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  1. L

    Question Gpu through motherboard output?

    I have an rx570 but my monitor only supports vga. Is there any way i can use the vga output on my motherboard but still get the rx570's performance?
  2. Mr.Stork

    Discussion Plz, list all 1660 ti(s) that have DVI ports in them.

    I wanna buy a 1660 ti, but have a DVI monitor, no I don't wanna buy adapters, Idk what brands make dvi-d ports, except for GALAX. So please list all known brands/1660 ti having DVI ports. Also, it's better if it's available in India. Not a necessity.
  3. K

    Question Can I render through one GPU and output through another

    I have Benq 144Hz Monitor that only supports 144Hz through DVI and an RTX 2080 TI without a DVI port. My question is whether I can use an older GPU with a DVI port as a pass-through, also I've looked online and no DP to DVI adapters officially support 144Hz conversion. All opinions are...
  4. Zyperspace

    Question GPU is experiencing increasingly worrying issues

    GTX 1060 6GB here, bought it last year or something, back when the crypto thing was at large because my old 780 died... Anyway, two weeks ago my GPU didn't send any signal from my DVI-Dual Link cable, but the HDMI output worked fine. After two hours I plugged into the DVI again and it worked...
  5. D

    Power Shell Output Help

    So im not sure if this is the right area to post in but i need help with a power shell script. it runs fine i just cant get it to output to a text file. ive tried Write-Host then file-out, export-csv, making an arry then trying to output that. but no luck with anything. Any help with getting...
  6. N

    [SOLVED] *NEEDS ADVICE* : New 10Gbe NAS Setup for small Motion Design Studio

    Hello Folks, I'm from Malaysia, and just a heads up that I am a total newb. Please be nice and patient with me :D Seeking for advice from experts as I recently bought and set up a 10gbe NAS for the studio. There are 4 workstation that works on it. But after the setup of this NAS, we noticed...
  7. P

    suggestion on graphic card for i5 3570K

    Hi everyone, i was thinking to upgrade the graphic card of my old machine; this is the configuration: i5 3570k 8 gb ram ddr3 1600mhz gtx 670 palit ssd 128 mb hs 1 tb considering that i play casually and only at 1080p with a 60hz monitor i was considering those models: gtx 1060 6gb...
  8. P

    HD 7790 Crossfire

    I have a question can I connect crossfire one Sapphire HD 7790 dual-x oc 1gb and one gigabyte HD 7790 oc 2gb?
  9. C

    Best $1300 PC

    Hey guys mind pointing me in the right direction of a budget build ($1300 AUD) it won’t hurt to go over a little. I need this to play most games on high with acceptable FPS. I live in Australia. I don’t need a monitor, os or peripherals. Thanks!
  10. Lutfij

    How To Enhance The Performance Of Your Laptop

    Given how nimble a laptop is we often forget that we have limited resources to work with when you shrink a lot of the power hungry components onto a smaller form factor. Over the past few years manufacturers have overcome these performance barriers with improved lithography and specs on a...
  11. K

    Which intel 2066 cpu for gaming ?

    Which intel 2066 cpu for gaming ? and how much power do you need ?
  12. C

    Computer shuts down after 30 seconds in bios

    Hi! I just built my first computer. Here are the parts: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/cquest/saved/9pGhqs The problem is. When I power up the computer and hit f12 and get to the bios, the computer shuts down after like 30 seconds. Like someone just hit the power switch. Im not sure whats...
  13. R

    Cheap PSU. Worst thing that can happen? Specs inside!

    Hi. These are the specs for it. The PSU costs 25-30 bucks where I live and its a national product, meaning its made in my country. My pc build: i3 3220 16 gb of ram gtx 1050 2gb version, powered straight from the mobo 1tb 7200 seagate conventional hdd mobo: asus p8H77-V which they also say...
  14. M

    Is it actually worth me upgrading my i5 3470 to an 8400 or r5 1600?

    Had this cpu since 2012 but not sure if it's worth the upgrade. I only tend to play games, so I'm not sure if it's gonna be a big increase or worth the money I'll spend on them
  15. M

    Power Supply EVGA 1000GQ or Super Flower Leadex 850 Platinum

    Hi, I'm looking for new Power Supply. I'm not gamer. But I want to make sure that my power supply is great for the future. This is my computer: -Intel i5 4460 - ECS Motherboard - 4 drive 8TB - 2x 4GB RAM - VGA GTX1070 iGame X-Top - 1DVD ROM I need recomendation, is it better if I take EVGA...
  16. D

    Is a 600watt power supply good enough for sli 1080s and an i7 4790k? no overclock

    currently I have a 600 Watts - Standard 80 Plus Certified Power Supply - SLI/CrossFireX Ready [+6]. I'm not sure if it's safe as of right now to put in my other 1080 because I do not want to fry anything. Any thoughts are really appreciated!
  17. X

    Help with Utilities

    Need some help with these utilities for my first pc build. I am confused if I even need these utilities or not with my MSI B250M Pro-VDH motherboard. Also I am not planning to overclock anything for this build. MSI Smart Tool X Boost Command Center Mystic Light Super Charger Fast Boot Intel...
  18. M

    Router shows up listed as a Computer in Networking

    I have two computers connected on a network, one with Windows 7 Pro 64-bit and the other with Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. On both computers, they see each other under Networking, but they also see my LinkSys WRT3200ACM router listed as a Computer. Is this normal? If not, how do I get rid of it?
  19. S

    GTX 1080 TI strix hitting power limit on benchmarks

    I haven't overclocked a GPU in a long while, and I'm completely new to Pascal, so please correct me if I'm wrong but I was watching a simple overclocking guide to overclock pascal based GPU's and one of the points made was that the card should not be hitting the power limit at stock...
  20. V

    Computer Freezes and Crashes when Gaming goes to 100% disk usage

    Been trying to play Path of Exile and Dota 2 and both just are impossible to play atm, crashing and freezing every 5 minutes, the times this happens and I can alt ctrl del I can see that the disk usage is at 99~100% and memory too sometimes. It doesn't happen in CS:GO but I feel like i am...