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    Question Laptop suggestion (HP Victus, HP Omen, and Dell G15)

    Hello, I am currently buying a laptop that I will be using 12+ hours per day mainly for work (programming, running VMs, many browser tabs, and IDEs simultaneously) sometimes for gaming (basic games like valorant or rocket league since I do most gaming on PS5) and everyday usage, so I need...
  2. Y

    Question Can i use a M.2 key a/e to PCIe adapter to run my ieee1394 card

    Operating System: Microsoft Windows 11 My system: Product # 4NN43AA#ABA Omen by HP Obelisk Desktop PC - 875-0034 Motherboard: Version 00 Edoras SSid: 84FD Chipset: H370 500 Watt power supply I currently own this ieee1394 Asmedia firewire card(PCIe 1x)...
  3. G

    Question HP Omen 25L shutting down at high load ?

    So I have this prebuilt HP Omen 25L that seems to shut down for no apparent reason at high load on demanding games or OCCT. I have checked the temps and everything is within reason tried a new higher wattage PSU, tried underclocking the GPU, tried a single stick of ram, tried reseating all...
  4. Glor1337

    Question Looking to upgrade ram (HP Omen 880-020)

    Hey everyone, I have a prebuilt HP Omen (880-020) which unfortunately seems a bit limited on the upgrade front. I am not currently looking to upgrade my motherboard (I'd just start over with a new build) I want to ideally upgrade my ram from the current (not original with the PC) - Corsair...
  5. E

    Question I need help fixing persistent stuttering issues when gaming.

    Hello! I am using an Omen Laptop. Over the past year or so my games having been stuttering (skipping about .5 seconds) constantly while playing. It seems to happen more often during gunfights as I mainly play FPS games. It started happening around when I switched to a new monitor which doesn't...
  6. A

    Question Both laptop screen and external monitor freezes when I tab out of games.

    After I have installed a fresh version of "Windows 10 on my HP OMEN - 16.1 " QHD Gaming Laptop (Model: 16-b0005dx )" when ever I open a full screen game on my external monitor and tab out 90% of the time my screens freeze and I need to unplug my HDMI and plug it back it to fix it. I have tried a...
  7. magnificent_90

    Question Which model laptop is better for graphic design and editing?

    Hi all, My budget is around 1000 Euro and I am looking for a laptop for doing editing and graphic design (Photoshop and Premiere). I want the display to support 100% SRGB. I think an RTX 3060 and an Intel Core i7 are good. I don't know if I have to buy a gaming or a workstation model. My...
  8. T

    Question Want to build it Hey everyone i have always wanted to build a PC but never though i had the time. I'm going to be having more time on my hands here shortly and im getting ready to build this...
  9. RollerTroller

    [SOLVED] Help needed Please - BIOS Error

    Thanks for reading I have an HP Omen gt13-1094. It has a Ryzen 7 5800x, RTX 3060 ti, everything is stock. I got it on sale for $1399 as a prebuild from Best Buy. I don’t want to get rid of it because I love the current setup but I have a BIOS error (500) and I’ll admit I’m not very tech savvy...
  10. soupcansam

    [SOLVED] High pitched noise in CPU area ?

    There is a high pitched noise coming from around my ryzen 7 5800x in an Omen 30L PC. It isn’t very loud but it’s always there and super annoying. It goes away when I use ryzen master on any setting or when I boot into safe mode. I’m very confused and any help would be appreciated :)
  11. W

    Question What’s the difference between these laptops?

    Greetings, currently I’m looking to purchase an OMEN-15 laptop, the only issue is yesterday the model I was after (15-en1505na) sold out at the retailer I was looking on, however HP’s own store is selling a laptop which looks to be identical, only issue is it’s got a different model number...
  12. T

    [SOLVED] Seeking advice on improving the cooling of my Omen 30L. RTX 3080/i9-10850k

    Hello ^.^ I have a HP Omen 30L and I'd like to improve the cooling components for it. I'm honestly not sure what to do, so I thought I'd ask here. I'm not sure what information I should provide to get the conversation started.
  13. Julsram

    Question PC turns on by itself

    Hello! if anyone could help, I would greatly appreciate it. I recently bought a OMEN 25L GT12-0060 Desktop Computer. I decided to change the preinstalled CPU fan to a Noctua NH-U12S. I installed it and now my pc is instantly turning on whenever I plug it to power and after 15seconds the led...
  14. L

    [SOLVED] Omen 30L PSU Fan Clicking Noise

    I bought an Omen 30L a few weeks ago and the fan in the Cooler Master Bronze 500 PSU makes an annoying clicking noise when it turns on/off (sometimes it turns on/off constantly). Is there a way to make the fan run continuously to stop the clicking? If not, can the fan in the PSU be replaced, or...
  15. tpereiiraq98

    [SOLVED] I can't understand if my laptop will be able to pair with a 144hz monitor

    Hello everyone, I have the "OMEN by HP 15-dc1044np" laptop and I'm thinking about building a desk setup and paring it with the "TUF Gaming VG259Q" monitor. I'm having trouble finding conclusive information about ports/cables and versions. Based on this, could you please tell me if my laptop will...
  16. xerxesaria

    [SOLVED] Pagefile vs RAM - Is Pagefile worth it?

    I play a game (Cities Skylines) which, especially during load times, uses a huge amount of RAM, close to 14GB at times. It takes up to 5 minutes to load a new blank game. My specs are (Omen laptop): 16GB ddr4 SDRAM 2666 i7-8750H @ 220ghz 9mb cache 6 core Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5 250GB SSD 1TB...
  17. U

    Question Omen 15 rtx 2060 black screen

    Hello, I hope you're all well. I'm currently experiencing a huge issue... Not only am I stuck abroad but now having to deal with a half-broken laptop. For some reason, all of the sudden last night my laptop couldn't get passed the omen logo screen whilst booting up; it just displayed a black...
  18. xerxesaria

    [SOLVED] Adding RAM of different brands

    Hi. I have an Omen laptop with the following relevant specs: 16GB ddr4 SDRAM 2666 1.2v [2 sodimm slots] i7-8750H @ 220ghz 9mb cache 6 core Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5 I have done some search via command prompt and looked into the registry and found out that the brand of the RAM stick is SK...
  19. J

    [SOLVED] Low fps on games (30fps) while CPU,GPU and RAM usage is under 20%

    Hello, my Laptop: HP Omen, Intel i7-9750H Processor, NVIDIA RTX 2070 8 GB, 16 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD & 1 TB HDD, Windows 10 So i usually runs my games (Paladins) on max fps 175 with no problem, my cpu,gpu and ram usage doesn't go over 30% ever. Which is expected and normal. Temps don't go much over...
  20. V

    Question hp omen obelisk desktop shutdown during bios update

    Hello, It so happened that i had just stated the new pc and was just updating all drivers and stuff. There was a bios update which i started and mid way during the process, our home's electricity got cut. Afterwards whenever i start the pc all i hear are beeps, there is no display output...
  21. A

    [SOLVED] How to preven HTPC Audio device from powering down

    Hey All, Is it possible to trick a PC audio device to remain powered ON and paired/connected at all times? (note: audio device has a non-configurable ECO setting that powers down after inactivity) ISSUE: I have a PC with a VIZIO soundbar that powers off after inactivity while the PC is awake...
  22. EtraudSeven

    [SOLVED] How to fix my laptop not using my cpu fully?

    My computer runs games fine I've got an omen laptop with a 960M 2GB and an I5-6300HQ and I can run most stuff at 60 FPS and have always been but lately when I'm playing a game it goes from 60FPS to 20-15 and my CPU usage goes down to 30% how can I fix this?
  23. M

    Question HP Omen 880-102 Fan issue

    So my friend replaced her CPU fan because we all know the standard one sucks, after some time of trying to fix it we got and turned on the machine however the rear fan started to go really loud and there was no way of controlling it, even in the bios we had no control. And here comes the best...
  24. Parker Le Nerd

    Question Can my motherboard support faster RAM?

    I have an old 2016 HP Omen 15t Gaming Laptop and I love it to bits but recently I haven't been able to play a lot of the games I want to with my friends as my computer needs a memory upgrade. I have found a kit of ram that I want to upgrade too but it runs at 2400Mhz and my current ram...
  25. J

    Question New laptop CPU overheating while charging and other problems

    I bought a new laptop a month ago and I encountered a few suspicious things along the way HP Omen (17-cb0040nr) Intel i7-9750H Processor NVIDIA RTX 2070 8 GB 16 GB RAM 256 GB SSD & 1 TB HDD Windows 10 Home My CPU temp on battery is always around 55 to 65C. When i plug in the charger it...
  26. Beo1974

    [SOLVED] New Omen 880-068 want to uograde

    #3 Hi I just recently got a Omen 880-068 but i want to upgrade the CPU and RAM. Does anyone know what the fastest CPU I can run is and what is the fastest RAM. I was told it maxes out at 32gm but not told the highest frequency it can use. And any suggestions on brand of CPU and RAM would be...
  27. A

    Question I bought a new Hp omen 15 with rtx 2070 and i7 9Th gen. And it overheats constantly.

    So i bought this laptop not even a week ago. (Hp omen with rtx 2070 and i7 9th gen) And im having heating issues. Temps are in range of 85-95c during gaming and about 55-70 during casual stuff like browsing , movies and stuff. Is there any way to reduce these temps so as to not to risk the life...
  28. daniyalkh14

    Question HP omen 15 fans ramp up

    Hello i bought a used hp omen 15 (7700hq,1050 4gb)everything about it is fine except one problem its fan ramp up and down for no reason,sometimes they stay at high speed for too long,even even laptop is idle, i've tried finding settings in bios but no luck, tried updating nvidia drivers,tried...
  29. I

    [SOLVED] Can I swap all of the parts inside a OMEN PC into a new case? (Might be a really dumb question)

    The model of my OMEN PC is OMEN 880-106NG I believe. Im curious about moving all the parts into a new case since I saw the motherboard which was made by HP and I never really built my own PC so Im not sure wether or not I can actually just unplug and unscrew every part inside the case and then...
  30. H

    Best Aio pump for 8700k 5ghz overclock?

    Hello, I'm looking for recommendations for an Aio Cpu pump that will get the best temps on a 5ghz OC. I don't have the room for a custom loop and currently have a Corsair H100i v2 installed and it does ok when I run Aida64 but just wanted to get some opinions on what cooler you might recommend...
  31. H

    Blue screen detecting after update bios driver windows 7 64

    hi guys, please help me, I beg you, please. laptop is Lenova b50 series I installed windows 7 64 bit. While installing bios drivers, suddenly restarted and blue screen detected. Now couldn't open windows.couldnt boot or reboot any windows. here no restore point or no refectory setting...