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  1. jacopotamburini3

    Question Gpu no display

    Hello, I have a zotac gtx 750 ti 1gb and I upgraded from a gt 730. Unfortunately I get no display on boot with the bew graphics card but if I try the old one it still works. I checked all the connections, it just won't give an output. What should I do? The specs are: Asus h61m-k intel xeon e3...
  2. B

    Question GPU intermittently not detected on boot - Multiple restarts to fix

    Hey, I've been having this issue for a while that I have been failing to diagnose myself. My GPU on a boot will often not be detected at all (No video output). Usually on the first boot of the day I'll get the motherboard splash screen, and then lose video signal before windows boots...
  3. L

    Question The PC turns on, but power button light is blinking and there is no display

    When I try to turn on my PC the power button light starts blinking, and there is no display on the monitor. When I plugged it into my TV it actually recognizes it's a plugged device, but still doesn't output anything. Specs: Intel i5-13400f Asus Prime B760-Plus RTX 4060 ti be Quiet Pure Power...
  4. Arturovski

    Question PC not posting immediately ?

    Hi, Just a few days ago my pc wouldn't post from the first few (3 tries) or it just wouldn't give a video signal. I turn it on, it doesn't output (the fans do start spinning, even the GPU fans), and then I turn it off. I do this 2 or 3 more times and only then does it output a video signal with...
  5. H

    Question Graphics card doesn't output

    so, i bought this old graphic's card and am trying to use it on my system, but it doesn't output. drivers are installed, the interface is correct and it was working correctly till yesterday. it shows on device manager, but doesn't output to my monitor
  6. Beancomp

    Question Display output

    I have an apu with an itx motherboard and the hdmi output on the mother board is broken. Now instead of buying a new motherboard I need something like a preferably 1 slot pcie card with hdmi on that card that will output display from the apu. Is there such a thing?
  7. T

    [SOLVED] MSI b550i Gaming Edge Wifi audio jack problem

    So basically out of nowhere my audio from my motherboard stopped working. I know it's not an OS fault as it is not working neither in Windows or Ubuntu distro. I basically tried reinstalling a few audio drivers, checking in BIOS if HD audio is enabled and a few more things that just didn't work...
  8. SnapyDK

    Question Onboard and GPU HDMI Ports not Working

    I was getting random BSODs earlier and after a couple my PC shut off like it was the first few times but when it booted back up, the lights that are on the side that are usually on were not on and the output from my gpu and onboard graphics were not working with my HDMI. My HDMI cord is...
  9. Iver Hicarte

    [SOLVED] Are there some monitors that support both g-sync and freesync?

    Greetings, First off, apologies for the dumb question, but the title says it all. Are there any monitors that support both g-sync and freesync at the same time.
  10. D

    [SOLVED] No HDMI output from GPU or MOBO

    Hi all, List of system components: Intel Core i5-4460 3.2 GHz Quad-Core Processor ASRock H97 PRO4 ATX LGA1150 Motherboard Corsair Memory Vengeance Jet Black Low Profile 8GB DDR3 1600 MHz CAS 9 XMP Seagate ST2000DM001 2TB SATA III Performance Hard Disk Drive SanDisk SSD PLUS 480 GB Sata...
  11. T

    [SOLVED] Swapped power and reset buttons, now PC turns on and fans blast at full speed, but doesn't boot up.

    I installed some new RAM, and upon restarting my PC realised the power button from my 12 year old PC case doesn't work. It's a physical problem not an electric one (the plastic has warped and can no longer be pressed in), so I swapped the power with the reset button, which can be pressed in...
  12. Iver Hicarte

    [SOLVED] How to Take Advantage of your Monitor's Refresh Rate?

    If I have a 144hz refresh rate monitor, does it mean that I need to output 144 FPS in all of the games that I play in order to fully utilize and take advantage of the 144hz refresh rate? If the FPS I'm getting in all of my games are below 144 FPS does that mean that I am not able to take...
  13. A

    [SOLVED] RTX 3080 Suprim - Error Code 43

    Hi there! I just got my rtx 3080 today, and I've been facing some issues with the error code 43 from device manager under device manager -> display adapters. I looked through some of the previous forum posts but nothing has seemed to have worked for me and here is the things that I have tried...
  14. RacAtat007

    [SOLVED] Can I have 2 programs using different audio outputs?

    What I am trying to do is have 2 different programs running on my PC at the same time but have each one use a different audio output. I recently got a Oculus Quest 2 and the kids have been using it a lot but some of the games run through my PC using Quest link or Steam VR. While they are playing...
  15. I

    [SOLVED] Rear audio output not working

    So I plugged in my other headphones into the front to test them while my original headphones were in the back. now they don't work while in the rear port. I want the rear port to work so I can access it easier. They still work while in front port.
  16. L

    [SOLVED] Audio interface only working as input or output, not both ?

    Hello! This is almost the same issue as "Ashesandwool" had a year ago, where I just have bought the "RODE AI-1" audio interface and I have connected my "RODE NT1-A" microphone to its input, my headset via a "jack to mini-jack" transition to the output and my pc to the interface with the generic...
  17. C

    Question No Video Output from Integrated Graphics or GPU

    Mobo: MSI Z390-A-PRO GPU: GTX 1080ti CPU: i9-9900k I have been attempting to troubleshoot an issue where I have moved my pc and am no longer getting any video output. I noticed in the ez led troubleshooting lights that it was showing no VGA detected. So I troubleshooted that issue through...
  18. M

    [SOLVED] Temporarily disabling microphone whilst sound is playing

    Hi everyone, There is someone ( a client from work) who asked me if it is possible to mute the microphone automatically when soundcard is playing an output and then to unmute when output stops. This sounds like something that needs to be done via task scheduler or some sort of powershell...
  19. K

    [SOLVED] Using iGPU for primary display with a graphics card present

    So i've recently bought this brand new GTX 1650 to replace a dead gpu.It has 3 ports (DVI-D,HDMI and displayport),but my monitor is one of those old ones that use VGA. I thought that i could just use one of those cheap DVI-D to VGA adapters to plug my monitor in but that does not work since VGA...
  20. V

    Question MSI 3080 - No Display (System Boots) HELP!

    Hi All, about at my wits end with this and hoping someone can help figure this out. Received my long awaited 3080 yesterday (got lucky to get one so soon) and swapped the cards over as I would normally do and have done many times before. With the 3080 installed the system boots (I can hear the...
  21. xXMatr

    Question is this fixable?

    i just got this 1060 6gb gaming X from MSI 2nd hand and found this. does anyone know how to fix this problem? View: https://youtu.be/ctzD4lxgo0Q when i change the gpu with my old one this does not happen
  22. Hardyjames86

    [SOLVED] Output to 8 monitors

    Hi there, I currently have a Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050 Ti OC Low Profile 4GB Graphics Card with 4 outputs. I am wanting to know if I can add a second and output to 8 monitors on windows 10. I will not be using it for gaming, just work office apps etc. my motherboard is as rock z97 extreme...
  23. N

    Question GTX 1060 Display Port

    Hi guys, I just upgrade to GTX 1060 3GB version from Gigabyte and is a very better card in comparison with my old GTX 750Ti 4GB from Gigabyte as well. However I did this upgrade mainly for one single reason: DisplayPort output. I bought a year ago the PG278QR monitor from ASUS which is a 27"...
  24. C

    Question Using 2 graphics cards

    Hello, I am starting to use 2 graphics cards and am using 2 1080 founder edition graphics cards. Right now I have both in and am waiting for my sli bridge to come in. I am using a ASUS z270e mobo. When i plug in my second graphics card all of the sudden I can only use outputs from the bottom...
  25. Z

    [SOLVED] VGA error

    My motherboard has diagnosed a gpu output error, and I am pretty clueless as to how to fix it. I cannot get a display or post with or without the graphics card, and I had my PCIe cables connected and the gpu correctly clicked into the top PCIe slot when the gpu was in. I have also tried hdmi 1...
  26. ImZephyrian

    [SOLVED] VGA Display, even if i have GPU?

    Hi, I have a Asrock Fatality motherboard running a ryzen 1700 and a gtx 1070 ti But i want a third monitor, but before i make a purchuse, i have a VGA only monitor set on my old mount... just sitting there, is there a way to do it on software. All my monitors display on HDMI, but my motherboard...
  27. C

    Question Image output suddenly got messed up

    Hi folks, long time since I asked for help, but right now my computer has an unidentified problem where I strongly believe that you pc gods will at least help me to identify the source of this issue. The whole story: one day everything was working flawlessly, the next day I was using my...
  28. BioPyroTech

    Question Power cord to TV

    So my roommate received a Vizio Smart TV as a late birthday present. And of course, what was the catch? There was no AC adaptor power cord included with the TV. So I went thru my cable stash, and I found 2 cords that fit! However, cord #1 says 10A 125V. Cord #2 says 7A 125V. The TV says the...
  29. L

    Question Gpu through motherboard output?

    I have an rx570 but my monitor only supports vga. Is there any way i can use the vga output on my motherboard but still get the rx570's performance?
  30. Mr.Stork

    Discussion Plz, list all 1660 ti(s) that have DVI ports in them.

    I wanna buy a 1660 ti, but have a DVI monitor, no I don't wanna buy adapters, Idk what brands make dvi-d ports, except for GALAX. So please list all known brands/1660 ti having DVI ports. Also, it's better if it's available in India. Not a necessity.
  31. K

    Question Can I render through one GPU and output through another

    I have Benq 144Hz Monitor that only supports 144Hz through DVI and an RTX 2080 TI without a DVI port. My question is whether I can use an older GPU with a DVI port as a pass-through, also I've looked online and no DP to DVI adapters officially support 144Hz conversion. All opinions are...
  32. Zyperspace

    Question GPU is experiencing increasingly worrying issues

    GTX 1060 6GB here, bought it last year or something, back when the crypto thing was at large because my old 780 died... Anyway, two weeks ago my GPU didn't send any signal from my DVI-Dual Link cable, but the HDMI output worked fine. After two hours I plugged into the DVI again and it worked...
  33. D

    Power Shell Output Help

    So im not sure if this is the right area to post in but i need help with a power shell script. it runs fine i just cant get it to output to a text file. ive tried Write-Host then file-out, export-csv, making an arry then trying to output that. but no luck with anything. Any help with getting...
  34. N

    [SOLVED] *NEEDS ADVICE* : New 10Gbe NAS Setup for small Motion Design Studio

    Hello Folks, I'm from Malaysia, and just a heads up that I am a total newb. Please be nice and patient with me :D Seeking for advice from experts as I recently bought and set up a 10gbe NAS for the studio. There are 4 workstation that works on it. But after the setup of this NAS, we noticed...
  35. P

    suggestion on graphic card for i5 3570K

    Hi everyone, i was thinking to upgrade the graphic card of my old machine; this is the configuration: i5 3570k 8 gb ram ddr3 1600mhz gtx 670 palit ssd 128 mb hs 1 tb considering that i play casually and only at 1080p with a 60hz monitor i was considering those models: gtx 1060 6gb...
  36. P

    HD 7790 Crossfire

    I have a question can I connect crossfire one Sapphire HD 7790 dual-x oc 1gb and one gigabyte HD 7790 oc 2gb?
  37. C

    Best $1300 PC

    Hey guys mind pointing me in the right direction of a budget build ($1300 AUD) it won’t hurt to go over a little. I need this to play most games on high with acceptable FPS. I live in Australia. I don’t need a monitor, os or peripherals. Thanks!
  38. Lutfij

    How To Enhance The Performance Of Your Laptop

    Given how nimble a laptop is we often forget that we have limited resources to work with when you shrink a lot of the power hungry components onto a smaller form factor. Over the past few years manufacturers have overcome these performance barriers with improved lithography and specs on a...
  39. K

    Which intel 2066 cpu for gaming ?

    Which intel 2066 cpu for gaming ? and how much power do you need ?
  40. C

    Computer shuts down after 30 seconds in bios

    Hi! I just built my first computer. Here are the parts: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/cquest/saved/9pGhqs The problem is. When I power up the computer and hit f12 and get to the bios, the computer shuts down after like 30 seconds. Like someone just hit the power switch. Im not sure whats...