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    [SOLVED] (solved) Please power down and connect PCIe power cable(s) (usb only)

    I had just finished my first build and was installing windows 10 through a usb today however every single time I plug in a usb my computer just says "Please Power down and connect PCIe power cable(s)." This only happens when a usb is in however, with mouse and keyboard I am always booted up to...
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    [SOLVED] FPS Drop overnight

    Hello, I just built my first PC last week. Here are the specs. Aorus Gigabyte RTX 2070 i5 CPU 9600K-3.7 GHz 16 GB Ram ASUS Z390 Prime-A EVGA 850 SuperNova Corsair H100i Pro Yesterday, I was getting about 120 FPS on Overwatch. Today I am getting about 80 FPS. The only thing that has changed...
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    [SOLVED] No output from GPU. Used another GPU and everything works. Drivers or dead card?

    For a little background, I just rebuilt my PC as I wanted to move from an E-ATX to an ATX motherboard and a smaller case. Initially I installed everything in my new case, turned the system on, installed windows, and then set it to install its updates overnight while I slept. I installed no 3rd...
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    [SOLVED] Will Thism.2 SATA based Drive Work on My Motherboard?

    Hello, I have a question pertaining expanding my storage devices. I am trying to maintain a clean look with minimal cabling in my rig. I have a Maximus X Hero Wifi AC motherboard with a 960 EVO already slotted into the M.2_1 slot on the motherboard. My question is: If I buy a WD Blue m.2 1TB...
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    [SOLVED] No monitor signal during boot

    Hi, about a week ago i've performed a clean install of windows 10 on my computer. Formatted everything and installed a new operating system. Everything ran smoothly for approx. Few days. Then the other day i noticed that after my computer went to sleep, and i moved the mouse to bring it back, it...
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    [SOLVED] Task manager different then hwmonitor

    When I play games my hwmonitor has my cpu usage at around 50-70 usage and my gpu usage between 90-100 usage but in task manager my cpu is always 95-100 usage in certain games and my gpu is always under 10 percent usage. I also get weird freezes with massive fps drops in certain games I have...
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    PC wont turn off after shutdown

    My pc will turn on without any problem but when I hold down the power button or do a shutdown through windows the pc will turn off but Fans (running at full power), lights, GPU, CPU cooler continue to run. Pressing the power button again or holding it will just turn the computer on. also there...
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    Issue with my Gigabyte B350 board

    I have a Gigabyte AB350M GAMING 3 board.Since I brought it I am experiencing a strange issue with usage of my Ryzen 3 1200 in selective games.I play fallout 4 on my system and I got 40 frames on high settings at 1920x1080.My GPU is an RX 460.When I try playing the game at ultra,the CPU...
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    ASRock Z390 - 8+4 CPU Power

    I've read a few threads on this topic but didn't get the specific answer I was looking for. I have a PSU (Corsair RM750x) with only a 4+4 EPS CPU power and my new ASRock Phantom 6 Z390 mobo has both the 8 and 4 ATX connector. I did read the manual which clearly states how to align a 4 pin in...
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    Overclocking my Core 2 Quad Q9650 (4Ghz +)

    Working on getting my Q9650 rig dialed in. Started with an ebay found Q9650 for $22... Thermalright Ultra 120 extreme cooler from a member of the TPU forums. Motherboard is an Asus P53Q from a member at (overclockers.com). So this is a true community build. The rig started life as QX6850 but I...
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    [SOLVED] Finding its work or not

    I Have Zebronics 945 Motherboard. I only want to ask that can it run Core 2 Quad CPU?
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    Help me choose please

    So basically im going to build my first pc and after alot of searching i have come up with two different cpus Cpu:intel i3-8100 Motherboard: gigabyte H310M Or Cpu: Ryzen 2200g Motherboard: asrock B450M-HDV both will have a Zotac gtx 1050 ti mini 4gb and 16gb (8gb x 2) of ram. I'm not sure...
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    Is it possible my 4970k is bottlenecking my sli 970's?

    So I bought Destiny 2 and wanted to start playing, but my fps were off. I went to check temps on my gpus and cpu. both gpu's were at 60 degrees and cpu was at 65 degrees, everything was normal. Then I checked my gpu usage% and it's sitting at around 60%. What could be the problem here? I have...
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    Pc restarts when i play

    Hello, it been like a week now, that my computer restart when i play video games.. like Rainbow six siege,, but when i start PUBG, it take few secondes and it restarts.. when i'm on Rainbow six it takes to long( like 3hours) my pc config : CPU : i7-7700K, 16Go RAM CORSAIR, GPU : EVGA...
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    Need GPU upgrade advice

    Hello Guys, Recently I'm feeling that my system unable to running games at decent frame rate. I'm unable to play AC origins, Odyssey, Shadow of Tomb Raider at decent fps(they're running but with lags) So I'm looking for an upgrade for my gpu My current system is Intel i5 2400 12 gb ddr3 ram...
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    someone help me to detect this laptop's model

    hello everyone i'm trying to find model of this laptop in the image(the one in the front of the guy), i think it's an HP(based on the speakers position) i appreciate everyone who helps me to find it. check the image: see image
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    [SOLVED] Gaming CPU Build Advice

    I am planning a new build this year by taking advantage of the Black Friday deals. I am currently running a MINI ITX system with an i5 4570, GTX 760, 8 GBs of Ram, and 550 Watt PSU. I want to upgrade to a system that will be able to last me at least 5 years and can play games at 1440p with 60...
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    4000$ build, need opinions.

    Hey guys, i'm planning to build this pc as a work/gaming station that can last for a good time before I have to upgrade it. I wanted to check if you can notice any problem with this build. - CPU Intel i7-8700k - Graphic Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080ti 11GB - 32gb RAM (2x16) Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR4...
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    How to turn off "Virus & Threat Protection" annoying useless notifications

    Hi guys. So I built my first PC (a few months ago actually, back in August), installed Windows 10 Pro, no anti-virus protection installed on it or anything because expert technician says that it makes your computer unstable. I am just using the Windows 10 virus protection itself and that seems...
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    1mbps internet speed

    I have a 2.4ghz 802.n 300mbps wifi pcie card in my pc. However, my internet speed is extremely slow: its speed hits 1mbps and whenever I try downloading something it fails to do so. On Windows 10 I am connected to the internet and no matter what I do I cannot get a faster speed. Is it because my...