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    Yikes! I bent some pins in the CPU socket, and I put a used core (i7-3770) in the LGA 1155 Socket, Dell Optiplex 790. There was no video output, but the signal was fine. I put in the old core, and there was still no video. I will supply some pictures below. Image 1 Image 2 Could it really be...
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    Question 1060 GDDR5 or 1060 GDDR5X

    Hi, do you think it's worth buying a GDDR5X 1060 or it's better the GDDR5 version? I have Ryzen 5 2600, msi b450m pro...
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    Pc wont turn on

    Back on December 17th I was playing world of warcraft when my pc randomly turned off and would not turn back on. After reviewing online sources they said common cause is the psu, so I had that replaced with a brand new psu.. plugged it in made sure it worked, it did but the pc still hasn't...
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    RAM Sticks Reusable?

    I'm planning to build a new PC. Would there be a problem if I used RAM sticks from my old computer to cut down on costs?
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    70c for i3 540

    I reapplied thermal paste to my pc.. before it reched 105°C when gaming.. now its 75°C when gaming.. 75°C is ok for i3 540?? Gpu temp is around 60°C when gaming.. Idle is cpu 39°C Gpu 39°C... Thank You..
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    Flickering Line on screen

    Hi! I have recently changed my graphics card and I'm now running a AMD radeon HD 6570. OS- win 10. A flickering line appears everytime I try watching a video on my monitor. (The problem is not with the monitor, I've tried with another one and line is still there) It flickers up if the video is...
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    Asus Maximus IX Hero Shutting Down USB Ports

    I hope this finds Y'all well. All my USB ports shut down intermittently. They almost always shut down during a benchmark test and they will shutdown at idle. The ports are only off for a second and then right back on. I am a photographer. I shoot tethered meaning my camera transfers 90MB...
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    Screen quadrupled on laptop

    After a restart my laptop screen just split in 4 parts, tried to do a simple refresh and it didnt work, what could it be?
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    Internal vs external DAC

    If I want to get a high-performance gaming sound card, which is better? An internal or external DAC?
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    Newest windows update makes game lag and run slower in general

    I've noticed that my league of legends and other games have been running slower ever since i updated my windows 10 to version 1803 build 17134.48 I have also noticed that whenever a full screen application starts up 3 beeping sounds are made as if windows has some other process running behind...
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    Processor for the secondary PC for streaming.

    Hello, everyone, I want t start streaming games like Fortnite, PUBG, Final fantasy 15, Tom Clancy's etc on twitch and YT. I already have an suitable PC for these gaming. now i want to build an secondary PC specifically for streaming. I have already used majority of my funds in building the...
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    Overclocking a locked CPU

    Hi guys, in need of serious help. I have a Lenovo G50-45. Running a AMD E1-6010 processor. I have 16GB of RAM. I have been trying to overclock it for 2 months but no luck. I don't mind if the processor overheats a bit as long as it doesn't start a fire. Is there anyway I can overclock it? I have...
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    looking for a Motherboard which supports i3-7100 should be under $160-$180 for gaming.

    Hello, Dear Sir/Ma'am, I'm looking for a Motherboard which supports i3-7100 should be under $160-$180 for gaming please help me as I'm planning to buy a graphichs card gtx-1050 later on. It must support these all and best for my budget. Thanks in Advance
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    New PC No Signal To Monitor

    New PC build. Finally got it all assembled, moved it into my room plugged everything in, powered it on and... no signal to my monitors. Everything stays powered on. I dont have a speaker to hear if it is POSTing or not. Specs below... Mobo: Asus Z270F Strix  CPU: 7700k Cooler: Corsair H100i V2...
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    acer atc-780A-UR12 Power Supply upgrade problem

    Hi Everyone! First post, so please be gentle. I purchased an Acer ATC-780A-UR12 computer with the understanding that I was going to upgrade the PSU so that I could run a GEFORCE GTX 1060 video card. I went online and purchased a Corsair CX500 power supply. Installation was easy but the...
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    My laptop hp has been kept shut down for couple of weeks and when I put on now it's not getting on and I tried charing but sti

    My laptop hp has been kept off for couple of weeks and now when I turn on its not getting on and I tried charing it but still then not working. So what shall I do.
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    PC runs but no display

    I have a fresh new build that had an h110 motherboard, g4560 dual core Pentium, a 400w psi, a 1tb hard drive, a gtx 1050ti, 8gb gskill ram 228 pin I believe. It fits the boards I got. I had built it and started it up. I got no response from the display. I tried multiple displays and multiple...
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    Corsair LED Ram

    Im planning on using an MSI B250 PC MATE motherboard and I'm wondering if it will be compatible with a pair of Corsair Vengeance White LED 8gb RAM sticks.
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    ASUS Maximums IX Q-code 78 and A2

    I have an ASUS Maximums IX breadboarded with just CPU, cooler, 1 stick of RAM. I have tried booting with three hard drive scenarios 1TB SSD m.2 -- gives q-code 78 3TB hdd connected via SATA -- gives q-code A2 no drive -- gives q-code A2 Monitor remains blank entire time and I have never posted...
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    Pavilion dv5 won't turn on

    I have an old Pavilion dv5. I decided to try and fire it up just for kicks. when I plug the ac adapter in, the battery LED turns on white and then switches to amber. when I press the power button, nothing happens except the hard drive light turns on both colors at the same time. No fan or...