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  1. W

    Unlock harddisk SATA port 0

    How do i bypass the harddisk security SATA port 0 SAMSUNG MZNTE256HMHP LOCK ON A Lenovo yoga 3 pro -1370
  2. B

    CPU Underperforming in games

    Hi Guys! I have a problem since last year that i thought it was my cpu bottleneck but mi friend has te same pc as mines and CAN keep 60fps in games, in my pc thats quite impossible even in 1080p. I've been playing at 4K at 30fps and didn't notice this too much but then i try to play at 1440p and...
  3. A

    Need advice on upgrading gaming PC

    Howdy. I probably overpaid for a gaming PC about 5 years ago, but it's starting to show its age, and I'm trying to figure out how I would go about upgrading it to reinvigorate it. Main use would be graphics-heavy video games. Current components: My first...
  4. D

    How Many Drives Can a Cable Handle?

    Hello, everyone I wonder how many SATA power connectors I can attach to one cable from my PSU. My PSU is DELTA 550W Platinum. (I don't think this brand is available in some places? Afaik, they do OEM mostly.) It's dual rail 12V and uses 18 AWG wires, here's a photo of the specification. Don't...
  5. granno21

    Shows 4gb usable of 8gb

    Hello everyone, Bring an old Skulltrail 5400xs motherboard back online with windows server 2016 x64. Everything installed correctly and windows server is up and running without issue, except that it shows 4gb of 8gb usable. I have 4, 2gb sticks installed. My original thought was that its an...
  6. Q

    Did i make a mistake choosing CoolerMaster MasterWatt Lite?

    Hey guys, I am currently building a somewhat budget gaming build and i am currently fretting over whether i made the right choice on purchasing a CoolerMaster MasterWatt Lite 500W. I am definitely sure that 500W provides the system with a sufficient amount of wattage but im worried that the...
  7. N

    No signal from mobo

    Hello, i have an issue, my MoBo is not working, i got it from a friend, now this is what happeneds, i plug every thing in, now some times i manage to enter bios, for a breef second, then i loose signal, lights on my keyboard are on, mouse optics as well but no signal, i tried the VGA and HDMI...
  8. A1t Ross

    USBs still have Power Despite Being Disabled

    That's about it. I'd like crazy mouse to stop glowing all night and day, and despite enabling "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" it glows on. Is it possible to have it shut off with the computer like it's supposed to? Running Windows 10 and an Asus Z97-E Thanks!
  9. C

    Can I connect a powered subwoorer to the terminals marked "rear pre-out" on my Jenwood KR- V8010 receiver?

    Trying to make best connection with out adding anything in between sub and receiver
  10. K

    New MicroATX Low FPS Dont Understand

    Hello, I like to build rigs for fun and built my first ever Micro ATX a couple of days ago. I have noticed two things with this computer and its really bothering me. My old rig could run 90-120 fps on Destiny 2 with everything maxed and I am using "better" hardware in the new desktop. I will...
  11. Tehuti

    Is IPS glow unavoidable in $200-300 monitors? Should I return my new monitor?

    Picked up this Acer G247HYL IPS monitor and I'm absolutely loving the rich colors, however I'm noticing the right side of my screen, specifically the bottom right, is quite bright. It's hard not to notice it. At times it doesn't bother me, but I'm curious if my case is more severe and if I...
  12. T

    My Amd rx 580 is only mining on 12 mh/s

    so i am mining a coin called ZERO but i only have around 12 mh/s sometimes a little more sometimes a little less. but it should be 30 mh/s? yes i recently installed windows 10 and there are no programs running in the background except msi afterburner when mining. also my friend uses a R9 390...
  13. T

    New RAM installed, can’t press F1 to continue to setup

    I just installed new RAM in my PC and when I boot it up it says “CPU or Memory Changed !!! Please enter Setup to configure your system”. It gives me the option to press F1 to run setup or F2 to load default values and continue. When I press the F keys nothing happens. I have tried entering my...
  14. E

    NHL 2006 weird startup problem

    Hi, Recently got my hands on nhl 2006 but i think its not compatible with win7. When i start the game everything goes fine and looks fine until the menu screen pops up middle of the screen is black and shows nothing but the sides of the screen looks fine but i cant acces the menu. I think it has...
  15. O

    What should I do to prevent static shocks in the winter?

    Hello, I've never had this problem before but since I moved to a new house I noticed that during the winter I build up static electricity very easily. It can be enough to just roll back on my chair and my feet glide over the floor just a few centimeters and I'll get a shock on my aluminium...
  16. R

    Where Do I Plug In My AIO Pump??

    Hi. I am currently building right now and I have no idea where to plug the pump into. I am using a ASrock AB350m mATX and the cooler is the Cooler Master Naster Liquid Lite. I assume I plug the fan into the CPU fan header (I may be wrong), but where do I plug the pump?
  17. D

    New Build Fans and Lights Come on But No Display

    I am building a new pc currently and i have everything hooked up. A GPU, CPU, SSD, Motherboard, PSU, and RAM. I turn on the power and the power button lights up. The motherboard lights up. All of the fans start running and spinning. I plug in an HDMI into the GPU and nothing showed. This happend...
  18. E

    New lcd no backlight

    So i bought a new lcd screen for my dell inspiron 15 7559 (my older one had dead pixleeel in one corner) and plugged it in first when i started the pc the screen worked fine but then i had to unplug it again to get the top cover from the laptop and when i tested it again it had no backlight. I...
  19. T

    Transfer files over to new pc and 750 ti quesrion

    Is there a way to transfer my old laptops files to a desktop ny desktop will be in in a couple days can you please help i also have a 750 ti that i am going to install the desktop is a 3010 optiplex dt im able to use it right in that one so please help it woule be appreciated
  20. K

    Good GPU for the Intel Core i5-3470s @ 2.9ghz

    Hi i have a core i5 3470s @ 2.9ghz and i'm planning to upgrade my GPU, can this CPU handle the GTX 1050 Ti? Here are my specs: Intel core i5-3470s Kingston 8gb ddr3 1333mhz Palit GTX 750 Ti A 320gb with my OS and a 500gb WD for my files Also do you think i should upgrade my CPU to...
  21. M

    can I upgrade my gpu on my asus 556uq laptop?

    can I upgrade my gpu on asus 556uq?
  22. F

    Please help me with building a PC! Intel or Amd

    i would prefer intel. But would love amd suggestion for my own personal curiousity :x My budget is 700-850$ i don't need Os, hard drives or dvd drives or monitor. please any suggestion would be great! Thank you :)
  23. K

    Guys please take a look about a psu and gpu 9600gt :)

    pc specs 4gb 1333 ddr3 core 2 quad q8200 stock 2.33 9600gt 512mb 300gb HDD guys i plan on buying a new psu, because my old one died and currently i use 330watt on integrated graphics bcoz my 9600gt wants more power so i want to buy this power supply, will it be enough...
  24. B

    Should I turn off my graphics card on my laptop, what is the benefit?

    I just bought a laptop with this graphics card: Nvidia 920MX 2GB I looked at the benchmarks for video card, and the stock integrated that comes with my i5-8250u chip is an Intel HD620 and it's just as powerful as the Nvidia.... Should I disable the Nvidia to save battery? Is there a benefit...
  25. B

    Replacement compatibility for laptop

    It is possible to replace the AW80577T4500 processor to AW80577P8600 intel processor?
  26. H

    I want to upgrade my specs for gaming

    Hello everyone, I'm a student actually planning to build my own style of pc for gaming however, I still want to use some of my processor's parts if possible, in order to reduce my expenses. I want to ask you guys if you could give me some of your suggestions and advise on the things I need to...
  27. B

    Troubleshooting pc problems

    Last week I bought all the parts to a gamming pc. I put it all together and it doesn't turn on. I checked the power supply with the paper clip test and the battery on motherboard is good. So would it be the motherboard having issues
  28. S

    Ryzen 5 issue with RAM running at 3200...

    Hi This is a complex one... I have a Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3 with a ryzen 5 1600 Just got this ram, which is compatible (ref G Skill site) G.SKILL Flare X Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3200 (PC4 25600) AMD X370 / B350 Memory (Desktop Memory) Model F4-3200C14D-16GFX I d like...
  29. Spexels

    COM Surrogate/dllhost virus?

    I noticed a process in task manager called COM Surrogate, after googling it seems like its a virus, I cant delete the file either, but Norton and Malware bytes don't pick anything up. It was taking up almost 50% cpu usage and I have a gaming cpu so no ordinary process should do that. It seems to...
  30. S

    Motherboard not booting

    Trying to build PC with a motherboard I am using from workplace (so it was working). I have used benchmarking sites to ensure components are compatible but PC is not booting. I tested PSU on otber boards, purchased new DDR3 RAM and Graphics card but to no avail. Specs below please help...
  31. T

    Bottleneck is problem

    if i install gtx 1050 ti 4g oc on cpu i5 3470 will it bottleneck or what GPU should i buy to matching my cpu. GTX 1050 ti 4g oc is being recomended by my friend
  32. Monstertrucker12

    Does an H100i v2 fit in a Lian Li PC-09 case (and if not, which ones do)?

    So I'm planning on taking a rather large leap in the case department, but I want to make sure whether my current cooler (the aforementioned H100i v2) would be able to fit in Lian Li's PC-09 case (it's a beauty by the way). And if it does, does it fit in both the top and vertical (side) positions?
  33. S

    Compatible with this?

    I want to get the Intel Core i3-8100 instead of the Pentium G4560 but I don't know if it's compatible with my motherboard and/or my build so I need your guys' help. Note that I haven't ordered any CPU yet so it's not like I'm upgrading from G4560 to i3-8100 PC Specs: GPU - Zotac GeForce GTX...
  34. D

    I9 and kraken x62

    Hi. Would a kraken x62 be good enough to cool a oc’d i9 4.5GHZ?
  35. J

    Strange Dual Monitor issues

    Hello all, I recently have installed a 2nd monitor to my system, but this has had a huge conflict with the refresh rates. The monitors are both spiking FPS-wise. Changing all FPS values to "vsync" cause the value of a game to drop from a GPU render speed of 135fps to just betwenen 18 and 34...
  36. M

    Please, build advice: GRAPHICS and RAM

    Hi all, thanks in advance for your help. I have an ~8 year old PC that I want to freshen up. Fresh OS install (Win 8.1) and a pair of SSDs have helped performance but need more. The video card is seriously lacking. Primarily used for graphics work; large files in photoshop. However, the...
  37. P

    Motherboard Ryzen upgrade

    I upgraded from an I7 920 to Ryzen 1800x but occasionally the desktop (mouse/keyboard) freezes. When playing witcher 3 at 4k on ultra settings the Intel chip gave a much smoother game play. Do I need to do a full re installation with win 10? setup: corsair 1500 psu 32gb ram samsung ssd 1tb...
  38. T

    Seeking good cooler for 4790k.

    Hey guys, I am looking to replace my stock cooler for my i7 4790k with a cryorig H7. I was wondering A ) will it fit in an apevia X-trooper mid case, and B) I average 75c in most games (dragon age inquisition, witcher 3, and low 80's (bf4, bf1) atm with stock (bad i know). What kind of...
  39. R

    problem with rx 580 and LG monitor

    just got a rx580 to go with my LG 29Um59 monitor that says it is freesync compatible, monitor has only 2 HDMI ports. i have a displayport to HDMI cable ,it says on radeon display,, freesync not recognised Any help before i return it although I am sure its something small i am not doing, cant...
  40. A

    Re-Install Windows, Upgraded my MOBO, Fans, RAM, PSU, Case

    I've read plenty of posts regarding this issue and it isn't clear if I need to re-install windows on my new PC. I'm upgrading everything for my PC EXCEPT the GPU and CPU. Some say I have to, some say I don't. Is this a case to case basis? The current MOBO I have is from dell XPS 8910 upgrading...