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  1. minersworking

    Question I installed a new RAM stick and my computer started having random crashes while playing games.

    These are my specs -> I had one RAM stick of the G.Skill Aegis and my computer was not running how I wanted it to be so I decided to get another RAM stick and my motherboard only has two RAM slots . The first RAM stick that I had was installed in the second...
  2. 9

    Question i9-9900k not showing all process cores

    Just upgraded my computer, Motherboard: asus z390-f Gaming CPU: Intel i9-9900k So the installation went well and things are working, my bios shows 8 working cores all enabled with hyperthreading enabled aswell. But my taskmanager says I have 4 cores insteed of 8. Someone please help!
  3. joeeagle

    Question Ducky One 2 RGB Keyboard not working *BRAND NEW*

    Hello everyone, I just received my new ducky keyboard and it is not working. No lights no input. Any help is appreciated, have tried on multiple computers, multiple ports, and made sure legacy usb is enabled in BIOS. *edit: also tried a different cable. Help
  4. H

    Question i5-6600k to i7-8700, computer starts up for just a second then turns off.

    So just yesterday, I got an i7, I took my i5 out of my computer, put in the i7, and when I tested it to see of it would turn on, my fans, and led would only turn on for just a second, then turn off. So to see if i didn't accidentally get any thermal paste in the socket, I clean off the cpu...
  5. T

    Question Computer booting but monitor is not reacting

    Hi , I have problem with my PC because mu pc is booting but i dont see any reaction on my monitor. I have tried to use different monitor, Ram , power supply and I even order new motherboard . Also cleaned cmos but still is not working and I tried to connect my monitor to mobo or gpu with...
  6. W

    mounting RAID 1 drives? (Mac)

    hi again, all. I've got a LaCie 2Big Quadra 2TB RAID that contains 2 x Hitachi 1TB SATA's, used in a RAID 1 array. In doing a little "messing", I've pulled both of those drives and thought I would drop one in to a dock (toaster), but I found that the drive would not mount on my desktop? Tried...
  7. viditkothari

    System has gotten strangely slow after being in fumes

    About two months ago while I was cleaning the carpet/rug with a vacuum cleaner, incidentally the air outlet of the vacuum cleaner faced my cabinet's front while my PC was switched off but was connected to power supply. After about few minutes I noticed white fume coming out of the cabinet...
  8. F

    2 Dead GPUs

    Hi everyone, In the last week i've lost 2 GTX780s. I purchased the first one new about 3 years ago, and the second I purchased second hand a couple of days ago to replace the first. In both instances I was in the middle of gameplay when the screen froze for a few seconds, then cut to a grey...
  9. J

    Asus z170-k starts with orange light

    So i recently purchased an asus z170-k mother board, and the i5 6600k and 2x8 ddr4 corsair ram to go along with it. The problem is after compiling and installing all the parts, my gpu lights light up, case lights turn on, and fans turn on, but there is an orange light that is pulsing from the...
  10. V

    5.25 inch drive bay psu

    i"m looking for 5.25 inch drive bay psu which available today and certified and not discontinued..using only for gpu
  11. H

    Lenovo ThinkStation E30 for games

    I am new On toms and english is not my native language so please do not mind mistakes. I want to know that can i change PSU on lenevo thinkstation E30 and install r9 270 2gb graphics card.and how well it will handle games.Thank you :D
  12. C

    Windows 7 will not boot from new hard drive

    I am attempting to install a significantly larger hard drive to replace my old one. I created a partition and installed Windows 7 64-bit ultimate. After the OS is done installing and resets it says windows is unable to boot due to incompatible hardware. What do I need to do to make this work?