freezer 33 and both cpus were/are stock. My 4770 was idle 30 C and max 60 c under full load. My 2600x idle is 40-60 C (jumps around alot) and max 71 C but avg. arouind 60 C. Im just wondering if this is normal and if I...
  2. G

    Optiplex 755, USB keyboard double types in BIOS and DOS, please help

    This is going to make me pull out my hair at this point. I can not do anything of note in the BIOS. I can access the BIOS, but the cursor will jump 2-3 spaces up and down at one key press from my USB keyboard. In an attempt to update the BIOS using FreeDOS bootable USB, typing from the keyboard...
  3. X

    No audio after restarting CMOS and updating BIOS

    My mobo is msi z170-a pro, im using windows 10 x 64 So far i've tried everything i've found on the web Reinstalled realtek drivers several times, from realtek site, provided by MSI, installed codecs. Uninstalled audio drivers from device managerm, updated it from there. Installed other bios...
  4. G

    Ryzen 5 and Windows 7

    So I upgraded from an Fx CPU to Ryzen, got an ASUS B350, Corsair Vengance DDR4 RAM and the R5 2600 processor. Mouse and keyboard work in the bios but not on windows itself. In fact if I let the computer load it sets on the desktop for about 2 minutes before giving me a BSoD. The BSoD I'm...
  5. G

    Computer Shuts Down on its own(not overheating)

    so im having this issue where it shuts downs (not restarting) no overheat, usually like before the computer boots up to OS, and after like5min,20min and even 10-15hours. I honestly have no clue whats causing the problem, my psu is not that old and my temperatures are all good CPU is arround...
  6. S

    Malwarebytes is warning me Google maps is unsafe

    Just tried to open google maps and I get a warning from Malwarebytes. what's with that??
  7. G

    78lmt-usb3 r2 xp 32 install problems

    All the components I bought supports xp. The first problem is when I try to install xp it will blue screen with a 0x0000007b code. Iv tried putting it in ide mode but still crashes. I tried doing the install on a different pc and moving the hdd to it. And it worked but I was having trouble with...
  8. C

    SSD to HDD question

    I have a Samsung EVO 860 1TB (has my os some games editing etc.) Im transfering video files chunks about 2.5gb each to a 5TB WD HDD 7200RPM (Ryzen 1800x w/ 32GB 3200mhz ram) When i start the transfer its about ~450 MB/S transfer speed and after about 10s it drops to 55-60 Is that normal ive...
  9. A

    How can i connect the rca dvd home theater system to amazon firestick tv?

    I want to connect my rca home theater system to amazon fire stick tv.
  10. B

    No-input monitor after bluescreen

    I have a problem, i was just playing some dying light on my week-old pc, i bluescreened with some video error, and after trying to restart it said my windows was corrupted to i had to repair it. After restarting to get into my bios settings, i just didnt get a screen, and my monitor didn't get...
  11. A

    Core i5 7600k 3.8 ghz won’t boot into windows at stock speed

    Okay so I started building this computer last November and recently got a core i5 7600k 3.8ghz I used it with a gigabyte z170X gaming 7 mobo, the first week everything worked fine it would turbo to 4.2ghz just fine and everything but after a while I want to try to overclock it, I saw a cpu...
  12. A

    2 diffrent m.2 SSD-s

    So i am building pc and i want a good SSD but pretty cheap for my pc and i found these 2: 1)http:// - 2)http:// so the first one costs like only 10euro more but it has so much faster reading speed and reading speed is most important for me. Is it worth to buy the 10 euro expensiver?
  13. H

    $950 Gaming PC

    Main usage: -Video Editing -Photoshop -Gaming Working > Gaming ----- Build: CPU : AMD Ryzen 2600 Motherboard : ASRock AB350M PRO4 RAM : G. SKILL DDR4 AEGIS GAMING SERIES F4-3000C16D-16GISB 3000Mhz 2x8GB 16GB kit GPU : ASUS ROG STRIX RX570 OC EDITION 4G HDD : Seagate 2TB ST2000DM006...
  14. Marksimilijan

    Connecting 5.1 speakers to a laptop

    Hello, I have a question regarding the connection of a 5.1 soundsystem to my laptop which has only one 3.5mm port. Would it be possible to use an adapter to connect the 3 speaker inputs into one port, for the purpose I need them the surround sound isn't necessary, I would only need all of the...
  15. R

    Problem with mothercard installation

    I already installed the cpu, cpu cooler and memory on my motherboard. But the problem is I can't put it into my case. It a perfectly compatible case, but when I tried to fix it in I can't aline it with the motherboard shield. I tried my best but I don't want the mother card to break, so I don't...
  16. J

    COD4 PC Disc?

    Hello, Does anyone know where I can get a disc copy of cod 4 other than steam? I've heard mixed reviews on the installability of the Amazon version. Any help would be much appreciated, Jamie
  17. G

    Deliver SAT in house

    Hello, I'm a newbie here and I hope this the right section to ask this. Is it possible to a have a SAT decoder (maybe Linux/Android) that receives all SAT channels and make them available on a LAN, so other devices like PCs and/or Smart TVs inside the network can display them, maybe with a...
  18. Benc12

    Random red pixel appeared on a 2 year old monitor?

    So when i turned my PC on ealirer today i noticed that there a tiny small dot close to the middle of my screen. Its only just appeared as i notice these little things straight away. ive looked and people seem to say the red dot represents a dead pixel? If this is the case why has this happened...
  19. C

    i5-8250U overheating/big power draw HP Probook G5

    Hi people! HP probook G5 with i5-8250U is overheating and it's brand new. I've monitored the CPU with hwmonitor and intel XTU. I noticed very high VID of around 1,2V and power consumption in the 30-40W range. Tht reflects to CPU temps of 90+°C. I've googled and found a guy undervolting this CPU...
  20. M

    No sound Asus xg35vq monitor

    Cant get sound to work from the xg35vq's speakers. Headphones and old monitor work fine. Sound is unmuted in monitor settings and the monitor is set as defualt device in windows.
  21. L

    My PC crashing should I upgrade my PSU?

    This is my computers specs: CPU: Intel I3-4360 Motherboard: ASRock H81M-HDS RAM: 8 GB of DDR3 GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 770 PSU: CX430 430 Watt Storage: 1gb HDD, 250gb SSD But the problem is I have been having my computer fully reboot (with no error messages) quite often mainly during games like...
  22. R

    Am I uses my ram correctly ?

    I was looking at specy as I normally have it up to see the temps when Im playing games and noticed that my ram looked a bit low (MHZ wise) Is there something wrong in the bios that I did or what? Heres and image to what I see and the ram used
  23. D

    Lots of blue screens of death when playing games

    So when I play a game I get blue screens of death within the first ten minutes (gamewise it is mostly fort ite). The problem started today (after a windows update I believe), apart from that the system is the same as yesterday. Not of my bsod say "unexpected store exception", I have looked up...
  24. A

    Win 10 update no option for drive d

    When I try to download Windows 10 upgrade to my 32 gb Asus notebook I do no get the option to use SD card drive on drive D
  25. N

    DIMM Slot Too Big For RAM Stick?

    *EDIT Hai guys was just wondering if i could fit my 8gb ram stick into a slot that's bigger than the stick itself Mobo is http://
  26. E

    Can my computer work with GTX 1050Ti?

    Hello guys, I need help. I want to upgrade to a GTX 1050Ti, but im not sure that my PC can support that graphic card. You can see my PC specifications right here: Thanks. (Sorry for my bad english)
  27. C

    Mosfet heat sink- good contact or not?

    Alright, kind of an odd question here. So I decided to replace the thermal pad on my mosfets with some thermal adhesive, but after further inspection of the mosfets, some are more elevated than others. Meaning that the heat sink will only make contact with half of them, being the shorter ones...
  28. A

    Ultrawide 16:9 GTX960

    So I have a pc with a GTX960 4GB, and i'm currently using an Hannspree 21.5'' TV as my monitor and i really need to change it. After doing some research i fell in love with the LG 29UM59-P ultrawide monitor. The problem with it is that I've read that 2560x1080 is really hard to run on a GTX960...
  29. C

    advice for new rig( I'm a first timer)

    I just need some advice on the rig i'm building, like if there are better parts for the same price point or for lower. I'm going to use this build mainly for stuff like 3D Autocad/Solidworks and similar applications with some programming and Medium gaming. I'm not going to upgrade for atleast...
  30. I

    HDMI/DP to dual-link DVI

    I have an ancient, but still gorgeous, 30" Dell 3007WFP monitor. Its main problem is a lack of inputs. It only has one dual-link DVI input that supports resolutions up to 2560x1600. I recently got a new Dell pre-built with an RX 580. However, this GPU only has DP and HDMI outputs. What are my...
  31. vladi2005123

    Is there any driver or utility for ASRock B250M Pro4

    I want to monitor my CPU temperature and other stuff.
  32. N

    Looking for budget gaming/music WIRELESS headphones

    Hi there, I've been searching online for a while now but I can't seem to find a pair that I like. My budget is around 50-80 euros (!) and this is what I'd like to get for it: Wireless headphones that I can use to play games and listen to some music when I'm out on the streets. The gaming aspect...
  33. W

    A little help?

    GPU:AMD R9 280X Double d black edition Playing cs go before(months)ago:69 degrees Celsius Today:80 degrees celsius? What could it be?My pc is a bit dusty since i dont have a compressed can atm.Could it be the dust that 's causing the high temps?
  34. T

    How do i reset the bios on an asus model no.U52F?

    I. Have an asus model U52F that has tbe. Black screen no bios problem. I read that re setting the bios fixes this problem. So i need to know how to reset the bios on this model. Thank youi very much have a blessed day!!!
  35. D

    connect a display with usb 3.0 input to hdmi output on device

    I have a display that only accepts usb 3.0 input. I want to use it as wall mounted display and stream or cast to it. I can't find anything that converts HDMI to USB 3.0 (I don't think I can anyway). I see lots of HDMI/USB adapters but they seem to imply a direction i.e usb to hdmi not vice...
  36. K

    Motherboard stopped working after BIOS update

    So I bought my motherboard (Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3) in January and after I built it, the thing was working fine. However, last Sunday when I received an update in the Gigabyte @BIOS app, my monitor stopped displaying any signal and on the bottom of the mobo, the CPU and DRAM LEDs flash...
  37. E

    Can’t connect to specific FTP server

    Everyone else with access can connect to it, but I can’t connect from my home network, both on Ethernet or wifi using different applications. I can connect to other FTP servers though. Is it possible the server has blocked me or my internet has blocked the server?
  38. O

    Radeon 6770 eBay return - damaged by overclocking?

    Hi. I have sold on ebay my old gpu Radeon 6770 1gb from asus. After one week I have a refund request. Reason provided: I see fluorescent textures at intermittent time when playing games. I think it is damaged. How can I check if it wasn't his fault? Ask for some free software diagnostics...
  39. T

    Bit of an old question, How do cd keys work

    Back in the day, when purchasing a retail disc for games a key code would come with it. My question is how do makes control the use of the game especially if its an offline game (single payer) if people just rent it to a friend. Do the makers know if you simply use it offline. Or is the set of...
  40. O

    Watercooled 7970 crashes and blackscreens under load

    I bought a used 7970 with an EK gpu block (not full cover). I planned on using it in my cheap watercooled build with an i5 2320, 6gb ram, itx lga 1155 mobo, and a Corsair cx 430. I know the psu is a bit lower wattage but i dont think thats the problem. I've tested the build with a 750 watt psu...