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  1. S

    GTX 1080 TI strix hitting power limit on benchmarks

    I haven't overclocked a GPU in a long while, and I'm completely new to Pascal, so please correct me if I'm wrong but I was watching a simple overclocking guide to overclock pascal based GPU's and one of the points made was that the card should not be hitting the power limit at stock...
  2. V

    Computer Freezes and Crashes when Gaming goes to 100% disk usage

    Been trying to play Path of Exile and Dota 2 and both just are impossible to play atm, crashing and freezing every 5 minutes, the times this happens and I can alt ctrl del I can see that the disk usage is at 99~100% and memory too sometimes. It doesn't happen in CS:GO but I feel like i am...
  3. K

    Sata II HDD and SATA III SSD

    Hello, I want to put an SSD (SATA III) on my laptop, but my current HDD is SATA II. Does that mean that my SSD will be limited to the transfer speed of SATA II? Someone told me so, and I decided to ask you. Thanks in advance!
  4. A

    I need help with Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 !!!

    I am using windows 7 64 bit ! I installed Skyrim Special Edition..Then when i launch it , i get an error "The Program can't start because api-ms-win-crt-runtime-|1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer.Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem. I googled it and found that this error will...
  5. N

    Blue screen loop problem - can’t restore fabric settings (not with F8 and not with USB and discs)

    Hi, I have a Medion Aspire P7818 laptop with a blue screen loop problem. I don’t know but maybe the win-10 anniversery update has something to do with it. Anyway, when I put my laptop on a Medion logo appears and first I see: preparing automatic repair. Even after that, a blue screen shows up...
  6. D

    Asus VIII hero qcode 00 error

    Hi all, First time builder long time learner! I have an issue with my motherboard not posting. Assembled all pieces yesterday Asus Maximus VIII hero, 6700k, 2 x 8 GB corsair's vengeance, H115i aio, Rm850 x PSU and Fractal Arc XL. I have everything together and I'm getting a quote of 00. I...
  7. G

    Good graphics card for 1080p/1440p gaming for about £280

    Hi I'm looking for a new gpu but I don't know what's best for max settings on 1080p (60fps) or medium settings on 1440p(60fps). Could someone recommend the best graphics card? Thanks :)
  8. gtsolid

    connection not available with switch + AP

    Hello to all I currently have a functioning AP connected via Ethernet to its outlet. I added one TL-SG105 also tested between the socket and the AP: nothing works. I also tried connecting a PC via ethernet but nothing. It is known that the lights between the wall and the door switch is turned...
  9. Oli_The_Anarchist

    Erm yeah confused

    Right so I have been having a few problems with my new pc and also there is something very strange going on! Intel i5 4690k! Cooler master Seidon 120v, Asus Z87-K, 8 GB Crucial Ballistix 1600Mhz RAM, Sapphire 7970 3gb GDDR5, 120GB Kingston SSD, 500GB Seagate Barracuda, Corsair Carbide...
  10. TheMailonG

    Motherboard won't turn off

    Hi guys, after trying install Virtu MVP (8.1 compactible) in Win 10, when I restarted, a DOS-like program saying something like "loading assets" showed up and freezed my PC. After restarting a few times, I switched the CLR_CMOS jumper and did all the the process, BUT I FORGOT TO SWITCH IT BACK...
  11. J

    Microsoft Support of Windows 7

    Has Microsoft announced the termination date for support of Windows 7??
  12. J

    I'm planning to upgrade my graphic card to a GTX 980 and my CPU to a i7-4790K

    I have a Dell studio XPS 8100, though I did some upgrade before. here's the specs Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU 650 @ 3.20GHz Manufacturer Intel Speed 3.2 GHz Number of Cores 2 CPU ID BFEBFBFF00020655 Family 06 Model 25 Stepping 5 Revision 04 Video Card AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series...
  13. D

    Can you crossfire the R9 270 with HD 5970?

    Hello, Can you actually crossfire this 2 cards? The R9 270 (not the 270x but the 270 OC) 2gb/256 bit And the HD 5970 2gb with 512 bit. I am asking because i have both cards and i can crossfire but i haven't tried yet. I want to get the most out of what i have, and honestly if crossfire will...
  14. M

    Decrypt EFS files WITH Keys

    Hello, I have searched google long and hard and had no luck so here I am, appealing to the tech community with hope of finding an answer! For mystery reasons unknown Windows 7 likes to encrypt files I haven't asked it to encrypt, unknown to me, causing frustration. Anyways, besides the point...
  15. T

    Radeon R9 295X2 vs GeForce GTX 980

    Wich one should I buy? I use actualy a GTX 970 and I wan't to upgrade it but for the R9 295X2 or the GTX 980??
  16. S

    What is the actual difference between these cards?

    Hello, I'm planning to upgrade my rig, but after searching the web I've found some problems. I'm either planning to buy the "Sapphire Radeon TRI-X R9 290 4GB "OC" or the "ASUS GeForce GTX 960 STRIX 4GB", but as I'm not completely familiar with building computers so I have trouble with...
  17. A

    User Log On Error

    Whenever I log on my laptop on win8 I get this error,I don't know why it is happening though it started tpo happen near abpout the same time when this ext HDD started. The thing is whenever I insert my WD ELEMENTS 2TB ext HDD into my laptop ,the safely remove hardware function doesn't work. I...
  18. C

    Does a AMD FX 8150 bottleneck a GTX 970?

    I recently purchased a GTX 970 and some games are still not running optimal, i think it might be because of my AMD 8150. Does anyone know if this combination is bad?
  19. Confused Idiot

    Hard drive failing? I'm at my wit's end here.

    I am reposting this because after 34 hours no one has replied, and this is urgent to me. 2 Days ago my Seagate barricuda 7200RPM 1TB hard drive has started sounding like a coffee maker brewing coffee, It is the hard drive for sure. And I worry it will fail, all my files are accessible and no...
  20. jcup

    144Hz monitor doesn't have display port?

    Hello, I just ordered this monitor http://www.amazon.com/BenQ-Series-XL2411Z-24-Inch-Monitor/dp/B00ITORITU/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1419017038&sr=8-3&keywords=144+hz+monitor along with a display port cord because HDMI doesnt support 144Hz then I found out this monitor doesn't even have a display...